Uncomfortable in the arena

I appreciate the man’s calm and class, and, honestly, it’s probably what the team needs from its head coach right now, but it’s hard not to get frustrated when I read a quote like this from Mark Richt:

“You’d be surprised,” Richt said, “but the same things we did when we were finishing in the top 10 and all of that kind of good stuff — we’re doing those very same things… ”

With all due respect, if that’s truly the case, maybe that’s the problem.

Paul makes a good case that Georgia enjoys a sizeable advantage in talent over this week’s opponent, only to risk squandering it by not deploying it fully.  That’s my biggest concern about Saturday night.

I’ve watched all three of Mississippi State’s games this season.  The MSU defense isn’t the most talented bunch in the conference (which is not to say they’re talentless), but it’s feisty and aggressive.  If MSU’s coaches go into this game taking the lessons we’ve all drawn from the past two weeks to heart, they’re going to jam the middle, take away the tight ends and take their chances with the deep ball.  If Bobo plays three-quarters of the game from the I and Wildcat, forcing the run into the teeth of the defense, running every pass play out of play action, he’ll be playing right into their hands.  And we’ll get exactly the kind of game we fear – an ugly, low scoring affair that risks seeing an inferior team steal a win.

And I don’t have a lot of confidence that he’ll do anything differently.  Or that he’ll be pushed to do so.  Not when I read this:

  • Richt disputed accounts that said Georgia sent all of its receivers on deep routes on the late-game 3rd-and-4 play that resulted in a Murray sack and forced Georgia to punt to Arkansas, which scored the game-winning TD three plays later.
  • “I did watch the TV copy myself, and I know the commentators were saying … there was no outlet, there was no short route, that there ought to be,” Richt said. “I don’t know what he saw, but there were actually two routes that were about a five- or six-yard depth and a couple of them that would be deeper routes.”

Even if that were the case (and I’m sure going to go back and watch a replay), notice that he fails to mention the real flaw in the play design:  expecting Washaun Ealey to block a charging defensive end long enough to allow Murray to read the coverage and get a pass downfield.

Ealey stalls Bequette for a second.  It’s sufficient time to allow Murray to get a short throw off, except that’s not how the play was designed.  He’s clearly looking for something to develop downfield and gets caught taking too much time.  Now maybe that’s on Murray, maybe not.  Watching the replay, it sure doesn’t look like a play designed to get the four yards needed for the first down.   And the thing is, given how the rest of the day went with regard to pass protection from the line and Ealey, why wouldn’t Bobo call something designed for a quick hit and modest gain?

There’s no question in my mind that Georgia has the talent to go on a run starting in Starkville and carry some decent momentum into Jacksonville against a Florida team that hasn’t exactly looked like a world beater so far.  But there’s also no question that a coaching staff which seems uncertain about how to deploy that talent to the best of their ability – that whole rein-Murray-in approach for the South Carolina game looks counterproductive now, doesn’t it? – runs the risk of allowing a season that’s not yet beyond redemption to go off the rails with another loss or two before they ever get to the Cocktail Party.


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  1. RusDawg

    1. I couldn’t figure out why we didn’t run a bubble screen or something there.

    2. At the stadium that looked like a helmet to helmet hit….and it still does.

    • Bryant Denny

      It looks to me like the hit was just below Murray’s helmet and the defender’s helmet pulled Murray’s off.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Yeah exactly , a helmet to helmet hit that knocked off Murray’s helmet. Where’s the flag? Another no-call by the SEC refs going against UGA in a game deciding situation. 15 yards and a first down and the game is UGA’s with the best kicker inn college football putting it through the uprights.

        • Bryant Denny

          That’s a good point, Mayor.

          I was trying to say that I thought the helmet first hit his back and then pulled the helmet off.

          For it to be helmet-to-helmet does the hit have to be helmets first? I guess that is the question.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I think the video replay shows contact between the top of Bequette’s helmet and the earhole area of Murray’s helmet. Helmet to helmet contact AND spearing.

            • Bryant Denny

              I think you are right.

              When you look at the side angle it kind of looks like he goes over him.

