It’s always sad when a good conspiracy theory dies.

The judge from the Ronnie Cottrell vs. The World defamation suit  says that Arkansas, not Tennessee, turned Alabama in on the Albert Means recruiting violation.


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20 responses to “It’s always sad when a good conspiracy theory dies.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Those dirty pigs.


  2. ugafan

    “The respected model of ncaa compliance” That’s how they describe Bama now? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!


  3. Scott W.

    You too can sweep all your dirt under the rug for the low price of one NC.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    best players that money can buy


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Sorry, man, but that’s a little trite.

      The Vlad, he don’t have to buy no stinking players.

      He just wanders around high schools and great players jump into his car.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Let me get this straight. The Judge thinks the Bama probation, NCAA sanctions, bowl ban and loss of scholarships was a GOOD thing for Bama?


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    I’m not a judge, but since most of you seem to think the only thing that matters is wins, how could you argue otherwise.

    They have hired the Vladimir Putin of college football as their coach.

    Well, maybe that’s a bit strong, but the probation gave the Old Boys the opportunity to hire Nick Saban and create a football dictatorship in Tuscaloosa.

    Not that that is new at Bama, just been a while.

    So if that’s what the judge means, he is not only right, he’s a pretty keen observer of college football…probably a Georgia grad.


  7. Jaybird

    So how many consecutive years has bama football been on probation now?…Go Blutarsky!


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Man, you jest dont git it…..Just win baby!!!!!

      Probation, smobation, …..wait, I believe they are no longer on probation, therefore they won the national championship last year….Being a Georgia fan I am not fully vetted on all this stuff, but…..

      Jest win baybeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

      Rollllllllllllllllll Taaaaad!!!!