A New Low

Tonight’s loss was worse than last year in Knoxville.

Andrea Adelson, all is forgiven.


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  1. Castleberry

    I’m not sure when the wake up call is this year.


  2. Boss Dawg

    (Me shaking my head in disgust) wow…just wow.


  3. Regular Guy

    I don’t understand why people say our offense has no creativity. We’ve found some of the most amazingly creative ways to not score this year, it’s an impressive body of work.


    • Will (the other one)

      Carlton Thomas up the middle…back-to-back!
      What other OC in the entire nation would run a 160 lb. RB into a 9 man front with an underperforming OLine?


  4. Ausdawg85

    First of all…first! That’s for the swarm of AJC trolls who will show up here and elsewhere soon.

    Terrible concession to make Senator, but sadly true re: AA

    This problem is deep. Maybe just the cummulative effect of multiple excuses, but with so many (no AJ, rsF QB, O-line, new D, ad nauseum) it seems there is a deeper cancer in the program. Willie was not it, or at least not all of it.

    …and now I’m not even first. Damn, I feel like Murray.


  5. Matt

    I think this loss has sealed Richt’s fate. I was one of those who wanted to give him another year to turn things around, but no more. We are losing to less talented teams, and that falls on coaching. I wanted to give Richt the benefit of the doubt since we won SEC championships again under his watch, but he’s lost me. I can’t imagine that many folks in Bulldog nation are still in his corner.


  6. keith

    He lost his cajones when he ordered the celebration then apologized to anybody that would listen.


  7. Graham

    We got whipped up front on both sides of the ball.We just got Croomed.

    Tim Couch is an ignorant F*ck.My favorite quote was that MSU’s theory on Defense was to keep Georgia out of the endzone. Jesus, what novel concept.He also confuses “Don’t” with “Doesn’t.”

    I’m still not joining the “Fire Richt” bandwagon.Keep calm and carry on.


    • Ausdawg85

      At least Couch kept calling for a pass to Durham when he had single coverage…something Bobo refused to see until wayyyyy too late.


      • dudetheplayer

        What I don’t get… we threw to Durham only once on an underneath route that led to a TD (which was revoked by a hold).

        This was a play that was there the whole fucking game because they were stacking the box with LBs trying to stuff the run up the middle, so what does Bobo do in response? Continue to pound the ball up the middle. Often times with our tiny RB who has proven for sure that he can’t effectively run the ball up the middle. And with an offensive line that has FOR SURE proven that it can’t effectively run block out of power formations.

        Bobo is either dumb as shit or just doesn’t have a clue how to effectively adjust to what a defense is giving him (boy does this sound familiar).

        It’s like he goes into games thinking “alright, we gotta get Carlton some touches and get the running game going up the middle” and no matter how many times it doesn’t work, he refuses to go off script. Diaz was selling out with his LBs over and over again and we did absolutely nothing to adjust. The drive where we ran Carlton up the middle two times in a row after the toss sweep had JUST worked beautifully (great blocking on that play!) told me everything I needed to know about Bobo. The guy is clueless.


  8. Wolfman

    I’m still in his corner, but this was not good. Ugly.


  9. Ausdawg85

    5 – 7 season now…Colorado, Idaho St., Vandy and one other (your choice). Someone show me 7 wins being possible, and if we do get 7, does that show Richt’s ability to “turn things around”?


  10. dawg1976

    fixin to leave Starkville…a sad time it is. Depression has set in.

    You can damn well bet I’ll be drunk come high noon tom.

    btw… just checked the South Carolina vs Auburn gane on the IPhone. 28-27 Auburn 10 min left in the 4th


  11. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    2 SEC Championships earns you a lot of political capital. Richt just spent every last cent and probably took out a loan to cover the rest. Awful, awful coaching on offense. 3 games in a row we have had worse coaching than our opponent. Richt is coaching scared and not to lose. Absofuckinglutely awful.


  12. PatinDC

    Worst UGA game I have ever seen. Been watching since the 70’s. Worse than the constant FL beatdowns and yes even worse then TN last year. If we lose to TN this year CMR should be fired in the locker room.


  13. Jonathan

    That’s it, I have joined the bandwagon. I am just tired of us underperforming every season. We never seem to be prepared and play down to the level of each opponent. I have been a defender right up until tonight.


  14. JaxDawg

    What is it going to take for so many of you who believe that Richt can “resurrect” this program to understand that it is a nearly impossible task?