              The backshot shows just how nasty of a hit it was. Lethal, really.

              You would think that any time a player’s helmet comes off the officials would at least ask themselves how it happened.

              Too bad that call is not reviewable.

        • Again the REFS, (also the NCAA & ESPN ) continue against the Dawgs. What is it about CMR & the Dawgs that antagonizes them?.

  2. Jim

    Whoa – is the senator suggesting our coaching isn’t up to snuff and the season may be careening on the tracks and at risk of coming off the rails? Novel idea. Read the quotes from Richt in the press this morning. Guy doesn’t have a clue…the longer we keep him the deeper into mediocrity we will fall. Will people please admit that his seat BETTER be a little warm at this point?

  3. TennesseeDawg

    We’ll beat Mississippi St something like 13-10 but we will look about the same.

    • Dave

      We used to win the close ones 2001-2005 – It made all of the difference. In 2007-2010, we lose the close ones. 13-10 sounds ominous.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        The only reason CMR has a job now is because BVG was (and still is) an awesome DC. BVG was awarded top assistant coach in the NCAA because his D saved the Dawgs in several games.

        • Dawgwalker07

          Isn’t part of the head coach’s job hiring good assistants? So aren’t you really saying the only reason cmr has a job is bc he did his job and hired a good dc?

  4. Go Dawgs!

    The Ghost of Erk Russell (which I’m assuming is actually a live person who uses that handle on the internet and not the actual ghost of Erk Russell) posted the Tyson Browning 93-yard screen pass play from the 2003 LSU game the other day on YouTube. That part of Georgia’s game is just completely gone. The screen game used to be a staple of the offense, and it was very effective. I know that we tried to run a few of them against U-La-La and Murray’s timing was off and they were blown up. Does that mean we abandon the concept entirely? I don’t remember many attempts to run those plays against SC or against Arkansas. With a young quarterback, (allegedly) veteran O-Line, talented running backs, and receivers who aren’t exactly deep threats, you’d think that we’d go back to that part of the playbook. Am I wrong here? Am I just not remembering the plays? I’ll admit that I’d been drinking before SC and I was just plain angry during UArk.

    The thing that’s really crushing when you watch that ’03 play is the tenacious downfield blocking and the crisp execution. It’s just not there anymore. I’m still Team Richt, but he needs to take a long look in the mirror if he truly thinks this program is still doing the same things it was doing when Georgia was competing for championships.

    • Dave

      I think the problem may be that he IS doing the same thing as 2003. Last time I checked, the game evolves. I don’t remember Meyer, Malzahn, and McMullen being around in 2003. Or any other SEC coach at their current team for that matter. We still do many of the things we have seen for the last 4 years, and it’s frustrating. Grantham gave us a ray of light with his off-season rhetoric, but we still get Logan returning punts, still try to force the issue on offense instead of taking what is there, and still run up the middle after an incomplete pass on first down (10 years and counting). I think we’re too predictable, and thus, beatable.

  5. Russell

    “Creative Destruction”….I wonder has ever heard of that term. If you don’t change, you fall behind.

  6. BeerMoney

    The call-in show is a waste of time. You get at least 3 rah-rah fans who blow smoke about “the class Richt brings to the program.” That goes without having to say it each and every week. Richt is a class act. He’s always been one and everybody knows it (even Tech and UF fans), now let’s get down to brass tax of current issues.

    Then when we do get down to tough questions, they are either ole’ed (such as the OL questions last night) or kind of spun back on to the fans. I thought it was a fair question from one of the first callers last night for Richt to sell the fans on the direction of the program. Instead it was put back on fans that “you should always support your team no matter what.” Well no joke coach. Most real fans do. I’m not going to go and buy a Gators basketball jersey to wear to football games just because we are 1-2. That wasn’t the issue at hand. Fans are wondering when we’ll see something to give us hope that we are getting better, not worse/spinning our wheels.

