So much for the big game.

Today’s metaphor: Washaun Ealey following the “Where’s UGA?” McDonald’s game on the scoreboard. Discuss.


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  1. Matt b

    Washaun is all about Washaun.

  2. DawgBiscuit

    Damn. Just damn.

  3. bobafet7

    I can’t imagine Georgia beating anybody right now

  4. H-Town Dawg

    Are the Dawgs just not as talented as I think they are? With or without A.J. this is supposed to be a veteran offensive unit. Whatever happened to not asking Murray to win the game? Now he’s having to fear for his safety, thanks to some remarkable non-blocks by Washaun “the Matador” Ealy. I’ll let others dissect the play calling…

  5. Cynical in Athens

    Pretty sad, but we witnessed the end of an era today. Don’t anticipate many fun Saturdays until December.

    Probably going to get roasted for this, but it might be time to start putting together a short list.

  6. Charles

    Try as I might, I can’t find the righteous indignation over this game that I did last week. Sure, the OL is horrendous, and Washaun Ealey probably should have been Mettenbergered after being told NOT TO DRIVE. But, we clawed our way back into that one before running out of moxie. These are not the embarrassing ass beatings of yesteryear. And what will these losses mean if South Carolina and Arkansas actually, you know, win a lot of games? So, I’m cautiously optimistic, and am watching our freshman QB and new defensive scheme improve with each game.

    I do believe in Richt, and all the RAGEFIREURVRY1NGIMMEMYBEER caterwauling is really a result of his own success. Y’all really thought we were going to Atlanta in a year with a new defensive scheme (with less than optimal personnel) and a freshman quarterback? You expected us to go 11-1? 10-2? Be reasonable.

    I will definitely agree that there needs to be a change in tone for the program in general. This off-the-field screwing around needs to end. It does evince a lack of discipline… a disregard for the privilege of playing here. If Richt won’t lock this down soon, his new boss will.

    • Cynical in Athens

      But the thing is, we scratched and clawed our way back into it, only be undone by the fact that we don’t have a decent punt returner on the roster and the offensive coordinator is a simpleton.

      As we have seen the last 4+ years, the kids are playing their hearts out only to be let down by the ineptitude of their leaders.

      At some point, the accountability has got to go to the top, and people like you need to quit making excuses for losing to dregs like Arkansas and Scu. UGA should NEVER lose to those programs. The only way they improve their standings is to take OUR spot in the conference hierarchy. We are now ceding that spot, and once you give it away, it is not easy to get back.

      • Charles

        NEVER!!!! LIKE… EVER!!!

        And people “like you” need to stop being drama queens. Even the dregs get their due every once in awhile. Especially the ones with a first-round draft pick QB coached by a bonafide offensive genius.

        For God’s sake, we’re on the same team here. See the forest for the trees. We DO have an excellent punt returner on the roster. It just happens that he has a concussion right now. The other one we were rotating at that position just so happened to sell his jersey to an agent.

        That simpleton coached us to the second best offense in the conference last year – even though he had an interception dispenser as a QB. He also has to work with an OL that just can’t seem to gel. Is that on him? Sure. But that hardly makes him a simpleton. Lighten up, Francis. Plenty of ball to be played.

      • Will (the other one)

        We have a great punt returner. Thing is, Braden Smith didn’t play today.
        Would’ve been nice to have him in coverage too…

    • Wade

      I want some of whatever you’re smoking.

      How can you honestly have any confidence in this program after what we’ve seen in the past two games, let alone what’s been happening since 2008?

      The off the field issues are a distraction, yes, but they are NOT the reason our team is mediocre. That’s a piss poor excuse if that’s the best you can come up with.

      A lot of successful football programs have had player arrests and still managed to win games.

      Did all of Florida’s off the field issues over the past 5-6 years stop them from winning 2 national championships? No. I’m not saying I want UGA to be Florida, but it would be nice to win a big game once in a while.

      • Charles

        Wade, try and be a little charitable to a fellow Dawg here. Nowhere did I peg our “mediocrity” on off the field issues. All I said was that it showed a lack of discipline, which makes what’s happening on the field all the more frustrating. I agree completely that there are plenty of successful teams perched on top of the Fulmer Cup standings. Their fan bases are willing to overlook that as long as business is taken care of on Saturdays. That’s been true of us for most of the decade.

