Last minute game day thoughts

Nothing particularly profound, but I’ve got a few minutes before heading out to Athens, so here goes:

  • Green’s appeal being denied doesn’t make me happy, but I can’t say I’m surprised, either.  Seth Emerson has a good explanation as to why.  Bottom line:  he had to know he was crossing a line of some sort when he sold the jersey.  Life goes on, though.
  • Potentially disturbing trend to be aware of – if the Dawgs lose today, that will mark a fourth straight home loss to a ranked team.
  • I don’t think either team has much of an advantage in the intangibles.  It’s pretty much a must-win type game for both, albeit for slightly different reasons.  Petrino acknowledged that he had his team spend a week in the spring prepping for Georgia.  Richt knows that the loss in Columbia makes today’s game big for his team.
  • Yeah, the Dawgs are down a few key players.  But if the offensive line, running backs and special teams step up and play to their reputations today, that’s more than enough to offset the walking wounded/suspended.
  • Two things I took away from watching the South Carolina game that give me grounds for optimism today are Aaron Murray’s upside and the pass rush.  Especially the latter, given that Arkansas doesn’t have a running threat on the order of Lattimore and its quarterback is less mobile than Garcia.
  • On the other hand, two things that bother me:  Georgia got killed repeatedly with the draw play on obvious passing downs.  That has to tighten up today, or it’ll be another long day on the third and Willie front.  And Georgia’s run blocking in the second half was noticeably more feeble than in the first.  A big reason for that was Chapas being out.  He’s not playing today, either.


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46 responses to “Last minute game day thoughts

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Have a safe trip, ma man.

    Careful to watch the sky for NCAA heliocopters.

    They are especially watchful in Bogart.


  2. Dooms Day Dawg

    Here is hoping that the O-line took a heaping dose of How To Run Block last night! Perhaps the D wakes up today and realizes that Crazy Willie is NOT their coach this year.

    Bottom line, I do not like any of the trends that I have seen from the Dawgs over the past few years (2-6 in last 8 games vs ranked teams. 0-3 @ home vs ranked teams) but let’s win one today boys! GATA Dawgs!


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    This is the game Mun needs to step up and play in.


  4. Greg

    Amazed at all of the emphasis on the defensive failures last week when they only gave up 17 points on the road under a first year coaching staff. On the offensive side of the ball, our staff has no such excuses and only managed 2 FG’s. If Bobo doesn’t call a better game, we will lose by 2-3 TD’s today.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    The D found out last week they aren’t as good as they thought, but came back very tough after half time. I expect the D to hold their own today – 21 points or less. Expect to see Geathers and Ogletree make an appearance.

    The offense will probably be passive, but Arky’s D isn’t good enough to keep them out of the endzone like scu’s did. If Orson Charles continues to struggle with passcatching early, I’d expect to see more of Aron White. Hope we’ve seen the last of the mass confusion with timeout calls for a while. Look for something like 3 td’s and 3 fg’s.


  6. 69Dawg

    I now approach all of our games like the prisoner on death row. Even if we win a temporary stay (win this game) you know that in the long run we are going to get killed. The Munson in me has won out.


    • NRBQ

      This ain’t the team we thought UGA would have this year.

      Two great RB’s? Uncheck.
      Best receiver in CFB? MIA.
      Earth-moving OL? Not so much.
      Best FB tandem ever? Can’t keep ‘um on the field.
      TE bonanza? Piddlin’, so far.
      Punting and kicking perfection? We’re waiting.
      Opening the playbook? Still Bobo-esque.

      I’m with you, ’69. This team needs to show a lot of guts, and get lucky, to deal successfully with the rest of the schedule.


  7. shane#1

    Scorpio, I am in my foil lined room now from whince I will watch the Dawgs have a hawg killin’. I am not concerned about the NCAA choppers now, just my neighbor’s brain killing super ray gun. You know foil repells killer rays, right? “yesterday I almost cut my hair…….it increases my paranoia like looking in my mirrow and seeing a police car…” Being a Dog fan could make anyone paranoid. I am just waiting for the OTHER shoe to drop, and dreading it. I don’t know what it is, but I know something bad is going to happen. Larry Munson was wearing rose colored glasses!