    I have been a staunch Richt supporter from day 1 and still am. I think he is a terrific ambassador for our program and the university. But after last year’s arena comments and the continued nonsense being slung to fans (who don’t know as much about football as the coaches, but know enough to understand basic scheme and strategy to question things when they go wrong–like going for it all when all you need is 4 yards to sustain a drive), you have to wonder what exactly Richt’s M.O. is these days. All people want is accountability from its coaches and the demonstration that they are doing everything in their power to get better and put the players in a position to win as many games as possible. When this is gone, what is left for fans to believe in?

    The league has evolved, but it seems that Richt has not. I sincerely hope he can turn it around as I think he has the capability to do so. But making the comments that he has in the last two years as if the fans simply don’t get it and being stubborn about your overall philosophy/refusal of adaptabilty will have just about any coach looking for a job, much less in the super competitive cut-throat SEC.

    • Russell

      “I sincerely hope he can turn it around as I think he has the capability to do so.”

      I don’t know if he has time now. I sincerely admire the man, but he is pretty resistant to change, I think his history bears it out. If he was managing a business he would be on his last leg.

  7. 69Dawg

    We don’t run the screen because we can’t teach our Special Ed players the timing of it. It gets blown up because we are so obviously running a screen that the DE’s and OLB’s attack it. The OL gets grouped up and the midget RB’s get lost in the mass of bodies. If you throw into that its a pick 6 (see Joe Cox).

    This season is in the toilet and this group of players and coaches are not going to get us out. Miss State will win Saturday night because they will want it more, pure and simple. Our guys are playing like they are late for a date. If our coach really only shows his fired up side in the locker room then our team probably feels like the child of a schizophrenic. He is has this year shown even less emotion than in the past. The best a player can hope for after a great play is a pat on the helmet, that make you run through walls I bet.

    I drank the kool aid of CMR is too nice to take schollies away from players just because they couldn’t cut Div I football. Well nice or not it has hurt our program and will continue to hurt our program. First it makes the recruiting of players so risky that you are making a 4-5 year decision. If the guy is good and is a self starter (see Rennie) then you win. If the guy is marginal and could care less about being all that he can be, then you have wasted the scholly. This staff wastes enough schollies as it is to to finance a Div III program. 3 kickers, a long snapper, four non-starting walk-ons, and nobody loses them. Pretty soon you are recruiting less than 20 a year when everybody else is recruiting 25+. It’s a numbers game and our coaches are not math majors.

    Mark has not been the same since his wife got cancer. Thank God she is fine now but sometimes good Christians promise God many things when they are in need. I think Mark realizes that while coaching college football players is a noble calling it is in the greater scheme of things not very important at all except to crazy fans. Once that thought creeps into a coach at a big time program it is only a matter of time. It’s only a guess but I think CMR would be relieved if McGarity(sp) fired him. He could enter the ministry and get on with his life without feeling that he was quiting on the team.

    • ugafan

      That’s the dumbest comment i’ve ever read by a Georgia fan. And that’s saying something.

      • JaxDawg

        I respectfully disagree. I have always believed Katherine Richt’s illness impacted Mark far more than he let on. I believe that he gained some serious perspective while she was battling cancer and discovered that football, with all its glory and money, just isn’t all that important in the grand scheme.

        And while his demeanor hasn’t demonstrably changed (he’s always been ultra laid-back) the results speak for themselves. It’s not like he isn’t enagaged, he just isn’t AS engaged.

        If anyone finds that hard to believe or absurd, then you either very young or very mentally immature.

        • THE DAWG

          JaxDawg you are correct. As the husband of a cancer surviving wife, it definitely affects your outlook on life. Because you never really recover from cancer. The doctors never give you a clean bill of health. The cancer may return at any moment and it may return in a more lethal manner. You never know. So it sits there in the back of your mind like an 800 lb. gorilla. It’s in the back of CMR’s mind too.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          JD, that is the rankest speculation I have ever heard as to the cause of UGA’s current football situation. I would remind you and 69Dawg that UGA almost won that game with ARK. If Ealey blocks the ARK end and Murray completes the pass (or if the crooked SEC refs call a personal foul penalty for the guy going at Murray’s head) UGA kicks a field goal and wins the game. Then all you jokers would be talking about how this was one of the greatest comebacks in UGA history and how CMR is still a great coach instead of speculating about his wife’s health and what effect that has on him. You are right about one thing though. Everybody keep up the BS and sooner or later CMR may decide that this stupid game and its equally stupid fans aren’t really all that important and take a hike.

