Dawg Stat Watch, Week Two

You should be familiar with the drill, but in case you need refreshing, I’m tracking seven conference statistical results that correlated with the three season in which Georgia won the East.

  1. Hold opponents under 17 points per game.
  2. Finish at least +.67 per game in turnover margin.
  3. Average better than 380 yards per game on offense.
  4. Finish in the top five in total defensive yardage.
  5. Finish in the top three in first downs.
  6. Finish no worse than third in passing yardage.
  7. Finish at least third in sacks.

After game two, here’s where the conference tale of the tape stands for Georgia:

  1. Scoring defense:  12 ppg.
  2. Turnover margin:  +1 pg.
  3. Total offense:  315 ypg.
  4. Total defense ranking:  third.
  5. First downs ranking:  twelfth.
  6. Passing yardage ranking:  eighth.
  7. Sacks ranking:  second.

Early on, it’s pretty obvious which side of the ball the issues lie on.  Put it this way:  having fewer first downs than Vanderbilt is a good sign that yours isn’t the most dynamic of offenses.


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7 responses to “Dawg Stat Watch, Week Two

  1. tdawgjenkins

    i quit fball at age 8 and i have got the offense figured out. pass on 1st down ,run on 2nd and 10 90%,set up in shotgun 90% of all 3rd and short. no different than when richt called them, i love the play action out of the eye but it would be more effective on 3rd and short than 1st and 10


    • Dog in Fla

      Don’t forget to include the wildcat formations. Those make us look so confused, the other team would be confused too if we could just get off a snap without a penalty or calling a timeout.


  2. Turd Ferguson

    I realize we’re only 2 games into the season, and yeah, Ealey missed the first game, but … it’s a little difficult to comprehend the fact that we’re dead last in the SEC in rushing offense, with only Ole Miss and Vandy averaging fewer yards per carry.


  3. Griff

    I know if’s and but’s are a dangerous thing…but how do you think these stats/the USC game would have changed if we had held Carolina to a 3 and out on their first possession? Remember, they converted a 3rd and 7, then a 3rd and 17 (after a penalty). We ended up giving up 3 (or more) 3rd down conversions on that drive which resulted in a TD and 8 minutes off the clock. Had we held them to that 3 and out (which they pretty much conceded after the penalty), we get the ball with good field position, and 13+ minutes on the clock.
    I guess my point is this: the stats in your list that we are lacking in (3, 4, and 6) are a result of both our offense’s inability to move the chains, and ALSO our defense’s inability to get off the field and give us more chances. In time I think both the O and the D get better and we will see improvement in these areas.


  4. ChicagoDawg

    Could not agree more on the primary source of the issues. For all of the hand wringing about the yards after contact amassed by Lattemore, which was ugly to be sure, the defense held SCU to 17 points on the road. I will sign up right now to take that point total for the balance of the season. This from a defense that was in it’s 2nd game running a new scheme and going against a Sr. QB that torched them last year. The QB was held in check (with pressure all afternoon), but the tackling was poor. The former is cause for hope and the latter can be improved.

    The offensive rushing attack MUST get on track — full stop. Of course, having #8 back would not suck either.


  5. Having # 8 back & teams having to double team him would help our running game as much as it helps the passing game. Without him we need the passing game to be a positive to open up the running game. Better OL blocking & more utilization of the TEs would also help. Finally, I Think ARK. is as good as any Team we play this year.


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