      • Zdawg

        Willie gets three years to prove himself. Apparently the d staff only gets three games. Fire everybody!

        • Prov

          +1000. Richt isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I would guess the end of next season at the very earliest. He has a new Defense and a freshman QB. The only thing to do is sit back and see if he turns things around.

  7. merk

    True story Vandy is ahead of us…

    Sadly they deserve to be.

    I think I hear the bench calling some of the secondaries names.

  8. Robert

    Short List:

    Chris Peterson
    Will Muschamp

    The regression continues. McGarity needs to clean house. Look at what Saban has done in LESS THAN HALF THE TIME CMR HAS BEEN AT UGA. The situation is now unacceptable. You CMR apologists are morons.

    • Anon

      Good call on Peterson. His predecessors have been SO good playing big boy football…

      There’s so much evidence that he’d be a solid choice.

    • ugafan

      Saban’s first year at Bama he lost to Louisiana Monroe. It takes time to install a new defense, especially when you don’t have the personnel.

      We lost by 7 to a Heisman contender without Caleb King, Shaun Chapas, AJ Green, Bean & Chris Davis. We saw Ben Jones get injured & Trinton Sturdivant was limping. And don’t forget we have a freshman at quarterback.

      I’m not listing excuses or suggesting i’m not just as disappointed as you are, but come on man. Let’s look at the complete picture.

      And finally, CMR is not as good a Coach as Saban. Very few Coaches are. Expecting Saban-like results is nuts.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The only thing I do not agree with in your post is where you say that CMR is not as good a coach as Nick Saban. Saban and Richt have coached against each other 5 times as head coaches. Saban leads 3-2. They are 1-1 in SEC Championship games. Let’s have a few more games and a few more seasons before pronouncements are made as to whom is the superior coach.

  9. Connor

    This one was there to be had, though we probably didn’t deserve it. I still think Georgia is improving, and when all the pieces are there it’ll be a good team, but this league will punish the unsteady.

    • Mayor of dawgtown

      The game was UGA’s. The win was at hand. A little over 1 minute to go, the ball in UGA’s possession at midfield, 3rd and 4. Get the first down, run the clock, gain another 20 yards and let the best kicker in the country win the game. Didn’t happen. A bad play gets called with all receivers going long and no short receiver as an outlet. Dawg QB gets sacked. Punt the ball and the ARKY offense scores a TD in 45 seconds. One could dwell on the blown coverage that allowed the winning TD for ARKY. Actually, the play that lost the game was the bad play call on 3rd and 4. The OC lost this one, as much as I hate to say it.

  10. 69Dawg

    Lets just look at the overall picture and I think it boils down to our recruiting. We have recruited 4 and 5 star special ed players. I’m really beginning to think a large portion of our players are incapable of learning even the simplest things. Play your responsibility, block the damn guy, don’t drive without a license. See there is a pattern. We have all seen how Rodney Garner love to recruit projects but apparently he also loves to recruit the handicapped. With these unteachable players it is only going to get worst especially with CMR’s “once we give you a scholly you’ve got it barring a felony or lying to me”.

    It’s a shame to see such a waste of a good program.

  11. ActuaryDawg

    We could throw some money at Chip Kelly. See if he’d come.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      He really does run such a problem free, thugless environment. For sure…let’s get someone who has such stellar coaching accomplishments. I believe the New Hampshire football program almost eclipsed the hockey program while he was the O coordinator there.

  12. Rick

    This CMR apologist has an understanding of mathematics, and isn’t quite as bothered by close losses behind a freshman quarterback, first year in a new defensive scheme, and a couple games in an offensive scheme deprived of it’s most potent offensive weapon. If that makes me a moron, so be it.

    An ESPN commentator just said that this Richt’s last year. If we fire Richt for performances such as this, we deserve whatever we get with our next coach.

    • JaxDawg

      This will not be Richt’s last year. He has the new D and RFr QB as his mulligans.

      2011 will be Richt’s last year if both abovementioned variables do not lead to a good/very good season.

      • Rick

        Then where is this sentiment, which we now see in the national media, coming from?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The ESPNs of the world do not like UGA and they WANT Richt to be fired as this will FU the UGA program. So they openly create this canard out of thin air themselves and make it news by their repetition of it, hoping some of the more feeble-minded in the Bulldog Nation will jump on the bandwagon. Greg McGarity isn’t that stupid, though. Richt is fine for this year.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Mike Adams might be that stupid, however.