          • JaxDawg

            Mayor – I know you know your sh*t, but I’m not talking about one game. I’m looking (as many are) at the body of work and trends over the past few years. If you can’t see the same then you are being incredibly myopic or dense.

            ARK is a good team, but claiming that beating them would have been one of our greatest comebacks is absurd. Save for a program that really matters – not freaking Arkansas.

            Maybe you don’t know your sh*t like I thought you did. In any event, you need some perspective.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              I don’t claim that I know sh!t about anything but I do recognize bullsh!t when I see/hear it. And the comeback business is about being 2 TDs down with only about 7 minutes to play, not the opponent (although ARK isn’t chopped liver).

              • JaxDawg

                You’re missing the big picture Mayor.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  You mean the amateur psychoanalysis picture? Maybe you need to get CMR on a couch and shrink his head before coming up with a diagnosis. Show him some ink blot pictures and find out what he sees. Personally, I usually see 2 eagles fighting with a snake. On Venus.

                  • JaxDawg

                    Have you been paying attention for the past 4 years?

                    And spare me the sarcasm. I figured you to be better than that.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      I just wondered where exactly did you do your psychiatric residency? Isn’t normal and customary to at least examine the patient before diagnosing him ? And if you figured that I was too good for sarcasm, have you been paying attention to this blog?

                    • Ray

                      Save it for ajc, you’ll fit in much better. Just don’t forget to post “first”.

                    • Ray

                      Not you, Mayor.

          • If if if.

            We lost.

            There’s no “we won the game if…”

          • Carolinadawg

            No, even if we had miraculously managed to win the Arky game, it would still be abundently apparent that we have huge problems. We would have won in spite of poor O-line, play, terrible playcalling, defensive lapses, too many penalties, etc., etc., etc. We would have realized that things were not right, that we were lucky to win and that we still have major issues that need to be addressed.

          • Dog in Fla

            “stupid fans”

            Now thats…

          • curtiss

            at this point,Richt would be doing us a favor if he left.There’s a coach who can get more out of the talent we have,hopefully UGA will go out and find him.CMR is done for,we just got to ride this out till the AD drops the hammer on him.

        • W Cobb Dawg

          Sorry JaxDawg, but I think that’s fabricating excuses from wholecloth. My wife had cancer (came through with flying colors fortunately). Of course I supported her every step of the way through tests, surgeries, radiation, chemo, etc. But like K. Richt, she’s recovered.

          That’s no reason to slack off on my responsibilities in any aspect of work, family or life. CMR has millions. He shouldn’t continue coaching if he’s distracted or not dedicated to being the best.

          • JaxDawg

            Glad to hear about your wife, but you’re not Richt. You’re speculating, as am I. The fact is that he is as a devout a Christian as you’ll ever meet combined with his likely deep devotion during her ordeal could have easily changed him.

            People get perspective for different reasons – car accidents, illnesses, etc. I’m simply suggesting that her illness could have impacted him far more than we know. All I know is that we haven’t consistently been the same since then.

            Combining that with a very large net worth at a young age could easily change a man.

        • Ray

          I love your conclusion. If you disagree with me you are stupid or mentally handicapped. That type of statement is usually found on stingtalk or huffington post.

          • JaxDawg

            Why the vitriol “Ray”? Why so offended? I simply said it’s very possible that Richt’s perspective has changed after his wife battled CANCER.

            I’ve fought a similar fight with a loved one, have you?

            Seperately, you chose to use the words “stupid” and “mentally handicapped”, both of which have a very distinct meaning from what I said.

            Try laying off the caffiene for a while bud.

  8. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Looking at the replay, it looks like Charles does an outside move and gets the LB to bite. He then appears to turn inside.

    Murray looks at Charles, but then looks to the out. If Murray hits him at that moment, first down and a gain of 10 yards.

