Just a little miffed

This gentleman’s unhappiness about Georgia’s turn of fortunes this season is so great that it’s caused memory loss.

• Redshirt freshman Aaron Murray is a player. I know QB coach and offensive play caller Mike Bobo criticized Murray after the game for creating some of the sacks by hanging onto the ball too long.

My question to Bobo is would Joe Cox have rallied the troops for those two fourth quarter touchdowns as Murray did on Saturday?

I think not.

You think not?  I’m not Mike Bobo, but please, allow me to retort.

Cox, it should be remembered, actually won that game with his fourth quarter heroics.


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18 responses to “Just a little miffed

  1. Orson where art thou?

    Sur-retort: note the tight end catching the touchdown pass.


  2. Muckbeast

    No need to get miffed. Despite his error, the point stands: Bobo needs to stop blaming his players for his own failures and lack of expertise.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      That was kind of a large general statement” failures and lack of expertise” ….. does Murray hold on too long or not…. gee Bobo thinks so. How do you arrive at all that? You play…played… armchair QB? Sunday morning quarterback? I don’t know what your talent level is but Bobo has some too. Let’s not ramp up and conclude Bobo is dumping on Murray. Doesn’t matter. We got more games to play and this isn’t the time for negativity. Post season? Bring it!
      just sayin’


  3. JoeE

    That game. We were coming off a season when we were still good, when I still could be shocked, surprised and angry when Georgia came out limp and unprepared. I was throwing crap around the house at the time. Nowadays it wouldn’t bother me at all, just another performance entirely within expectations.


  4. Will Trane

    Bobo did not call out his QB. He made a comment about the third down play and the five other sacks because everyone became fixed on it. Not all the sacks can be laid at the feet of the O line. Murray’s quickness and feel for the passing game is coming along at a nice pace.

    Murray, like most young QBs, hold the ball a little too long, even on some completions. It is timing and reading a little quicker. On the 3rd down play we think it was a poor set. If you look at the play clip you will see the play call set is to the right of the formation. Murray sets that way from the snap, never looks off, Ealey goes too low on the block which never allows him to sustain a block against a very good defender. We think that is the lack of coaching from a RB coach. Also looks like Arkansas had good coverage. Arkansas covered the play very well. In the end a senior defender overpowered a soph and RSFr.

    We find fault with the calls prior to that play and that play call based on the space in the middle of the field for a run or pass.

    Murray has the potential to be a good, productive QB. His stats show that and opposing coaches see and comment on that.

    Our complaint is the sets the OC uses in a game that do not take advantage of the QBs current skills. But we are anxious to see the sets and personnel the OC uses now that he knows for sure he has no star WOR to play. Lets see how he uses his personnel in this game. Do well and some may hold off on their criticism.

    MSU. Our concern will be that MSU may be able to control the line of scrimmage against the D like Carolina. We think they will start with sets for running inside and using short passes. We think they can set the lanes and leverage the angles for the running game. If they do, the RSFr, along with the rest of the offense will need a lights out game.


  5. Brandon

    Come now Senator, don’t try and confuse someone with facts when their mind is made up, its just a waste of your breath and time.


  6. Objective Bama Fan

    Are you guys ready to say Richt is on the hot seat? Don’t worry you can have a Saban clone in Smart next year


  7. Hobnail_Boot

    Re: Colorado.

    Never been drunker at a Georgia game. Pretty girl next to me snuck in a full 5th of JB and I kindly drank most of it for her.


  8. scdawg

    I remember MoMass having to play db on one of those Ginger thrown balls. Still scratching my head on how Joe T. III, Joe Cox, and having a rFR starting at qb can happen at Georgia. In such a short time period too. Still waiting on Murray to hit guys in stride. That doesn’t happen much at Georgia. Still remember Stafford hitting MoMass on the sideline in the “celebration” game. Wow! that is what that looks like uh!!


  9. Go Dawgs!

    Weird. The Toccoa Record usually doesn’t miss glaring facts like this one.