          • No One Knows You're a Dawg

            Alright I’ll play.

            Why does ESPN dislike UGA and want Richt fired?

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              I’m not totally sure. I suspect their is something we don’t know about one or more top executives at ESPN. Went to FLA or Tech or something. One thing I do know, however, is that there is an overabundance of talking heads at ESPN that have a connection to UGA rival schools , like Lou Holtz who regularly got kicked around by UGA when he was a coach at South Carolina and Jesse Palmer, former FLA benchwarmer QB now living a lie as an “analyst.” Palmer is a two-fer as he still has his nose up CSS’s ass as his former coach. Palmer disses UGA at every opportunity. I noted today in a wrap-up show that when Reece Davis made a somewhat positive statement about UGA’s second half comeback Holtz said: They really didn’t make a comeback. They just completed 2 long passes, is all.” He doesn’t even attempt to hide his bias any more.

    • The Realist

      Apologists like you are the problem. Thanks for getting us into this mess.

      You probably still think Willie shouldn’t have been fired, am i right?

    • mdr

      2006 was terrible.

      2007 we actually improved as the year went on and finished strong.

      2008 was terrible, 2009 was worse.

      This is not about one game, or two games, or even 6 games. We have fallen to the middle of the pack in this conference and there is ZERO evidence that we are going to rise up again.

      This is year 10 of the CMR regime. The time for excuses is long gone.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Let’s see. The 2006 UGA season was 9-4 with a freshman QB. 2007 was 11-2 (finished the season #2 in the nation). 2008 was 10-3. 2009 was 8-5 (with 1 game stolen by refs). That is 38-14 (winning percentage of 73%) including 2 of Richt’s 3 worst seasons. Vince Dooley’s career winning % is 72.3%. Yeah, that Richt guy is lousy. Fire him immediately.

        • Dawgfan17

          Someone who gets it. I am upset about the last two losses as anyone but there has to be a little perspective. Yes Richt must get things turned around this season but outside of the last drive the second half was pretty good. Now we just have to put together 4 quarters. Grantham may not have the D playing great yet but if people can’t tell the difference between this years D and last years then they are not real bright.

        • Charles

          Now THAT’S perspective.

        • mdr

          Wow, you really set me straight. But, remind me again, which of those years did we go to the dome? Peach bowl doesn’t count.

          You want perspective, here’s some:

          Donnan’s last 4 years as UGA coach: 22-10 in conference.

          Richt’s last 4 years in conference: 20-12, including a pathetic 8-6 at home.

          That doesn’t even count the 0-2 start to this year, which is Goff territory.

          There’s really nothing more to say.

  13. Rick

    Is Ron Zook available?

  14. shane#1

    Bobo’s play callimg on the last “drive” was horrible. There is no other way to look at it. UGA did not try to run any time off the clock or force Arky to use one of their timeouts. For cripes sake,. just try to get 10 yds and give Walsh a chance to win it! I am now on the ditch Bobo side. and if Richt won’t do it it’s time to ditch Richt!

    • Xon

      Actually, we ran for a first down on the very first play of that last drive. Then we ran again, and let the clock run all the way down to about 1:05 after two plays. Arkansas did use one of their timeouts, and got the ball back with 45 seconds. When the other team has all of their timeouts, they are going to get the ball back if you don’t get a first down. Also, we needed more than ten yards. We started on about the 35, got the first down on our first play to our 45, and then would have still needed 20 yards for a reasonable shot at a field goal.

      In any four play sequence, you are going to have times where you don’t move the ball that well, even if you are the most dynamic, efficient, and powerful offense in the history of the world. We are not those things. But you cannot throw an OC under the bus for the very last drive, when he had just orchestrated a 2-TD comeback right before that.

      Our D plays differently. We shut down their run very well, which they went to throughout the game and not simply as an occasional distraction to set up the pass. A very good passing offense did pretty well. Was the standard of success that we had to hold them under 10 points?

      It is obvious in terms of the quality of what we are doing on the field that it is not the same as last year. It’s just not.

      Losing SUCKS. So let’s win ’em all from here.