    I would love to believe that Richt can turn this around but the proof is in the pudding. The systemic erosion of our proud program has been there for everyone to see but so many continue to believe that the trend does not exist or that a few convenient excuses will explain it all away. Meanwhile, we continue to slip further and further behind.

    The leader of any organization, whether it be a publicly traded company, small business, large non-profit, head football coach, whatever is 99.9% the individual that DOES NOT lead the turnaround. In other words, the guy that dug the hole isn’t the guy that will get you out of it.

    I wish Mark Richt and the entire staff the best, but it’s done folks. Lot’s of football yet to be played this year but it’s likely the worst is yet to come.

    But DJD. I wish I were wrong.


    • dudetheplayer

      I am with you.

      This is the third straight year we have drastically underachieved. And it is getting worse.

      Yes, the defense has improved somewhat, but everything else (minus KO coverage) has regressed badly. And the defense still has major issues. The secondary is beyond terrible.

      This game tonight was an ugly contest between two shitty football teams trying to out-suck one another.

      This is not what Georgia football is or should be. Ever. There are no more excuses at this point.


  15. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Richt got too far behind the curve and can’t pull out of the dive.


  16. The Realist

    I love Richt. I really do. I have since the early 90’s as an FSU fan. But, he used up all of the goodwill that 2002 and 2005 brought with the Willie years. Everyone knew that Willie was a millstone around the neck of the program. They wasted a ton of talent on offense with piss poor defense.

    Now, there is not a single damn aspect of the offense that looks remotely functional. They are supposed to be the veteran unit. The “revamped, entirely new scheme without the right players to fit” defense has played pretty well, and the offense has laid eggs like a chicken house… and smelled like one, too.

    I thought Crowton was the worst offensive coordinator in the SEC, but LSU beat up on MSU last week pretty bad. So… I guess I can’t really say that anymore.

    Richt will probably get another year… unless they lose to a wretched Colorado team. Then, he’s done. You can’t get Croomed & Hawkins’d in back-to-back weeks and survive.

    Who’s on the short list? Mullen, Patterson, & Petersen?


  17. merk

    Richt looked like he was going to punch someone every time something went wrong. Thats the tell right there.

    He knows that peeps will have to be sacrificed.

    The sad state is we have no idea what to do.


    • Dawgwalker07

      I have never seen cmr that pissed off before. I just have no idea what he’s going to do to attempt to fix this. It’s like the heart of this program is missing, and I don’t know what force has sucked it out.


  18. Raleigh Dawg

    I wonder about the economics of buying everyone out this year. I am not sure if anyone knows the buyouts off the top of their heads, but I wonder how much it will cost for cmr, ctg, and buying out the new coach an possibly some of his staff. I say clean house on the offensive side of the ball this year and next year will be the official hot seat year.


    • merk

      thats what im thinking….

      If Richt goes u have to drop Richt a few Mil, Grantham a few Mil, Bobo + all other assitants a combined Mil prob.

      So prob 6-7Mil to get rid of everyone…then the few Mil to start buyin up new coaches


      • Raleigh Dawg

        I think everyone outside of cmr and ctg is on a yearly contract, so I am not sure how much the buyouts would be, if there are any.


        • The Realist

          How much will the donations & ticket sales be down next year if there are no moves?


        • Why in the hell would you fire CTG when our defense has, overall, played well.

          New scheme. Not the right guys for the jobs. Horrible offense. And despite that generally holding the other team to a score we should easily be able to beat.


          • Raleigh Dawg

            No, my point was that I am not sure it makes financial sense to fire everyone this year like I have read on the blogosphere by our friend anon


            • Chris

              Money is certainly always an issue, but with the profits we generate year in an year out money should not be the most pressing concern.

              Never until tonight did I feel a change needed to me made at the top. Im now at that level.

              I really do like Grantham though, and think that his D, if given another year or two to develop will be stellar.

              Hard to see how you make a change at the top and keep the DC though.


      • Jim from Duluth

        Buying out CMR would cost ~$10 mil. if we do it at the end of the season. This is year 5 of his 8 yr. contract. Plus of course paying off the assistants.

        Then on top of that, whatever the new HC & staff would cost.



    • dudetheplayer

      “I say clean house on the offensive side of the ball this year and next year will be the official hot seat year.”

      This seems pretty reasonable.

      I am having a difficult time seeing CMR turn things around at this point, though.


