Wednesday lunch buffet

Feel free to tackle as many of these as you can.

  • Good look at defending the play-action bootleg.  (Aaron Murray ran that play beautifully on Georgia’s first scoring drive; unfortunately he and Orson Charles couldn’t quite hook up.)
  • Steve Spurrier says that Marcus Lattimore reminds him of Emmitt Smith.
  • Arkansas’ players believe they can run the ball against Georgia’s defense as well as South Carolina did.  (One difference:  nobody will mistake Ryan Mallett for Stephen Garcia running the football.)
  • Todd Grantham thinks they’re certainly going to try.
  • Meanwhile, Aaron Murray is hoping he can torch the Arkansas defense just like Joe Cox did.
  • Tommy Tuberville has his first big conference game this week.
  • New NCAA prez wants all to know there’s a new sheriff in town.  That may not bode well for Georgia’s appeal of the A.J. Green suspension.
  • Chris Hawkins, on the other hand, doesn’t think the jersey sale was “that big a deal”.  Funny how that works.
  • Kind of a strange quote from Mike Bobo about the game plan for Aaron Murray this week:  “I don’t really know how you’re going to open it up with him. I guess just allow him to make some more plays would be the answer.”


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53 responses to “Wednesday lunch buffet

  1. Scott W.

    I am kind of at a loss for who Bacarri thinks he’s helping with his we missed tackles and I was loafing comments. Neither one of those things makes the loss better nor takes away from Lattimore’s performance.

  2. Cynical in Athens

    Coach Bobo takes the cerebral approach…not sure that is his strong suit…

    • TennesseeDawg

      I was on campus the same time as Bobo was a student. His claim to fame then was starting bar fights.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Really, his bar fight is his claim to fame. I know the bar….it use to sit below Allen’s. His team kinda responded to a slur… he was there. You do remember all the Boo-Bird crap that was comin’ down. Was that season post the Ole Miss injury… He didn’t have much of a choice. You know what… I’m gonna risk the Senator’s wrath here. This is where my son would say to me Dad… calm down….. but he’s in class so …STFU!

        • NCT

          Foxes or Fox’s or something like that? The bar, I mean.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Foxz Lounge in Athens! Lotta fun music came through there. Im sure thats why Bobo was there.

            • Anon

              The main to go to Foxz was to get liquor drinks when your date wouldn’t drink the beer at Allen’s.

              • AthensHomerDawg

                If she wouldn’t drink the beer at Alan’s why….oh why… are you wasting your time taking her out to begin with? Anyway… I played a lot of pool at Alan’s ..often with my son’s. That’s where they learned to play pool….although at that age..on a quiet afternoon they burnt a lot of quarters on space invaders. They still talk about the french fries.

      • Normaltown Mike

        I was there the same time too and recall similar stories about Kirby, so does that make him a good or bad DC?

        Point being, tomfoolery and buffoonery don’t preclude someone from professional success. The Auburn and Tech ’06 wins were Mike’s audition as OC and he earned the job.

  3. Go Dawgs!

    Knile Davis thinks he’s just as good as Marcus Lattimore. Well, that just goes to show you, De Knile ain’t just a river in Egypt.

    See what I did there?

    • Let’s see if Petrino gives him the ball 37 times on Saturday and asks him to beat Georgia all by his lonesome.

      I’d be OK with that.

      • rbubp

        Yeah, no kidding. Don’t let Mallett throw it, no, just run the ball.

        See, what CTG really meant was, this SCU game was a bait and now we gonna…oh, whatever.

      • Boz

        “They’ve [Arkansas] rushed for 295 yards on only 59 attempts through two games to average five yards per carry as a team.”

        Yes. They marched through that gauntlet known as Tennessee Tech and ULM.. They may light us up, but we’re not exactly comparing the same sauce. Not to mention, Petrino left Mallet in ’til the bitter end of the game last week.

  4. Anon

    I’m beginning to continue not liking Bobo and his propensity to be a brain moron.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      You’ve forgotten when we upset an Auburn team that was expected to beat us by several TD’s and Bobo was praised for his play calling . Moron is a bit harsh don’t you think?

  5. Derek

    The disconnect I’m reading between the coordinators and CMR is a little disconcerting. CMR says we need to open up the offense. CMB says: How?