      • The Realist

        If that drive were in a vacuum, I would let it go. But, the playcalling has been of the head-scratching variety for a while now. They move down the field doing one thing, then try to get cute and run the wildcat or an end around or a direct snap that fails as frequently as it works. On third and shorts we get ultra-predictable with jumbo sets that we plow right into the line for no gain. Murray was very comfortable in the shotgun when he had a bunch of success in the 4th, but it didn’t occur to anyone during the course of the game to try the shotgun when the o-line was pass-blocking like swiss cheese?

        It’s things like this that have become all too common. Last year, Georgia would have lost by 30. So the ineffective offense got a bit of a pass, but now that the defense is at least keeping things close, the gaffes on offense… particularly the stupid playcalls are garnering more attention. Bobo just hasn’t matured as a playcaller, and he is ineffective at making in-game adjustments.

        Besides Gary Crowton, I’m not sure there is an offensive coordinator in the SEC that gets less from his talent. I know they put up a lot of yards & points last year, but I’m thinking more and more that it had to do with how frequently the offense had the ball and less with how effective the offense actually was.

  15. Turd Ferguson

    I’m still pretty confident that we’ll beat Idaho State. So there’s that.

  16. scott

    AAARGH. Just, AARGH.

  17. bobafet7

    Can we grab Spielman before he hits the tarmac? I’m not kidding

  18. Cynical in Athens

    Florida is lucky they’re playing a terrible Tennessee team.

    We’re worse than a team that is “rebuilding”.

  19. Greg

    Our offensive line flat out sucks and Drew Butler obviously spent the entire offseason reading his press clippings. We had all the momentum, then the Arky punter bombs one out his own endzone, our drive stalls and then Butler shanks one that gives Arky a chance to win it without going to OT. Without Butler’s crappy punt, Arky would not even have attempted to score at the end of regulation.

    The bottom line is that we are now a team that rarely makes plays in the most crucial moments of a game and, as a result, we are a program that rarely wins games of any significance. Arkansas and South Carolina have never won ANYTHING and never will…yet we can’t even beat them. Pathetic.

    • Cynical in Athens

      Stop being so cynical, that’s my job.

      By the way, I’m working on getting laid to improve my attitude.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Actually, Arkansas has an all-time winning % of about 60% ranking #33 in the nation out of about 130 or so teams. Arkansas won the SEC-West 3 times (1995, 2002 and 2006) and was defeated by UGA in the 2002 SEC Championship Game and by FLA the other 2 times. When Arkansas was in the former SWC it won that conference championship many times and was a perennial favorite (along with Texas) to win that conference, which at the time was considered to be the second toughest conference in the nation behind only the SEC. That’s why it was considered such a coup to get them to join the SEC. Know what you are talking about before you start dissing highly respected programs.

  20. Lumpdawg

    We played great for about 8 minutes. The key is to figure out to play that way, with that level of desperation, for an entire 60 minutes. I don’t know what the key is to getting kids to play at that level, but someone better figure it out. Our kids play like they’ve arrived, and if you think you’ve arrived, you’ve already begun your descent.

  21. The Unforeseen

    I looked back into the distance from where we had come. The lights were bright, people smiling, but all was not well. We’ve started down this road, seeking that which we have not know for nearly forever and we find ourselves in the desert. Lost. These consequences of our decisions being unforeseen.

    Or we just suck right now.

  22. TennesseeDawg

    Now we get to hear the weekly ” We’ve got to get better on……” from the coaching staff. It’s a Georgia tradition.

  23. Ausdawg85

    This just in from ESPN. We are playing without AJ Green and that cost us the game. I don’t recall them covering that point very much during the game…anyone?

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I wouldn’t give them to much credit. They are just filling up air time. However, having that starting WR, along with the starting FB, starting Center, additional RB and starting kick returner/DB today…..might and I may be a bit liberal with this…. but it might have made a difference somehow.
      just sayin’

    • The Realist

      If AJ had a dollar for every time they mentioned his name in the broadcast, he wouldn’t have had to sell his jersey to pocket a cool grand.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Absolutely right! See my post above about ESPN hating UGA. Why would the ESPN announcers talk about A.J. as much as they did and in that way other than to try to embarrass UGA? It might be news the first time but the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th…….?