  8. i agree

    A back gets over 120 yards after first contact, no doubt that is on CMB(geez).My take is CSS should start earnng his $$$.


  9. shane#1

    I just finished icing down a thirty pack of Miller Lite I am now going to stoke the CD changer with Jones [George} and Haggard. Then I will turn on the outside speakers, sit in the pool, and drink. Checking the score every now and then. Might as well get an early start with the post game depression.


  10. Scott

    Halftime Thoughts:

    Our RB’s are too scrawny to run up the middle.

    Carlton Thomas prefers to run toward the defenders instead of a wide open hole for a first down.

    At least we finally started using a quick huddle/snap on offense.

    Aaron Murray’s height hurts him passing in the pocket. Arkansas pass rush schemes are keeping him in the pocket and lead to Aaron Murray either scrambling up the middle or taking sacks. AM is hanging on to the ball too long, and my guess is that it due to his height. Aside from that criticism, Murray has made some great plays and is far better than expected three games into his career. Stafford had thrown a ton of picks by the same point in his career.

    Our DC better make some adjustments on pass defense.

    Rambo has to make that pick and take it for a TD. Someone needs to make a play.

    Only 6 pass attempts, but we went back to pass 14 times. Murray has scrambled 6 times and been sacked twice.


  11. bobafet7

    3rd and 4….3rd and fucking 4 and they call that play.


  12. JaxDawg

    Fire, no shoot the coach that called deep routes and no check on 3rd and 4. We HAD the game and we never game Walsh a chance.

    Goddamnit this frustrating.


  13. baltimore dawg

    so for those of you who attended the game:

    1) watch the tv broadcast later
    2) turn on the sound
    3) ignore griese
    4) explain to me why chris spielman wouldn’t be a better offensive coordinator/game planner/play caller than our current offensive brain trust

    chris. effin’. spielman. think about that, y’all.


  14. Turd Ferguson

    I realize it’s only minutes after the end of the game, so I may not be thinking totally clearly, but … I’ve had just about enough of this season. Our guys aren’t tough enough; they’re not smart enough; and their coaches are getting out-coached pretty consistently.

    Maybe we’ll win 6 or 7 games.


    • The players fought hard to come back only to have the coaches choke at the end.


    • dudetheplayer

      We are a mediocre football team.

      It’s a tough reality to accept, but it is what it is.

      Richt has reached his peak as a coach. Either we’re content to stay the course and play decent football winning 8 or 9 every year or we’re not…

      We are who we thought we are.

      And it is a bummer.


  15. JaxDawg

    It’s one thing to lose and another to lose they way we do – through inept play-calling, mental mistakes, lapses of focus, and idiotic mistakes all around.

    It’s certainly not a matter of talent.

    I take comfort knowing that a McGarity is making the decisions and will not tolerate mediocrity. The long-term outlook is fine, it’s the short-term pain that will be difficult to tolerate.

    Richt is likely done now. I don’t want that, but it’s clear he’s not the coach/motivator/innovator he once was. Can’t control the players and can’t win the close ones.

    And I really hate that for him and us.


  16. Turd Ferguson

    For whatever reason, I waited a lot longer than others to jump on the Fire Willie Martinez bandwagon. And I’m starting to think I may have already waited too long to jump on the Fire Mike Bobo bandwagon. Holy hell, that guy was truly awful today.

    I feel like it’s nothing more than homerism keeping me from admitting that we’ve officially dropped to the bottom tier of the SEC. Judging by today’s performances, I expect Vandy to beat us.


  17. Wade

    I have always been a vehement Richt apologist, but I want him gone. It’s time.

    And I want Bobo shot.


    • The Realist

      Shooting is too kind. Sodomized with a bat wrapped in barbed wire is more appropriate for the display we saw today.