    CMR says that Geathers and Anderson need to play more. CTG doesn’t seem to believe that they deserve PT.

    This is not good. Perhaps Saban is right when he insists on one voice speaking for the team. If the coordinators disagree with CMR that needs to remain private, not aired out publicly.

    I think the CTG wants to play the guys that HE thinks have earned it and I think that Bobo is frustrated the play calling is being blamed when the film shows that Searles’ players are getting whipped and when they do block, McClendon’s charges don’t seem to know where they should be going. And to top it off perhaps the best offensinve player in college football is unavailable.

    I hope I am reading too much into all of this but I find it a little troubling.

    • Cynical in Athens

      The “one voice sentiment” is spot on. It’s great that Grantham is giving funny quotes and becoming a folk hero, but that is not his job. He needs to be quiet and figure out how to stop an 18 year old kid.

      Again, you have to scratch your head at the comments coming from Bobo, just as it was befuddling to read about the Marlon Brown screw up in the Okie St. game last year, when Ball and Bobo had no idea who had played, then they confessed their ignorance to the media.

      Accountability is apparently not lacking among only the players.

      • Wade

        I know it’s your user name and you may have valid points sometimes, and I stress SOMETIMES, but in all honesty you are way too cynical.

        Please go get laid once in a while.

        And no, I’m not offering.

        • Benjamin

          real original…what age are you again?

          • Wade

            Asking how old I am? Real original.

            Nice try at being clever Benjamin, or should I say, Cynical in Athens pretending to be Benjamin.

            The fact that he didn’t respond him himself shows that I’m right and my comment struck a nerve.

            Tell the wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend to help ya out there, buddy.

  6. Will Trane

    For sure Arkansas is ready to make a statement prior to their Bama game. They want to give Bama something to work on and to think about. They do not think their offense can be stopped. They bring back 9 on offense and 7 on defense as starters. A talented veteran group. And you thought SC was tough. They are ranked higher for a reason. Now tell us where did all those preseason geeks have any of these guys. They were bashing the lockers for a pregame show.

    How do you stop their offense by not letting it get started. Keep them on the sidelines and make them one dimensional…control the line of scrimmage (funny how you hear that this year when for decades it has been that), rush the ball at 3 -6 yds per snap, slowly eat the yards, run down the clock, and be efficient with the ball (no turnovers and score 6s and not 3s). Always remember 2 FGs is like giving up 12 points…think back to SC…it opens up the play book a little more in addition to the points.

    So the keys this Saturday is how well our offense does against their defense. Trust us when we say they want to make a statement in this game. CMR thinks it is big for us, but it is huge for them. They want a huge tuned in national TV audience against Bama.

    If player suspensions are not important ask Bama about their NG Dareus. At some point players and coaches at UGA will learn that fact.

    And the OC is not sure how to open it up for Murray. We agree based on the records of his past two QBs and their seasons under his tutelage. But who knows…even a blind hawg can find an acron every now and then. No pun intended.

    • Biggus Rickus

      His last two QBs? You mean, like the one who was 27-7 as a starter, improved every year he was in the program, had, by Georgia standards, a historically great season in ’08 and was drafted with the first overall pick?

  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I don’t want to beat this to death. I have written on this blog about the NCAA and A.J. Green before. But contents of the link to the Chris Hawkins article is very troubling. The NCAA looked at A.J.’s phone record and saw an area code 305 number and jumped him erroneously about the Miami party, then when he was innocent of that used the interview as a fishing expedition and dug up something totally unrelated! Plus, I know this mat sound naive, but I have yet to see or hear anything that constitutes real evidence that Hawkins is an agent, which is the basis for the longer suspension. The kid sold a jersey to someone he knew. No agent stuff here, at least by any objective standard. The NCAA has overstepped its bounds.

    • No offense, Mayor, but if Chris Hawkins told me the sun was rising in the east, I’d still want to go outside and check.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I’m not disagreeing with you on that, Senator. All I’m saying is there doesn’t appear, at this juncture, to be any evidence that Hawkins is an “agent” under any normal definition of the term in any dictionary. And as it now has come to light that Hawkins is facing a felony drug charge, knowing a scumbag is not a violation of NCAA rules, either. If that were the case no college would have any players at all.