  24. Dax

    I don’t understand why we are being pushed around all over the field on both sides of the ball. We just don’t seem to be a very tough team. Except for Murray, he’s been playing his guts out.

  25. Derek

    A couple of observations:

    1). I like the way we responded in the 4th. That game looked over and they got tge mat and were a first down away from walsh saving us.

    2). The repeated attempts at play action were very frustrating. It was obvious that it was denying Murray time as ark. was not worried about tge run up 14.

    3). Murray had a baptism by fire today. He’s going to be a lot better for having gone through and fought through the adversity.

    4). Ealey still can’t pass protect. Not having king hurt today.

    5). I still think that when we get everyone back that we can be a good team. We’ve lost two games by slim margins and looked pretty bad overall doing it. Not happy to be 1-2, but I think were a better team right now then before kickoff in Columbia.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I hope your right….Tennessee is giving the Gators fits right now …and I don’t know if I can stare at my neighbors sign in the window( 45-19) that he posts each weekend. I kinda would like for him to take it down!

  26. crap sandwich

    “Wow, I feel like a Big Mac. Special sauce, pickles, lettuce….think I will drive….”

  27. Scorpio Jones, III

    In case nobody noticed it, University of Georgia president, Michael Adams, is making public comments both about A.J. Green and the arrests in the football program.

    This folks is a very, very bad sign for the current coaching staff.

    I thought for about eight minutes we looked like a good football team.

    The other 52 minutes are beyond my comprehension.

    To this point at least, the defense is much worse than last year.

    And the offense is about the same.

    Yes, South Carolina and Arkansas are better than last year.

    But we are worse.

    Sure, I saw glimpses of something good, a glimpse, a glimmer, but my vision is colored by hope.

    Mark Richt, sad to say, appears to be on a very, very short leash.

  28. 69Dawg

    We have swapped the Dave Hale curse for the even greater Seth Emerson curse we are doomed.

  29. NRBQ

    Murray left all his guts and heart on the field today.

    He was the only Dawg I’d say that about, although I was proud of T. King and Durham.

    And it doesn’t help that Tech ran for a thousand yards.

    At least Da’Rick Dooley lost.

  30. Will Trane

    We have been very critical of the OC and the RB coach. The O improved some today. But as most of you saw today we have very poor pass blocking and pass protection from our RBs. We do not think Ealey understands there is more to collegiate football than running…like passs blocks, gettting your butt in the lane and keeping the crease. We said last year the RB coach has to go. Put Tony Ball back there and hire a new receivers coach after the season. Where are the running backs this season?

    The linebackers and secondary were smoked today big time. Every play has to be made. But again a new secondary coach is learning, too. Need a Tony Taylor or Rennie Curen leader…not there at this time.

    OC performance. We are puzzled why pass when facing a short 3 & 1 in first half and you need to control the ball. Likewise the last series. Why not put in a scheme where you put a tight end in motion, to block, to release, and the QB rolls out. Not good enough blocking on pass plays. But the last series of play calling was bad. We move another 15 to 20 we toe it up. DEs are killing us.

    But we continue to say we need a roster. #1 TB always out hurt. The # 1 FB not available. And the #1 receiver on pace to have a possible 8 game season again. Recruit, develop, and play guys that can be there. A stud RB should be a top priority on the recruiting list. There is not one on the current roster. Quality PT or no PT.

    King, Gray, Durham…outstanding play today. There are some good things happening on this team. But not enough. Trust us when we say no one needs an agent on this team…even AJG. Not one is even close to pro level. If they think they are then they need to get into fantasy football.
    Do not be suprised if we get beat by MSU. This D is in a very difficult and fast learning curve. As for defense 3-4 style they are seeing 3 very solid schemes and teams. Two on the road.

    Like we said at the first of the season we thought this team would struggle around .500. We also thought SC, Arkansas, Auburn, and Mississippi State would vastly improved teams.

    We think some UGA coaches might be more resolved and have a constant state of urgency now.

  31. adam

    Miami (OH) gave the gators fits as well. Hopefully we’re better than they are.

  32. Jeff Sanchez

    Did Orson Charles sell a jersey?

    Sprain an ankle?

    Sleep with the Watergirl?


