Mr. Pessimist ponders Georgia-MSU.

There’s no reason to think that Georgia can’t win comfortably tonight.  The men in red and black have an edge in overall talent, and an offense that’s played better.  And if Aaron Murray wasn’t rattled in Columbia, I don’t think a few thousand clanging cowbells are going to bother him much in Starkville either.

So why can’t I escape this nagging suspicion that we’re about to endure one of those ugly 13-10 games that, win or lose, isn’t going to lessen our frustration with this team’s performance one bit?

Hoping for the best, but (sort of) expecting the worse, here are three things that worry me which I don’t want to see tonight:

  1. The Ealey/King “tell”. I don’t care what the coaches said publicly this week, you can bet they’re concerned about Ealey’s shortcomings in pass protection.  And happy to see King return.  As Georgia’s rarely shy about telegraphing tendencies on offense, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see Bobo’s run/pass ratio heavily reflect who’s in at tailback.  There’s probably a drinking game in there somewhere.  Unfortunately, I’d expect that whatever Georgia’s offense gains with better protection will be nullified to some extent by what it loses in being predictable.
  2. Triton Sturdivant vs. Pernell McPhee. Sturdivant got more work last week, which is encouraging.  But he’s still shaking off rust, understandably.  He gave up one disastrous sack against Arkansas when he simply couldn’t handle an outside speed rush.  McPhee is MSU’s best defensive lineman.  He hasn’t gotten off to a splashy start, but this matchup concerns me greatly.
  3. The short yardage power running game. Where touchdown drives get turned into field goals, where scoring drives go to die, Georgia hasn’t been particularly effective running up the middle when it needs to convert those third-and-two deals.  I can very easily see just enough points being left on the field to cost the game.


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  1. 69Dawg

    Let’s just hope that your regression to the mean doesn’t include wins and loses are MSU is due.


  2. Macallanlover

    On the cowbell issue, I know there is a fine schedule in place, but after watching the MSU/Auburn game it is obvious there is no intention by fans/MSU to obey the rule. I have seen fan behavior penalized in the past, why wouldn’t there be a warning, then an unsportsmanlike penalty?

    I was one of those who supported the “cowbell” provision by the SEC because it was to allow them to use them whenever the band was allowed to play. I found that no more obnoxious than Rocky Top in Neyland so I was OK with it. Watching them deliberately break the rule while not allowing the officials any authority is pretty weak.

    I would propose increasing the fine and give the visiting coach one 15 yard penalty each half the rule is broken. This penalty could be used at any point during that half at the visiting coach’s discretion; he selects the play. I bet Mullen would get some compliance from the fans.


    • Marshall

      I agree…there’s got to be some type of punishment in place pertaining to the actual game to ensure compliance–otherwise, what’s the point? It’s definitely an unfair advantage.


    • Biggus Rickus

      I like the cowbells. It just seems to fit Starkville, and I don’t think it has any huge impact on opponents.


      • Macallanlover

        I don’t mind them either, that is why I felt they should be allowed, but the rule specifically said they could only be used when the bands are allowed to play. In other words, if you ignore them all bands could rev it up when the offense is trying to call signals. I don’t think you want to open that can of worms. Whether cowbells have an impact either way isn’t the point, fan noise is the only thing legal at that point in any football game. Artificial noise can bring a lot worse than cowbells on if modern sound technology is unleashed. This isn’t a preemptive cry for an excuse, but deliberate violation of the rules is something that cannot be allowed whether it is Starkville or not.


        • Biggus Rickus

          That’s a good point. I never really thought about the larger implications, because it just seemed like someting unique to their stadium, like the railroad tracks used to be for Georgia.


  3. The return of Evil Richt is imminent. Mark Richt, on the road, as an underdog. This one won’t be close Senator.

    As an added bonus, Aaron Murray begins his assault on the Georgia record books with a 300 yard effort.

    I am the ying to your yang.



    It is not the cowbells UGA is playing. I doubt the cowbells would bother Saban and Alabama.


  5. The D & particulaly Pass D break downs is my concern. Triple Option & the Spread O will test us.


  6. RedCrake

    I have this craaaaazy idea. Since when Ealey’s in they’ll be thinking run, how about we let them stack the box and throw Ealey a screen pass? Nuts right?


  7. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Marks (GWOM), “Fired Up and Ready to Go?”

    Somewhere in East Mississippi, old locker room, ancient stadium

    1700, 25 September 2010

    Rather than waiting until the fourth quarter or when we’re a couple of touches behind, Mark decides to get the players fired up and ready to go with a little pre-game pep talk with music before the big game that, thank goodness, is not on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPNClassic, CBS, ABC or the Notre Dame networks

    Mark then asks the other Mark if there’s anything he wants to say. Mark looks at him, shrugs and says, “I don’t know…Touch my babies?”

    Mark then asks Elvis the new DC if there is anything he wants to say and Elvis says, “Sure. Men take your helmets off. Sit on them so you don’t get your balls shot off and listen up…


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    I lean toward point #3. I think the D and special teams give us decent field position this week, but the O struggles continue. Won’t be surprised if we kick 6 FGs tonight. Final score something like Dawgs 32 MSU 17.


