Can’t say that I blame him.

One notable omission from Coach Lakatos’ preparation for the Arkansas game:

Georgia secondary coach Scott Lakatos at least has a fresh perspective, not having been with the team last year when it faced Mallett. He hasn’t watched film of that game, since Georgia was in a different scheme.



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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Somebody’s at least mentioned to him that the secondary sucked in that game, right?


  2. Macallanlover

    So I guess Ali shouldn’t have watched film of Foreman/Frazier to develop a plan for what would work in The Jungle because they had different styles. Jeez.

    I am sure Lakatos was kidding when he said that, or I have some serious concerns about Saturday that didn’t exist last night. That was some display of accuracy from Mallet last year, especially in the 1st half. You might want to see how well he throws the deep out, slants, or fly patterns. Even more importantly, you may want to see that receiving corps, maybe pick up some “tells”. Hell, even I have been watching some film on Arky this week!

    I do think the most important pass defense will come from the amount of pressure we get on RM. He really struggled when someone was in his face due to limited mobility. If Mallet is given enough time, I don’t think we can score enough to stay with them. If the 3-4 is truly weak against the straight ahead running game, and we don’t know that yet, this is an offense where it should pay it’s biggest dividend.


    • thewhiteshark

      Whether he watched that game or not, I suspect he has watched lots of film on Mallet.


    • Mac – he didn’t say he wasn’t watching film on Mallett (indeed, it’s pretty clear from other comments made that the team has been doing a lot of that). He’s just not watching Willie’s defense. Who can blame him for that?


      • Mongrel Dawg

        Perhaps nobody can blame him.

        But unless he’s just watching the Alabama game over and over again, he won’t be seeing anyone running a similar scheme against Arkansas. Why not watch the way Mallett attacked some of the same people who will be on the field Saturday?


        • Normaltown Mike

          Guys like Prince Miller, Reshad Jones, Jeff Owens, Kade Weston, Geno Atkins, Rennie Curran, Rod Battle, Marcus Washington & Darius Dewberry?


        • Macallanlover

          Yes, attacking all-out like Bama did is what I am hoping to see. I have already seen the movie about what happens when he gets time to set up and step into the throw.


      • 69Dawg

        He didn’t have the stomach to watch Willie’s defense.


  3. Will Trane

    Generally coaches do not disclose what films they watch but TG and company have looked at our two games and probably all they can get on the Hawgs.

    Here are some thoughts on Coach Lakatos. I think his secondary is in his mindset and are very comfortable with his coaching, preparations, and game plan. I took from the Carolina game he had an impact on their passing game. Virtually shut it down. SOS was concerned about it…he should have been because Lakatos shut them down in the bowl game last year.

    Does that mean they can against the Hawgs? Well they feel challenged and are excited to play them. We like that! But keep in mind that Louisana-Monroe employees a 3-3-5 scheme (their second year). The Hawgs handled it well in their second half. Petrino is familar with our 3-4. Notre Dame and Michigan use the 3-3-5 this year. Arkansas is coming into Athens somewhat comfortable about being able to attack TG’s scheme. Do not be surprised if they plan an attack like Carolina.

    This is why we think it is time for the Dawgs offense to get its tail from between its legs and start showing something on a consistent basis. The Dawgs need to control the LOS on offense, sustain drives by running and converting on third down situations (but 1 & 2 can not be negative plays), and score TDs. In other words keep Mallett off the field as much as possible. They will score because they are talented and they are a veteran ball club looking to win the West.

    Their D is improved and our offense has yet to show up this season due to a lack of roster players and game plans. And you can throw in the O line play. We said we had concerns from the first game because we saw too much line penetration in that game on certain running plays.

    We can have a full roster when a team and coaches come to the mindset that it is more important to want to wear the mantel of a champion rather than give away an old game jersey. And who cares what a bunch of frat brothers do. Do any of them suit up this weekend.


  4. 12-2

    I figured with this headline for the blog today, that this was going to be about Isaiah Crowell skipping his planned visit to Georgia Arkansas tomorrow.

    Brandon Boykin started against Arkansas of course this is maybe his last year here,

    Sanders Commings played against Arkansas too,

    this year’s Starter Vance Cuff is clearly gone after this his senior year played extensively against Arkansas last year,

    Demarcus Dobbs started against Arkansas and this is his last year here as a senior,

    Marcus Dowtin started against Arkansas too,

    Darryl Gamble started against Arkansas and is gone after this senior season as well,

    Michael Gilliard played against Arkansas too,

    Chad Gloer played against Arkansas and this is his senior season also,

    Abry Jones played against Arkansas last year,

    Christian Robinson played against Arkansas and he is a starter,

    Branden Smith played against Arkansas and he too is a starter,

    DeAngelo Tyson played against Arkansas,

    Cornelius Washington played against Arkansas,

    Brandon Wood played against Arkansas and as senior is gone after this season too

    Nick Williams played against Arkansas,

    Shawn Williams played against Arkansas.


    That is 16 Georgia Bulldogs who played against Ryan Mallett last year. Does anyone think that these 16 are not the exact players that Arkansas is studying as we speak, to see how our 16 reacted last year ?

    Bluto runs in here to state that he doesn’t blame Coach Richt’s Coaching Staff for not watching 16 Georgia Bulldogs play against Ryan Mallett last year.

    I wonder sometimes if Bluto understands anything about football. No, wait, I take that back; I do not wonder that at all. I know he doesn’t and proves it every day with every post he ever puts up, all of which are rehash of someone else’s thoughts, none his original thought himself.

    I remain unimpressed by Coach Richt’s “coaching staff” all 10 years.

    I know I would be studying all 16 were I Arkansas by looking at last year’s film against me.


  5. 12-2

    According to Bluto all our problems were on defense.

    Which explains why we scored 6 points