Vernecrush Watch

What’s the over/under on the number of times Uncle Verne mentions The Departed One on during today’s broadcast?


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  1. Dog in Fla

    15/60 with (a) the under based on Tim’s jersey # with the Broncos and (b) the over based on Tim’s 2 carries for 2 yards last week v. Jacksonville for the number 4 multiplied by Tim’s jersey #.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Verne’s script for today:

    Top 10 Tebow Moments – Home School and College Era:

    No. 1: The Promise
    No. 2: The Jump-Pass
    No. 3: John 3:16
    No. 4: Taunting OU
    No. 5: The Virgin
    No. 6: “20/20”
    No. 7: Tebow Crying
    No. 8: Circumcisions
    No. 9: “I’m Coming Back!”
    No. 10: Commits to UF


  3. Brandon

    At least 8


  4. bobafet7

    Can we get a vent post going or what?


  5. WarD Eagle

    The Ginger Ninja?