  33. BeerMoney

    After watching the UTK/UF game, one thing I noticed, and it scares me a lot, is the fact that in a rebuilding makeshift type year at Tennessee, they were in that game with pretty much until the end even though they were overmatched. They left it all out on the field and played the Gates straight up for the majority of the game before simply running out of fire power. Last week they got drilled in the second half, but played as hard as they could in the first and went in tied at halftime.

    The Vols are completely outnumbered right now and lack the depth and talent that they have been accustomed to in years gone by. But its early in the season and the coaches there are coaching and the players appear to be responding. They are doing what they can with what they have and that is good coaching. Don’t be surprised to see UTK get better each week. Even the asshat Vol fans gave them a standing O as time ticked down as they understand its a work in progress and they are putting up a fight.

    What I see at Georgia is the opposite. I see talent at alot of positions…particularly the experienced OL, the depth at TE, and our special teams. Yet we do not deploy that talent to maximize its benefits. It seems like this has been the case for many years. And we seem to throw our helmets on the field each week and hope for a win, while in turn playing mostly uninspired football.

    I am not naive enough to think UGA should win every game, but to think back on years like ’03 where we had a slew of injuries and inexperience and still got the most out of what we had. I don’t think this is an unreasonable goal. Wasted talent and opportunity are some of the saddest things in life.

    • Charles

      This is totally fair, and a really good observation. It makes me wonder if Tennessee is playing loose because they have no expectations whatsoever. Just playing like they have nothing to lose. Because, when you really think about it, they don’t really have anything to lose. You could find a similar approach by Kiffin & Co. against Florida last year (“moral victories”).

      But you may be on to something. I get the sense that we play to “not lose” more than we play to win. Part of me wanted to see something ballsy (or reckless) like a fake punt or an onside kick. Florida ran one, and Uncle Verne remarked that the reason players want to play at Florida is because Urban Meyer “trusts his talent and takes risks” or something like that. With the exception of a blackout here and there, Richt has had trouble getting his teams to consistently play with their ass on fire in big games… especially the ones that could give us grasp of the SEC East.

    • BMan

      Well said, Beer Money, I noticed the same thing. I hate the Vols with a bloody passion, and they are clearly down in talent from years past, but damn they played hard. Georgia looks uninspired, and for now, seems unable to focus for more than about 3-5 plays in a row. Of course, they don’t seem to be able to focus on keeping their licenses valid, their drinking contained in their own rooms, or their roomate’s car between the white lines of a parking space. If this were Goodfellas, Paulie would slap ’em in the face and say “smarten up, I can’t have that $hit.”

      I’ll be pulling hard for them every week. Right now, though, I have to look at what I see and say they’re just not that good. Do they have talent? I guess, though I think the recruiting ratings agencies are about as pointless as preseason rankings. Talented or not, well coached or not, heck I don’t really know for sure, but I do know they just aren’t that good (sort of like the judge that said he wasn’t sure how to define pornagraphy, but he knew it if he saw it).

      But it won’t stop me from pulling for them, ever.

      • BeerMoney

        “But it won’t stop me from pulling for them, ever.”

        This. I may criticize things or observe things, but some folks just go so over the top after a loss that it makes reaidng ht einternet a painful pill to swallow, but one that is strangely necessary in coping with the loss. This is my team. Whether we win or we lose, there is no hitching to another wagon. We just have to deal with it.

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  35. Justin

    UGA is the University of Georgia. Uga is a dog.

    And they don’t do “Where’s Uga?” anymore — it’s now “Where’s Hairy Dawg?”

  36. Marshall

    I agree with what a lot of folks are saying about glimpses/moments of good play and coaching. That sums up Bobo–he can make some great calls but then sometimes you’re just scratching your head! I think someone earlier in this thread or in a previous one mentioned that Bobo seems to have problems matching his playcalling to the talent on the field or the situation at hand. That is so, so true. Just like the sack right there at the end. No quick route, safety valve, anything. Just begging for a game killer. And that’s exactly what happened.

    And on D, I agree with whoever about switching to that soft zone crap at the end. We didn’t even give ourselves a chance.

    We’ve lost to two very solid teams the last two weeks. A lot of us knew that 1-2 was possible. We just didn’t think it was probable. We could easily be 3-0 right now…just a few plays away.

    Regardless, if we don’t win in Starkville (which is going to be a tough game), things might get pretty ugly, pretty quick. I just hope we win Saturday night. We sure need it!