There’s always the tape from the Tennessee game.

A little gallows humor from Coach Lakatos:

… Georgia’s studying of the Arkansas offense has not included watching video from last season’s shootout. Grantham said he saw some of that tape when he took over in January for the purpose of evaluating the returning players.

Asked why he never looked at the tape, Lakatos joked, “Get depressed, maybe? I don’t know.”


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3 responses to “There’s always the tape from the Tennessee game.

  1. Bulldog Bry

    OK, he’s kind of funny. It’s about time for him to ask, again, “who taught you guys how to tackle?”


  2. Xon

    Meme prediction!

    If the Dawgs lose tomorrow, this will be the angle taken by those who think our program is hopelessly reduced to Vandy status. “Obviously, you look at all game film, whether it was from your scheme or not. The fact that our coached didn’t think watching game film from our opponent was important just goes to show that Richt prays too much and will never win 9 games again.”


    • Still think the Dawgs will win 9 games this year but I agree that the Position Coaches s/b held as accountable as the OC, the DC, & the HC. It was the OL coach & DL coach that should have been under the gun this week.