        • If he’s brokering contact with players to agents – something that can certainly be inferred from things he’s done – I disagree with you about that. The NCAA’s definition of what constitutes an agent would certainly be broad enough to cover that.

          Even with that, though, I’d hope A.J. would be given some measure of leniency if it were clear that he had no idea what Hawkins was up to.

          • BMan

            Just trying to understand, but I thought the four game suspension came because of the amount of money involved in the jersey sale, as in anything over $500 is four games. Is the fact, or suspicion, that Hawkins is an agent just a salacious detail, a mitigating factor, or direct reason for the length of suspension?

  8. Turd Ferguson

    Really, what are we to make of Bobo’s comments? I find it hard to believe that someone in his position really doesn’t know how to open things up for a young QB. If his words here are an accurate reflection of what’s going on in his head, then it may be time for me to jump on the “Fire Bobo” bandwagon, because that’s totally unacceptable at this level. Or maybe he’s just being guarded, so as to not reveal anything to future opponents? I hope it’s the latter, because he’s coming off as clueless.

  9. Macallanlover

    Maybe the new sheriff of the NCAA should worry about being respected. It is hard to respect a regulatory authority where speeding 30 MPH through a sschool zone (Bama) gets 1/2 the punishment of going 15 MPH over the speed limit on the interstate (UGA). Both players broke rules but the punishments are badly misaligned.

    Bobo is beginning to scare me,but if he truly is clueless about what to do this Saturday as a change of pace for AM, he can go back upstairs and recommend ideas to CMR’s headset and let Richt decide what we should do on plays.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Maybe Bobo just doesn’t want to tip our hand to the enemy. Can people in Arkansas read?

      • Macallanlover

        I don’t think anyone expects him to lay out the gameplan, but I don’t want an employee saying: “I agree we have a problem, and I know what you want done, but I don’t have a clue how to get there.” Some would say it is better to be honest, I might think I have the wrong guy in charge.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          You are, as always, reading your own personal prejudices into an innocent comment, a throwaway line as it were. When Bobo says “blue” you read “green” because green is what you want to see. Admit it. You don’t like Bobo. No matter what he said you would have found fault with it. Because of guys like you Bobo should just stop talking to the press. I wouldn’t blame him if he did.

  10. shane#1

    Actualy Bobo had a very good answer. I believe Murray has some riverboat gambler and play maker in him. Let him make plays seems okay to me.

  11. 69Dawg

    You think Bobo has already seen the handwriting on the wall? He sure doesn’t appear to be all fired up about winning.
    Bobo sounds like a coach who already has his excuses for this season, RS Fr QB, number 1 WR out, O line coach not getting it done. He can phone it in now and use those excuses later.

    I was hoping it would be at least a decent season but I’m not too sure now.

  12. Phocion

    One voice might be a good policy because this is not be the best tactic to follow. Re Spurrier –

    I appreciate his assistance,” Grantham said, with a wide grin. “But we actually knew what plays they were running. They actually run that play in pro ball. Our offense actually runs that play too. We’re kind of on top of our game. We kind of knew what was happening.”

    (CTG might also want to, you know, stop the plays that he ‘knows’ they are going to run. )

    Others things CTG should know:
    – Land Wars in Asia
    – Sicilian/Death on the line
    – Verbal jousting with the OBC

    • Dog in Fla

      Good to see that CTG is an Old Testament type of guy, just like Steve is when he’s strutting, rather than a New Testament turn-the-other-cheek kind of guy.

      • Phocion

        Personally, I prefer the OT as well. But if that is what you are going to profess as a coach there needs to be more than a little wrath following the performances like the past weekend’s rather than cutesy quips with another coach.

  13. “New NCAA prez wants all to know there’s a new sheriff in town. That may not bode well for Georgia’s appeal of the A.J. Green suspension.”


    Decisions on appeal are handled by non-NCAA staff. So we are ok in that regard.

  14. Kind of a strange quote from Mike Bobo about the game plan for Aaron Murray this week: “I don’t really know how you’re going to open it up with him. I guess just allow him to make some more plays would be the answer.””


    Not that strange really.

    Bobo is utterly clueless. He needs to pack his bags and go.