    All of this happens in the first 3 seconds … I’ll admit I was ticked when Bobo said he held the ball too long and in this case he didn’t hold the ball too long insomuch as he hesitated when he got the look he wanted … Ealey still whiffed on the block.

    • SCDawg

      The middle of the field is wide open for Orson or some other slot receiver to cut back inside, use his big body to shield the defender, and make a catch for a 6 yard gain. Look to the umpire’s left.

      I don’t know where Orson went, but it looks like he broke to the sideline. Even with whiff, which looks worse today than it did Sat., Murray had plenty of time to hit a slant or some kind of hitch to the middle.

    • Go Dawgs!

      That’s gonna happen this year. Murray hesitated a few times on a few other guys who were open for a heartbeat. When he gets more experience, he’ll probably pull the trigger on those (Matty Stafford pulled the trigger on guys who weren’t open as a freshman, so I have to say that I prefer Murray’s approach).

      My problem is with Bobo calling a play in that situation that required that kind of split-second decision to be made. Heck, I don’t know, maybe the way it’s drawn up it’s supposed to be easier than it turned out to be. But I know that Georgia’s got some easy throws built in somewhere, and that’s the situation where we needed one. I don’t care what Richt said about it… if there’s an easy check down in that play, I didn’t see it. More importantly, Murray didn’t see it.

      • To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, you go to third-and-four with the players you have, not the players you might want… just not a well-designed play for that situation.

        • SCDawg

          I’m not criticizing Murray at all. Just the play call. I’m just not sure why we didn’t have a receiver running a slant or a hitch. There was plenty of time for Murray to that type of route if it had been there, it just wasn’t. With Ealey’s whiff block there wasn’t time to hit a skinny post, a sideline route to wide side, or some kind of corner route to the end zone.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Gee, how well did that work for Don?

    • Ausdawg85

      Murry sees something, but then freezes…look at how his feet go flat, not bouncing, and he’s locked-in on something. WE’s chip on the DE was actually enough for the quick hit, but when whatever it is that Murry saw and did not like caused the delay, the play was doomed.

      So..if the first read works, maybe a different outcome. Not entirely sure that’s all on Bobo, but sure makes more sense…in hindsight…to have gone with something more reliable (the QB draw sure looked open in that replay…)

  9. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Marks (GWOM), “Mark Has a Dream” (abbrev. version)

    0911, 21 September 2010

    Butts-Mehre Defense Complex, Underground Bunker

    Mark has a dream. It started out with him remembering when he and Tommy were in country when they went on that USO tour a couple of summers ago. Hugh Nall got Mark a job as a civilian truck driver for Xe during the off-season.

    Unfortunately, it’s not a good dream. He’s stuck in a grave six feet under.

    Fortunately, his new AT&T Apple iPhone has an app for that.

    Somebody pays the ransom and he is safely extracted to CONUS to finish the drill.

  10. Bryant Denny

    That 3rd and 4 play just seems flawed from the get-go.

    Ark has 7 guys in coverage. No one blitzes. You guys only send 4 out, leaving 5 interior linemen, plus the RB to block four guys.

    Even if the RB slips under the rusher for a screen, they have a LB to clean him up.

    Therefore, it seems like the RB is the key to that play. He has to make that block. It looks like he went for the feet too early.

    The QB probably held the ball too long or perhaps should have felt the pressure coming, but it’s also likely that it was just a bad play call for that situation.

    I probably would have checked into a run and taken my chances to get 4 yards on two plays versus losing the game with one.

    Have a good day,


    • Normaltown Mike

      Zone read would’ve been nice.

      That play saved Stafford’s freshmen year and is (perhaps) an easy read for a young QB?

      Seem to recall throwing to a TE as a safer more comfortable throw for a young QB. Considering we have FOUR good TE’s and our best WR is sitting out, you’d think it might happen.

      • Bryant Denny

        Another thing on the play…it looks like all the receivers on the right side went to the first down mark, they were just covered. At that point Murray probably should have bailed and tried to run for it.