      • mdr

        Its actually not reasonable at this point. We have fired Martinez, Jancek, and Fabris already. Now we are talking about firing Bobo, McClendon, and possibly Searels. CMR hired every one of those guys. When do we wake up and see that he is actually the problem?

        Not to mention the fact that no assistant worth a damn is going to walk into to this situation now. I will bet anything Grantham wishes he was still in Dallas right about now.


  19. travis fain

    I see I’m not the only one thinking about Andrea Adelson.


  20. Smitty

    Its officially a “lost” year. No way to really salvage it I believe. They don’t stand a chance. I think Murray can be really special. I dont want the AJ not being here excuse. The program is more than one player and he’s NOT a quarterback. What have we been recruiting? What are these coaches doing with the talent we bring in?


  21. D.N. Nation

    Not that anyone’s hanging tight on my opinion, but-

    Yeah, the coaching staff earned their walking papers tonight. As in, can ’em all. Lost season, work for the future. Richt will do nothing more with this program.


  22. goalinestalker

    Not giving Andrea Adelson any credit at all! She had zero knowledge that AJ would be out for 4 games. Now if we tank the rest of the way with him playing then she gets her props….We have a long way to go. S&C needs a serious shake up.


  23. Russ

    I thought CMR had thru 2011 after firing Willie….after the past 3 weeks, I give him a 50/50 chance of being our coach next year. And I bet most of you will think I’m being generous.


  24. JaxDawg

    There will be no “fire sale” for our coaches. That would be tremendously bush-league and myopic.

    McGarity sees this and knows his time to make tough decisions just lurched forward.

    He will take his time, evaluate, and make the right moves to produce a winner. And I believe we WILL like what his method produces.

    I just hate to see Richt go down like this. I like the man so damn much. He deserves better but I cannot defend what the team and program have become.


    • Cynical in Attica

      I hate it too.

      If the choice is nice guy that wins vs asshole that wins, I take the nice guy.

      But if the choice is nice guy that loses vs asshole I want to win, damnit. And I’m not going to run from that.

      CMR jumped the shark tonite IMHO. He just doesn’t have “it” and I’m not sure what the hell “it” is.

      CRG has clearly been resting on his laurels for some time. Defensive talent under CMR never lived up to the players Donnan brought in. We’ve had some great skill players but somehow our OL has never impressed (aside from 02?)



    • Bort

      uGA Weight room coaches, nutritionists, and interns need to go first. Then consider moving the oc and o line coaches to different schools.


  25. Hobnail_Boot

    It was nice of Mississippi State to let us hang around for a while.


  26. newdawg

    I don’t recall feeling this empty about a football season in years. Every bad thing that Georgia has done over the years was present in tonight’s game. Crucial mistakes, killing penalties, too many men on the field, fumbles, misguided play calling, cheap personal fouls, obvious mistrust of our own players, amazingly poor offensive line play. This game was just like water torture or some sort of cruel, inhuman punishment. Unfortunately, I see no improvement – only the same mistakes being repeated time after time. These mistakes have been a constant in recent years, however tonight, they were all so remarkably present and obvious. Tonight’s game was like a microcosom of recent seasons all rolled up in one game. Coach Richt has a big problem on his hands. It now becomes much easier for his detractors, and there are many more of them tonight. It was a sad, worrisome spectacle.
    But while we vent our frustrations and share our significant and well founded concern about the Georgia program, we must remain behind the team and show the real character of true Bulldog fans. I do not like what I have recently seen on the field and I am very unhappy with they way our team has played , but, by God — I am a Bulldog in fair weather and in foul and now is the time for us to stick together and weather this thing. Sure, we have a right to be ticked, and a right to vent – and we should. But let us not bail on these guys. Let’s recruit our behinds off, get stronger and keep our heads up.
    My son goes to UGA now. One of his high school coaches, an Alabama fan, saw him recently and told him he should transfer to a winning school. Without batting and eye, my son told him he would rather be a losing Bulldog than a winning Bama man any day of the week.


    • JaxDawg

      good for your son. amen to the rest.

      Unfortunately, Crowell’s decision just got alot easier.


      • Smitty

        why would you transfer schools because of the football team??


        • JaxDawg

          Isaiah Crowell is the country’s top rated RB from Columbus (Carver), Ga. and is considering GA and AL.

          You think his decision just got much easier?


