It just worked out that way.

The Wall Street Journal looked at media guides to tally what college football players study.  Included in their findings is this:

… Some majors seemed extra popular at specific schools, like the 16 starters at Georgia Tech who are majoring in management. (A team spokesman says it’s not easier than other majors, it’s just “really popular.”)

Sheer coincidence, I’m sure.



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15 responses to “It just worked out that way.

  1. Cynical in Athens

    The report should have mentioned that the other 6 players major in “History of Technology.”

    Seems Stephon Tuitt was having none of the ride on the M-Train.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Yeah, sorry, Team Spokesman (no doubt the oh-so-not-lovely and oh-so-not-talented Allison George), but the M-Train IS easier than most of the other majors on campus. I have that confirmed from two of my high school friends who went to Tech for other things and ended up riding the ol’ M-Train right into their graduation.

    As Cynical points out, though, History of Technology, however, is probably easier still.


  3. Greg

    It’s not just football. How do you think they have kept all of their “one and done” basketball players eligible over the past decade or so?


    • Cynical in Athens

      Well, one and dones don’t really ever have to go to class…they can technically get by with 8 hours in the fall, some freshman electives, no doubt, and then register for 16-18 hours in the spring semester…whether they ever attend a day of class after Christmas is totally irrellevant to their eligibility…


  4. Ward Eagle

    I think we should all be very careful about throwing rocks at other schools’ athletics’ majors.

    ‘just sayin’


  5. Dog in Fla

    The Parks and Recreation major at Ole Miss looks tough.

    On the other hand, some take the easy way out. For example, I thought I heard one of the awful announcers say during the game with Auburn last Thursday night that a Mississippi State defensive back was a Chemical Engineering major.


    • Normaltown Mike

      My wife went to Indiana and they had a “General Studies” Major which basically means if you get enough credits they give you the degree.


      • Dog in Fla

        Rumor is that Bobby Knight told his buddy Dick Vitale that they had named a major after Bobby at IU and Dick actually believed it. Of course, Dick also thinks that Duke has a Krzyzwski major in the Ancient European Language Department.


    • seGT

      Parks and Recreation @ Ole Miss = Recreation and Leisure Studies @ UGA.


      • Dog in Fla

        I would nuance that and say that’s not a distinction without a difference. For example, Parks & Rec @ Ole Miss has the Faulkner-like Bob Davies flavor of geography, e.g., like here’s the Civil War battlefield you are now standing in. It’s where the New York Yankees burned our campus flat to the ground and we have made a recreational tailgating park out of it and named it the Grove. And we play football yonder in a place named after Ernest.

        Whereas Rec and Leisure Studies @ UGA is more of a fun and relaxation major. It relates more to activities like riding scooters through alleys and cars through other cars in parking lots but not stopping in either the alley or the lot so there is really no spatial sense of place. It used to, back in the good old days, involve tough multiple guess exams on activities like basketball. I think we’re prohibited from giving those now.


  6. Normaltown Mike

    “a good time at UGA or Ole Miss” = a co-ed and a beer

    “a good time at GT” = DragonCon with Jugdish, Sidney and Clayton


  7. Dawg19

    “Not easier than other majors”?!!?


    I had a buddy that was a management major there. He showed me his text books. They were basically the same ones we used in high school. He had a basic algebra book that was almost identical to the one I used in ninth grade. What a joke.