Justice in Knoxville

It’s no surprise that Da’Rick Rogers walks out of court, but you’ve got to love this note:

… Defense attorney Don Bosch says by performing the community service, Rogers isn’t admitting guilt. Instead, he wants to prevent teammates who witnessed his July 9 arrest from having to testify at a hearing.

How convenient for everyone.



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17 responses to “Justice in Knoxville

  1. Raleigh Dawg

    Can’t say that I am shocked in the least, but what kind of precedent has Dooley created?


  2. Go Dawgs!

    I dunno, I saw some pictures of Da’Rick with one of his “dates” that circulated the internets a few months ago. It looks like he’s been doing community service for a while now…


  3. Scott W.

    How nice of him to think of his teammates like that.


  4. Cynical in Athens

    Hmmm…what’s the standard punishment for MIP in Athens nowadays, 40 hours community service and a little fine?

    16 hours is comical. I am sure that Da’Rick will log 2 Sundays working out down at the Y.

    It would be nice if the folks in Athens took as good a care of their football team as the ones in Gainesville and Knoxville do.

    The Athens cops are simply too busy, NOT trying to track down serial rapists, to let emerging from alleys go unscathed.


  5. thewhiteshark

    What??? You mean athletes get treated differently in other college towns than in Athens? No way. If that gets out we may lose the “Mark Richt has lost control” meme.


  6. ugafan

    How inept or corrupt is the Knoxville Police Department? They essentially let one of their own get beaten and left on the side of the road by 8-10 Tennessee players with no consequence. There were dozens of witnesses to the beating, yet no one has been held responsible. And Derek Dooley is more interested in teaching shower maintenance than demanding his thugs respect law enforcement

    If i’m wearing that uniform i’m wondering who in that department really has my back. I guess being a fan of the Vols is more important than protecting your fellow officers.


    • 69Dawg

      If you are a Knoxville PD officer You learn that if it is a starting Vol player your career as well as you life maybe forfeit if you attempt to enforce the law.
      Nothing to see here move along.
      Dooley is as low as it goes in this one I’ve lost all respect for him. He made sure that none of the gang told the police anything that would be helpful. He taught a great lesson in team work with this.

      Perhaps we should make sure our athletes run in large packs and beat the living hell out of any ACCPD/UGA officer that wants to write a ticket for improper scooter driving. Then they can all say they can’t recall who hit the officer, they were all just trying to break it up.


  7. Dog in Fla

    I don’t think we appreciate the horror that 16 hours worth of community service can be.


  8. Scott W.

    Dooley is paying off in spades already with the legal advice AND showering techniques.


  9. Macallanlover

    A very sad day for CFB and the Dooley family. Knoxville and UT have been famous for this over the years, but with the videos of this, the eye witnesses, and the internets focusing light on this incident, how can this be tolerated? Inexcusable, but then I look at what we accept as a society today.


  10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what with this travesty and the lip-reading I did during Saturday’s “game” (for want of a better term); The Precious is dead to me.


  11. shane#1

    Well what do you expect? It wasn’t as if he commited an illegal pass on the right on a Mo-Ped.