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I donno. Looks to me like there is an excellent opportunity to start at UGA immediately if you are good enough plus willing to play hard and stay out to trouble.


      • The Original Cynical in Athens

        Guess who are the most loyal fans in sports….Cubs fans, losers for 100+ years…when it gets bad, ship ’em off….that is the way it works…survival of the fittest and Richt has quit on this program, taken his $2 million and said f*(ck it….don’t be a sucker……


  27. Spike

    Disgraceful. Penalties, predictable play calling, no heart, no fight in them, just awful. This is the first time we have lost to MSU since 1974? Nuff said. That looked like a Ray Goff team.


  28. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Grab Al Golden before JoePa dies…he is the next Urban Meyer…so, so sad that it will end this way, just like Tubberville and Fulmer before…


  29. Steve

    This would be embarassing if I had ever met a mississippi state fan.

    Like a steam locamotive… rollin down the track.

    GB mark. You seemed nice.


  30. H-Town Dawg

    Looking ahead to the rest of the schedule the only guaranteed victory is Idaho State. And maybe that’s because I don’t know anything about them. But as for the SEC and Tech, there’s no reason to think that the Dawgs will automatically beat anyone. That includes Vandy, who has a better record in the conference than Georgia. I’m sure that the Dawgs will win a few more games this year, I just don’t know which ones. This is a nightmare…


  31. My first Dawg game was the Orange Bowl 1/1/49.
    I have been a loyal & avid Dawg Fan ever since. A lot of coaches & a lot of bad seasons since then.
    I am too old for this. The Dawgs have now officially reached an all time low in my humble opinion. “That’s All Folks.”.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      This too shall pass, brother. Long term things will be fine either with or without CMR. UGA has too much tradition and infrastructure for things to go badly long term.


  32. X-Dawg

    It’s sad, but my CFB season has just been reduced to pulling for whoever is playing GTU on Saturdays (or Thursdays). I hope Coach Fox’s Dawgs can take away some of my UGA angst later in the year.


  33. Dawg85

    I love Mark Richt but his penchant for holding onto coordinators too long will be his undoing. Bobo is in over his head. Georgia has some weapons on offense but Bobo doesn’t know how to use them and he has no clue about how to confuse a defense. If I was Richt I would take play calling back tomorrow. I’d rather get fired with it on my head than get fired because of an inept offensive coordinator.


  34. shane#1

    No need for Bobo to take the hit on this on. Richt should step up and bite the bullet. Coach Richt, your O is outdated. When do you install the spread?


  35. Steve

    Bobo’s weener almost outscored us tonight. I’m drunk.


  36. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The way I see it the Dawgs will have to beat UT, UK and Tech to get to 7 wins in the regular season (assuming wins against the remaining 2 OOC games and Vandy). All three of those teams look to be better than Mississippi State. Plus, UT has beaten UGA 3 out of the last 4 and UK has won 2 of the last 4 against the Dawgs. I am not conceding losses to FLA and AUB but both are undefeated and look like unlikely wins. The thing that really tells (aside from the loss to Miss. St. itself) is that both ARK and SC lost today–thereby disproving the theory that the Dawgs caught the 2 best teams in the league early in the season. SC is just the usual SC team and ARK, while it’s better than the usual ARK team and did aquit itself well against BAMA, is really not a championship caliber team. We are staring at a very long season.


  37. After tonight’s game–TONIGHT’S game, not two games ago–Richt is quoted as saying “I need time to watch and reflect.”

    He doesn’t know what the problem is as of right this second? He needs to watch more film–and this is the dangerous part–reflect.

    F’ing clueless.


  38. PNWDawg

    I’m really sad for Richt. As much as I’m upset for losing this game I’m feeling worse for him. He’s been really great for our program on many levels. Obviously he’s not getting the job done and I understand the outrage. I just know it will be a really sad day if he leaves.


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  40. sUGArdaddy

    Jim Harbaugh. Period.


  41. JaxDawg

    Showing Richt the door will be like terminating your once-successful brother. You hate it but you know it’s the right thing.

    The right choices in these situations are rarely easy, but it’s called leadership and we’ll see what McGarity is made of.

    I slept pretty well last night – for a change after a loss – but the sting of all this was upon me the moment I awoke.


  42. 69Dawg

    Senator I called it on the regression to the mean. UGA football is at a crossroads. We are just not a good football team.


  43. time for a change

    Harbaugh is next michigan coach. Goodluck coach, you had your moments.