  9. Biggus Rickus

    I’m expecting a sort of methodical 27-14 win.


  10. Biggus Rickus

    Wow, 8:53 into the second quarter and Tech just got their first first down.


  11. Bryant Denny

    Good luck, Dawgs. Hope you guys win.


  12. dudetheplayer

    Man, Derek Dooley sure can coach ’em up!


    • lol

      Yeah, who was in here this past week saying maybe we should hire DD?


      • dudetheplayer

        OK, well how ’bout Will Muschamp!?


        • Dante

          That’s great. So instead of teams of South Carolina’s caliber running ALL the F over us, we’ll let teams of UCLA’s caliber run all the F over us. Where do I sign up?


          • dudetheplayer

            Your sarcasm detector is apparently broken.


          • dudetheplayer

            Richt’s seat sure as shit is hot right now.

            What a miserable fucking game.

            Blah blah blah “things didn’t bounce our way, things will get better when AJ comes back” blah blah blah…

            The O-line is terrible. The secondary is completely lost. We cannot stop teams running the ball up the middle. Bobo continues to be clueless. Our running backs get tackled by the field. Our TEs are non-existent. We commit penalties at the WORST times where it ruins drives. We can’t get a fucking turnover to save our lives.

            This team sucks, and it hasn’t been fun to watch them for a third straight year now. Something has to give.


  13. dudetheplayer

    Uh oh, a Penn Wagers sighting….


  14. Sep

    Our offensive line is getting beat and we only have one guy at receiver it appears.

    Why keep running if it ain’t there? Our qb is pretty good. Let him throw and set up the run.


  15. Gshock

    Play 1: toss sweep to Thomas = 14 yards! Finally using CT in space.

    Next 2 plays: pound Thomas up the middle, what?!?!?

    Use your personnel properly! How hard is that.


  16. Gshock

    Where are the optimists now?


  17. TennesseeDawg

    When’s basketball season start?


  18. Anon

    May wanna turn comments off for a while.


  19. jim

    Anyone that still thinks this coaching staff should be in charge needs is an idiot. We are paying now for our sins of the last few years when better talent and luck bailed us out against inferior teams. Now we are being exposed for the fraud that we are. Pack your bags richt


  20. WTFDawgs

    Andrea Adelson is looking like an effing genius about now.


  21. Raleigh Dawg

    I am embarresed by this. 6 points… Really? Never called for bobo to be fired before hand, but seriously there has to be someone better. Thinking maybe we need to clean house on offense. Just wow.


  22. TennesseeDawg

    This team is clueless and sometimes acts like they don’t even want to be on the field. This is the worse coached team in the SEC (yes, worse than Vandy or Ole Miss)


  23. Dawgfan17

    While I won’t be jumping on the hot seat bandwagon or whatever you want to call it for the first time I have nothing at all I can say in Richt’s defense…


  24. coladawg

    mental mistake after mental mistake.

    I’m pretty sure ealey’s bell was rung when he fumbled, he didn’t know where he was, much less the ball.

    is it bad that i’m scared of vandy now?


  25. JaxDawg

    Once again Ealey fumbles in a critical situation and completely changes the game. This is the 3rd (THIRD) time he’s done this.

    But that’s just .0001% of what’s wrong. I can’t wait to hear the “enlightened” posters on this blog call everyone else “lunatic fringe”.

    F*cking idiots.


  26. Regular Guy

    Damn. Just Damn. Oh yeah, and a lot of other 4 letter words that would probably get me banned from commenting in the future.


  27. Silver Creek Dawg

    So, which way do way go in our search for a head football coach for next season?

    This team will go 2-10, 0-8.


    Hawkins will save his job when Colorado wins next week.

    Richt has lost this team. Most of them don’t WANT to be on the field.

    Firing the offensive staff won’t be an option; he’ll go with them.


  28. Gshock

    We are clueless about how to deploy our talent on the offensive side of the ball – i.e. my comment above regarding Carlton Thomas


  29. The Realist

    This is the third straight week that the opponent wanted more than Georgia. That is inconceivable. I just don’t get it. I really don’t. Richt’s teams just always come out flat. The last time I can remember Georgia coming out and played like they gave a shit was the blackout against Auburn in 2007.

    One more run up the middle out of the I-formation on 2nd and 8+ and I will put a fucking baseball bat to Bobo’s temple. I swear to fucking god.

    If I didn’t believe that each of the last three weeks, the opposing coach could take ours and beat his… then I would certainly give Richt the benefit of the doubt. But that has certainly been the case in each game. They were flat out-coached, out-prepared, and out-executed. For this to happen three consecutive weeks should bring hell upon Butts-Mehre this week. 2002-2005 can’t save his ass forever.


  30. Bort

    There were only about 6 guys in white that played with heart. The rest acted like they’d rather be somewhere else.


  31. Vincent Ng

    I never thought I would say this, but Richt’s gotta go.