        Just not a good play call.

        • No One Knows You're a Dawg

          Agree re. the receivers on the right and respectfully disagree with the Senator’s assertion that the play was not designed to go short.

          The inside receiver on the right side runs 5 yards downfield and makes a 90 degree cut towards the inside. Unfortunateley, the Ark. corner keeps good coverage, and even more unfortunately, the middle linebacker stays home, which means the receivers makes his cut and runs right into the middle linebacker. It’s clear this was Murray’s #1 option as he is staring down the receiver the whole way, and is indeed still staring at him when hit by the Ark. DE.

          As you and the Senator note, the biggest problem on that play was that a RB was being asked to block a DE.

        • Will (the other one)

          That’s another thing that bugged me about Saturday. The “no separation” comments.
          So what?
          Arkansas has no corner over 6’0 and Marlon Brown and Kris Durham are both 6’5.

  11. Will Trane

    Our first rule is never, never, ever listen to a call in show, watch ESPN Game Day, or listen to their announcers re SEC games. Why? You learn nothing and everything else is a distraction and of no consequence. Plus we use that time for work.

    We did watch they replay on this blog site. Where was the play call side. Clue. The set gives it away. And the QB broadcasts it…he never looks away from the play side. Yeah, that is why he got sack because the defender quickly read the play and knew he could get there. And the RB…well he did what he had done through out the game re pass blocking. Did you see a TE? We regress. In our last post we talked about the grass. How much space did you see in that clip in front of the QB. That was a piece of cake for Arkansas to defend. Throw out line blocking, holding the ball, and pass protection from a RB. The team is at midfield; a clock is in play, and you trail. Now is play calling and sets important. We regress back to SC.

    What would have helped? What we have said all along. You need a full roster. You don’t have one because some players do not like to play in the heat. Others can not get past the “me”. The SEC is too competitive to have player discipline issues and they sit out due to violations and suspension. Hell even the president of the University of Georgia can see and understand that. It is a huge cost…like money. That latter word is why we do not waste our time on the talk shows.

    But there is some gleam of sunshine before the dawn…well maybe.

    In the business world we like to look at the numbers.

    First look at the Massey D1 power rankings. There are only two D1 teams with two Ls sitting the top 40. VaTech at 34 and the Dawgs at 39. MSU resides at 52 w/2Ls. MSU lost to LSU who is at 10 and Auburn who is at 17. The Dawgs lost to Arkansas who is at 13 and South Carolina who is at 15.

    The Howell D1 rankings put UGA at 39, LSU at 7, Auburn at 14, Arkansas at 15, and Carolina at 19. MSU at 69 (why? we think that is low)

    What those guys are saying is that UGA and MSU are somewhat dangerous teams…guard about picks re their record. Or you could get your ass hand to you on any given day.

    Now for the QB who stayed in the play side call too long. When we say a QB holds the ball too long that is not always in relation to the O line protection. It pertains to the call, the set (and some other little things) and overall execution + timing. We want to continue using this word re the offense in general…not quick and explosive enough.

    Murray sits at 67 among D1 passers. He ranks fifth on the list re SEC QBs. Higher than him in this order: Mallet (Jr…but really a 5 yr player) at 15; Hartline of KY a Sr at 45; Brantley of Florida a Jr at 62; and Simms of Tenn a Jr, too, at 65.

    So what do we think of the KID, we like him on our roster. Considering he has not played with a full roster and he is much younger than the others. We think he is not that far behind Mallet who will be eligible for SSA benefits if he does not get in the NFL soon.

    The team of a not so full roster ranks 81 in total offense; 37 in total defense; scoring offense we rank 64; and 39 in scoring defense.

    What that tells us is that a young QB needs a full roster and better sets to play with in a game.

    We would like to hear you alls comments

  12. Will Trane

    Former UGA players and their records as co-ordinators.

    Smart at Alabama. Top team in the land for two years.

    Muschamp at Texas. Another top 10 for a few years.

    Bobo at Georgia. Well…

  13. Looks like successful coaches from UGA are mostly in the defensive side though.

    Though I love for the Dawgs to win on Saturday, a lose may just the right formula for a revamp on the offensive coaching side.

