Kumbaya, my friends

I’ve had to ban another commenter.  I’m not happy about it.

I get that a number of you are bitterly disappointed over Georgia’s worst loss in the history of the program since Mark Richt has been in Athens since VanGorder left since the last time the Dawgs played for the SEC title since that last BCS bowl win since Joe Cox graduated.  Seriously, I get the frustration and don’t have a problem in the world with your expressions of negativity, even if I don’t totally agree with them.

However, your feelings don’t give you carte blanche to fling poo all over the walls here.  Two things will get you canned by me:  spamming the same comment (particularly when you drag it into comment threads about completely different subjects) and sockpuppetry (if you’re that insecure about your opinion, perhaps you shouldn’t voice it in the first place).

There are a couple of you who are skirting pretty close to the edge, so take this as your final warning.  I like to think I’m pretty tolerant, but life’s too short for some crap.

Sorry for the rant.  I now return you to the angst of the 2010 season, already in progress…


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44 responses to “Kumbaya, my friends

  1. TomReagan

    I still think this team makes a significant step forward over the course of the year and is one of the top 2 to 4 teams in the conference by the end of the year.

    Maybe not 07 progress, but they’ll be playing as well as the 06 team did at the end of their season, which finished with wins over 3 top 15 teams.


  2. dean

    Well said Senator, with class as always. I’ve gotten to the point where I hardly read the comments anymore. And it’s not only on your blog. I honestly hope some people don’t actually believe what they say in the comments.


    • I’ve gotten to the point where I hardly read the comments anymore.

      It’s probably going to sound trite, but that’s my real concern. I like a healthy comments section. I hope it’s apparent that I enjoy the give-and-take with commenters who disagree with me. I don’t want to see a few assholes discouraging people from participating or even following the blog at all.


      • rbubp

        You’ve done a great job of walking that line, Senator, and the comments section here has always been of great interest.


      • dean

        Rest assured Senator I will not stop following the blog until the day you shut it down. However I’ve cut down on my participation with the comments mainly because others say what I’m thinking, only better and my sense of humor doesn’t translate well into type.


  3. “Kumbaya, my friends”?!?! WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO TAKE THE LORD OUT OF KUMBAYA?!?!


    (to be read as, some people want to bitch but are too lazy to start their own blogs)

    Keep up the good work, yours is one of the best if not THE.


    • (to be read as, some people want to bitch but are too lazy to start their own blogs)

      Or simply want access to a bigger audience than they could grow on their own.

      And thanks for the praise, brother. It’s always appreciated.


  4. TennesseeDawg

    All of your rejects can always go to the AJC. Plenty of nuts over there.


  5. NCT

    This humble commenter appreciates these words more than you could possibly know. UGA football has been a major part of my life since I was born, and I need it to be enjoyable. I have neither the energy nor inclination to separate myself from it. Losses are very hard on me — harder than they should be. I do not need the experience of them to be made worse by reading how the sky is falling (whether it is or not, and I believe it’s not). Analysis of how things could have been better and can get better is one thing; vituperation for, apparently, its own sake is another.

    Kumbaya, indeed. Or, as I like to say, the Jewel Is In The Lotus, folks.


  6. Matt

    Sorry for my ignorance, Senator, but what’s “sockpuppetry”? (I don’t want to transgress without knowing it.)


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    I enjoy the blog and its part of my routine in the am with coffee. I like to check for updates during the day. I don’t enjoy the boo-birds and during the Goff years it was the major reason we stopped taking the kids to games. Just sayin’


    • Brandon

      I’m with you AHD but at least the boo birds in the Goff years had unquestionably had something to be down about. The meltdown the tortured element have had over this game is really crazy to me, you’d think we were beaten by 40 points, gave up 700 yards, and had 5 turnovers or something. Parts of our fan base are starting to mirror Tennessee’s, God forbid.


  8. Spike

    One learns something everyday..sockpuppetry… hmm. I really do have to get out more.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I was scared to ask what ‘sockpuppetry’ was. Just assumed it had something to do with our coaching last Saturday.

      Oops, was that pun a ban-able offense?


  9. Bulldog Bry

    Glad you’re on top of it, Senator. I generally stay away from the internets after a loss. I just can’t stand reading stupdity, contrived or not. Your blog has become a beacon for many of us.


  10. Brandon

    Do what you got to do and don’t regret it. This is a great blog full of generally rational people, if it is clear that someone is hear to cause trouble then by all means show them the door. And keep up the good work.


  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    To AHD: I gave up my tickets two years ago because I just could not take the “fans” anymore. The football was pretty good, the fans were horrible, right up there with burnt toast and heartburn.

    The folks in section HD are much more palatable.

    Senator: The point I was trying to make with the Bama comparisons speak to your point.

