Thursday lunch buffet

Now with added “thud”…

  • A sign of early Alzheimer’s for Monte Kiffin? How do you forget about a guy who started in 2009?
  • You read something like this at a college football blog and you wonder how Georgia’s defense could have looked so completely toothless on the first two series of last season’s Florida game.
  • On the other hand, that problem with the Gator short yardage offense that most foresaw post-Tebow has yet to materialize.
  • Meanwhile, fresh off a week of killer practices, Arkansas prepares to enter “man country”.
  • After one SEC game, they’re already comparing Marcus Lattimore to Herschel Walker.  No pressure, kid.
  • If they’re yanking Heisman Trophies, how come Billy Cannon still has his?
  • Here’s a hilarious story on the less than distinguished tradition of NC State’s live mascots.
  • It sounds like Alec Ogletree is ready to go and Mark Richt is ready to let him.
  • Shorter, inspirational Mark Bradley:  if a mediocre ACC team is going to play in the Orange Bowl, why not Georgia Tech?


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28 responses to “Thursday lunch buffet

  1. Dog in Fla

    Arkansas prepares to enter “man country”.

    Name an injury you would least like to have:

    “The Razorbacks know they must have success running the football Saturday. They know they’ll have to do it without one of their best backs, too, because Dennis Johnson is sidelined after tearing a bowel during the ULM game.”


  2. Mongrel Dawg

    “Guys, I was just in the john reading the conference bylaws, and it turns out that somebody HAS to win the damn thing. Why not us?” – Paul Johnson, with apologies to Tom Hanks


  3. Will Trane

    Thanks for sharing the Florida sets with us. We hope your readers will study this article some, and understand the spread is a power run formation, too. Tebow was built for it. That is why he declined Bama and took UF.

    Everytime we watch Florida, it takes us awhile to zone in on the set itself. We get very focused on the players footwork and agility. Note their footwork. Also notice their technique on D to shed blocks and get into position. Plus they do not get blocked down much, if they do they are quick to get back into the play. The past few years we have focused more on their D than their offense.

    More teams are now going to the 3-3-5 and the 3-4 to stop the spread. But take a page out of Florida’s individual players technique and footwork (on both sides of the ball). That is coaching and muscle memory at work. Great stuff!

    Again thanks for sharing the article. These is what UGA fans need to start understanding about the game.


  4. Bryant Denny

    C’mon, Senator. That comment about Monte wasn’t nice.


  5. jferg

    Living in this cess pool of college football called Raleigh….I truly appreciate the NCSU article. I can attest that there does not exist a more delusional football fan than that of NCSU. They howl at me when I’m wearing UGA garb. True story.


    • Macallanlover

      Don’t they have a vet school at NC State? In over 50 years they can’t get this right? I offer them Russ once his interim duties are over. If their professors cannot tell a wolf from a coyote, no way a bunch of drunk frat boys will know Russ isn’t just a squatty wolf. Plus, he has a winning record!

      I was as impressed with Lattimore as anyone, but has 30 years dimmed the memories of people so much that they don’t understand what HW had that made him so different than the “flavor of the month?

      Other than Bo Jackson, I have not seen a college back that should be mentioned in the same breath with him. Not saying there haven’t been some outstanding backs, but none combined the power, speed, and athleticsm 34 displayed. And I would feel that way if I weren’t a UGA fan. My friends that support other college teams never even hesitate when this type discussion comes up. People who tend to make comparisons like this are usually under 30. You had to be there, I guess.


    • hayduke


      Amen brother! I about fell out of my chair laughing this morning when I read this article. I grew up in Raleigh so I know well the delusions of which you speak. I got this mental image from the article of some poor cheerleader type trying desperately to hang onto a “snarling and snapping” pack of pissed off live wolves, just so the fan base can have a live mascot. Go Russ, indeed.


      • jferg

        hahaha…seriously…can you imagine if we trotted out a Bull Mastiff because we thought it was a Bulldog? What? It has bull in the name…hahaha


  6. King Jericho

    The NCSU article was HILARIOUS! I kept having to check to see if I was reading The Onion because it seemed so surreal.

    “Lobo II did have enough gumption to escape from his cage one night, though, and was never seen again…”


  7. Russ

    I’m no Reggie Bush fan, but having him return the Heisman is bogus. If Billy Cannon is returning his, he should be right behind one Orenthal James Simpson. Double murder trumps counterfeiting.

    And, I gotta agree with the other posters here, Herschel and then Bo were (and still are) heads and shoulders above any other running back I’ve seen since. Lattimore is off to a good start. Check back at the end of the season.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Did the murders happen while OJ was playing at Southern Cal? Or did they happen well after his playing career both at USC and in the NFL was over?

      I don’t get this idea that the Heisman Trust should vacate his Heisman Trophy because of a crime that happened, what, 15 years later? Reggie Bush’s transgressions directly affected his eligibility and happened while he was enrolled at USC. It’s not even comparing apples to oranges, it’s comparing apples to airplanes.


      • Go Dawgs!

        As a follow-up, the linked article isn’t suggesting that Billy Cannon should have his trophy yanked because of his counterfeiting deal that happened after he was done with football. It suggests he should have the trophy yanked because he took a $10,000 check to sign with the Rams before he played in a bowl game. Thus, an issue that directly impacted his eligibility that happened while he was still playing college football.


        • Russ

          I didn’t make my point very well, but to think Bush is the first (or last) Heisman winner to illegally benefit during college is very naive. I’m not very comfortable with the Heisman foundation becoming the moral arbiter of what’s proper. Just let it be handled by the court of public opinion (like everything else).


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Did Billy Cannon ever play for the Rams? I thought he played for the then-AFL Houston Oilers.


  9. James Stephenson

    But remember, we actually played FU the same way early in the game last year.

    And what happens when you are snakebit?

    Tebow made 2 pretty throws that beat man to man coverage. One was even an awesome catch at the back of the end-zone. He makes that throw 1 out of 10 times. And the other one was a 2 in 10 times. I actually thought until the INT for a TD we were sitting ok in that game. I knew Tebow could continue to make those throws.

    We are just snake bit against FU right now. Hopefully the pendulum will swing back and they will be snake bit against us for a few years, like in the 70’s and 80’s.


  10. James Stephenson

    Check out the first two tds. Good throws, and that 2nd TD was a thing of beauty, it kills me to say so.


  11. Cynical in Athens

    Holy shit, did I read correctly that the Arkansas RB has a “torn bowel.” WHAT? Sounds like some of the Arkansas players might alright be visiting “man country.”


    • Cynical in Athens

      Hmmmm…..nothing like being 4 hours late to a party…sorry about the repost…it’s still hilarious, though…what happened to that Privacy Rights Act?


  12. Gen. Stoopnagle

    I thought the NCSU story was kind of sad. Every college football team deserves a real mascot and it’s nice they’re trying.

    I love Uga and it’s nice that they are all related and all. But, I think the bizzaro bulldogs do it better. Mississippi State put their institutional expertise to bear on their mascot choice and have a damn fine looking dog as mascot. I guess they don’t have tradition and a law school, though.


  13. Mike

    Georgia football is even well know by the French!


  14. As excited as I am about Lattimore, I’ve gotta agree with you guys here about the overblown nature of the comparisons. Lattimore had a huge game, and it’s certainly impressive to see someone do that in his first major game. But it’s still one game. Plenty of runningbacks have had games like that over the years, but that hasn’t put any of them in the same shoes as Herschel or Bo. I’ll wait and see how Lattimore is doing by the end of the year before I make any comparisons to the greats.