    • The Realist

      I don’t want Richt gone. I just want competent coordinators. He’s a fine CEO & face of a program… but he’s got to have competent coordinators controlling either side of the ball. He waited far too long to replace his defensive coordinator, and that’s used up a lot of goodwill. I hope he gets the chance to replace his offensive coordinator before he gets run out of town with Bobo, but more of the same old crap makes me wonder.


      • dudetheplayer

        It has to start at the top some time, my friend.

        This program has been in a free fall since 2008.

        Something is wrong and it starts with the head guy.


  18. TennesseeDawg

    Let the excuses begin! How many years in a row can we call them rebuilding seasons?


  19. shane#1

    The game went abour as I had thought. I think I’ll grab another beer, put “He stopped Loving Her Today” on continous loop, and get really depressed.


  20. Wade

    So does this mean we’re going to be #11 on Chris Low’s SEC Power Poll this week?

    We sure as sh*t deserve to be ranked lower than every team other than Ole Miss, who couldn’t even beat Vanderbilt.

    But I should watch my words. I’m not sure we could beat Vanderbilt at this point. In fact, our team today would have easily lost to the Vandy team that played today.

    I feel nauseous.


  21. Scott

    Arkansas had 13 PASS PLAYS then went for 15 YARDS or more.

    21 completions, and 13 go for huge gains. I can’t recall a game where we gave up so many big passing plays.

    First Quarter
    15 yards
    57 yards-TD

    Second Quarter

    Third Quarter
    22 TD

    Fourth Quarter

    18 yards per catch by ARK. Are you kidding me !!!!


  22. gatriguy

    How are my comments on Richt’s game management looking now?


  23. TennesseeDawg

    We used to battle for SEC championship, then we battled to finish in 2nd place behind Florida. Now we hope to be slightly better than Kentucky. In a few years we’ll be down to battling Vandy to get out of the cellar.


  24. X-Dawg

    I’m still giving the Defense a bit of a by as I think it’s still a WIP. The O-Line, on the other hand, is what befuddles me. I went into the season feeling like that was the one area that we would have a chance to dominate our opponents. They are horrible!


    • Scott

      I don’t think our run blocking is bad, and I saw some decent holes on most plays, its just that our RB’s have magnets directing them away from the hole and right into defenders.

      Neither Ealey nor Thomas can break a tackle or get yards after contact. We look like we are having a big play but then we go down at first contact.

      It’s a down year for UGA running backs. Ealey is the best we have, but he’s not anywhere close to the quality of past RB’s under Richt –Thomas Brown, Knoshon, Danny Ware, Musa, etc. And Caleb isn’t as good as Ealey.

      Are there any on the squad that can crawl out there and surprise us like Moreno did?


  25. Scott

    And do we have to trail by 14 to run an effective quick tempo offense? I want our offense and play calling to be like it was in the fourth quarter and stop running the Bud Grant offense until we are far behind.

    Our offense operates like we are trying to run out the clock with a big lead…but we start in the first quarter and run it with no regard to the score. It looked like it would be different early. But once we got finished with our scripted plays and TD to open the game, it was back to Bud Grant.


  26. Wade

    While watch this UF/UT game, I can’t help but think how terrible UF looks this year.

    And they’d still beat us by 3 touchdowns.



  27. Scott

    I can’t heap enough praise on Kris Durham. He is about the only player who has stepped up and made plays the past two weeks. How bad would our offense be without him? I figured it would be all king, wooten and brown catching all the passes, but the latter two have disappeared. If you had told me before the season Durham and AM were going to our top offensive play makers, I would have replied that we weren’t going to win many games.


  28. Eric

    I knew the game was over even when we scored on the first drive. UGA gets it at the 10 and runs three straight plays up the gut. Seriously, was Bobo just setting up the 4th down bootleg?

    I’ve been complaining about Bobo even before he was the OC, but I’m just tired now. Hell, if I know what plays he’s about to run, do you think the paid-for DC’s we’er up against get it?

    Go Dawgs, and will always fly my flag, but after a while, it just makes you tired. See ya in Stark-vegas.