    I’ve been a Dawg since, well, maybe before I was born. I want another Championship as bad as anybody in the known world, but I am comfortable with who we are, painful though it sometimes is.

    And now, on Tuesday morning, if anybody else in the known world deserves a decent football team its probably the long-suffering masses in Columbia.

    I guess I kinda, sorta wish them well.

    I had a sock puppet once, my dawg ate it.


  12. JaxDawg

    I’m getting to the age (finally) where losses don’t hurt quite as much as they did 10 years ago, but I still get pretty damn exercised when I see us lose b/c we didn’t play up to our ability. That is entirely different than losing to a better opponent, ie, LSU 2003 SECCG.

    But regardless of who gets canned and who doesn’t, the fact that so many people care about the success of our program tells me that the coaches, players, and AD will always be held accountable. You can say what you will and argue ’til your blue in the face, but this program belongs to us all. And that includes the fans. We make it happen b/c WE pay for the tickets and so many of us are graduates and grew up bleeding Red & Black (and silver). The University is charged with providing a product that the FANS are encouraged to support. If you don’t want us to bitch and complain about the performance, then don’t provide a shitty on-field product.

    The programs that win are not the ones with apathetic fans. Doesn’t mean you have to be a stupid, ignorant jerk, but don’t step on the toes of a crazed Georgia Bulldog.


  13. sUGArdaddy

    I have lots of theories about those fans, but I’d suggest something to any fan that wants to really understand what it means to immerse themselves in a team: go to every game.

    Saturday was my 48th straight game. I’ve missed about 8 since ’95. Going to all those games and making up your mind that you’re going, no matter what your record is, does something to your soul, in a good way. The championships, great wins and moments are simply sweeter and the losses don’t seem as hard. Because, I know that I’m going to see a boatload of losses if I go to every game the next 10 years. I don’t know that I’m going to see another championship. But when I do, it will sure be sweet to have been at all the losses, too.

    Not that you have to go to all the games to be a rabid fan, but it sure does change your perspective.


    • Ron

      Yeah, that sounds completely rational.


    • Prosticutor

      + a million, sUGArdaddy. It can be hard to keep a sport like that in proper perspective. And I’m jealous of your ability (and desire) to go and witness it all first hand. I would expect they become more like a family after a few years. As for me, I’m nearly 10 hours from Athens, but when the away games are little closer, I always try to make the game in person. Hope to see ya in Stark-vegas in a few weeks! It’s their yearly Bulldog Bash, so I expect a huge turnout, especially for the street estival the night before.


  14. DawgnAub

    Senator, for a couple of years now I’ve told all my Dawg friends about you. You and this blog are a class act, I preciate what you do and how you communicate even things like this. More power to ya.


  15. Scott W.

    Love the comments section here. Always a great source of information and without much filler.


  16. W Cobb Dawg

    Now you’ve done it Senator. The NCAA will know that ‘sockpuppetry’ is being committed by some Dawg fans, and according to NCAA guidelines sockpuppetiers are also considered ……. agents!


  17. BMan

    Agree 100 percent with you Senator. I love the blog, and the comments section is a big part of that. I was loving the blog a little less over the weekend, and it had a whole lot more to do with a few commenters than the Dogs loss in Columbia.

    Honestly, I closed out of the blog on Sunday night thinking, “some of these people need to be banned.” And it wasn’t because they were using foul language or necessarily attacking other commenters. It’s just the insistence on making their point 20-plus times, and it becomes like the AJC (gasp).

    Thanks for doing such a great job and for policing the occasional nutjob. Sometimes you gotta crack heads.


  18. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Now let’s go eat a g–d—– snack!


  19. Normaltown Mike

    FWIW, whoever (whomever?) came up with “Mrs. Georgia Football Returns” was positively hysterical on Sunday.


    • Mrs. Georgia Football Returns

      Thank you. Embarrassment of idiots sometimes works as a brake on their idiocity. Not always, unfortunately. I am now formally retired (having put the sock in my mouth). I hope to never have to come out of retirement.


  20. Zdawg

    Thanks Senator. The comments threads on this board are really the only ones left that I read, because I find a degree of level headedness that is not found anywhere. The Dawgvent was at one time close, but now it is a joke like all the others.


  21. I agree with everyone who has positive things to say about this blog. I disagree with everyone who knows more about the Dawgs And are better coaches than the ones that we now have.However, Positive criticism works for me.


  22. Positive criticism= constructive criticism = Insightful observations, Etc. Not fire a coach or yank a scholarship, or bench all of the starters 2 games into the season.


  23. ChicagoDawg

    Love the hammer being dropped on the sock puppets. Well done!!


  24. Phocion

    All seems pretty well here with the leadership. Sometimes forced exile is the best solution. My only complaint about the commet section:

    You people convinced me to take UGa over USC…simply unforgivable! 🙂