    A loss may look bad, and cause further drop in players morale, but the reality is UGA has only one loss in the EAST and can still be at Atlanta in DEC granting SC suffers two losses in the EAST, and we defeat the rest of our EAST schedule.

    The Dawgs may not be in the BCSNC the can still make some noise.

    • Carolinadawg

      I don’t think thats true. There’s no differentiation between losses to east vs. west teams in regard to conference rankings. Under your scenario, SC would have to lose 3 conference games and FL, KY, Vandy and UT 2, in order for us to advance to the SECCG.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      If SC only has 2 SEC losses they win the head-to-head tiebreaker against us.

      • Derek

        First, USC will have 3 losses, at least. So IF UGA wins out it will probably be a two-way tiebreaker with UF (assuming Bama beats UF.) Second, assuming that USC, UF and UGA all lose two, the record vs. the West does come into play, but it probably won’t matter because the liklihood is that each of the three would have one division loss and one vs. the other (USC and UF- Bama; UGA-Ark). There are about 6 or 7 tie breakers, the last of which is a coin flip I believe. If UF, UGA and USC are all 6-2 it may come to that, but it won’t. The chances are much greater that UF finishes 8-0 or 7-1 or USC finishes 5-3 or worse or that UGA finishes 5-3 or worse. The chances of equal 6-2 finishes is highly unlikely. I’d be willing to book bets on that.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          A very good analysis of the possibilities Derek. We will find out a lot about South Carolina this Saturday. I’m betting they lose 3 out of the Auburn, Bama, Fla and Arkansas games. If South Carolina managed to beat FLA (but still lost 3 SEC games to AUB, Bama and ARK) that would really help UGA as that would allow UGA to win the SEC East on a tiebreak with FLA even if FLA were able to beat Bama. Of course, if FLA lost to South Carolina, Bama and UGA then UGA would win the SEC East that way also, assuming UGA only had 2 the conference losses it already has. This is making my head hurt.

  14. time for a w

    I think the tale-tell sign you have coaching problems, no one wants to “talk to uga coaches for other jobs”. Would real UGA fans want cks now ? What has muschamp ever done to think he is the guy ? Both had their mnc under cns. I’m not sure change for change sake works. Look at tn., ala. went with 3-4 presaban, do we really want a ticket on that ride?.

  15. Scott W.

    One thing to think about is who would want the job after UGA sent CMR packing? Tommy Tuberville ring a bell?

    • gatriguy

      Tuberville will be begging for the LSU job whenever Les is finally gone. That’s the one he really wants.

    • Scott W.

      Wasn’t talking about Tubby getting the job, I was talking about the candidates from a short list who told AU no way.

  16. Derek

    I count over 4 seconds to get the ball out. That’s plenty of time to get the ball out, short, deep, or intermediate. 2.5 seconds is the rule and he had almost double that. One of the under appreciated problems that I see is an inability on the part of the wr’s to seperate from coverage consisently. That was probably the biggest problem here. The time is there but nobody is open. Of course, not open to a freshman maybe wide open to a vet who knows how and where to put the ball.

    Of course, I would have called sweep right because, well, that’s how I roll…old school. I remember when 3rd and 8=sweep right and it worked.

    Finally, those who think you go for it on 4th and anything at midfield with the Ray Guy winner on the sideline in a tie game with under a minute to play need to realize that their football acumen leaves much to be desired. You either get the conversion or you punt, period. You turn the ball over and lose by a FG in that situation and well that’s when you deserve to get fired. This was not a two-play scenario.

    • Macallanlover

      Particularly when:
      1. You are the home team
      2. You have the better/proven FG kicker
      3. Arky could not run the ball effectively
      4. A reduced field of play would have helped UGA defend the pass, especially given #3.

      The play call was one for several designed for 5-10 yards, should have been nothing else. Walsh had told the coaches he was good for 65 going that direction and hit some pre-game from there. We were one 5 yard play from running the clock down and either winning it, or going into an OT that favored us.