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Wonderin’, just wonderin’.

  • What’s Greg McGarity thinking this morning?  A month into the job and he’s had the hottest of hot potatoes drop into his lap.  And as somebody who got to witness the Rise and Fall of the Zooker up close, the irony of last night’s venue can’t have been lost on him.
  • How do you get a delay of game penalty when you’re in the hurry up offense?
  • What genius at Fox thought it was a good idea to put a microphone in front of the grammatically challenged Tim Couch?
  • How badly is Cam Newton going to carve up this defense running the ball?
  • Speaking of which, MSU threw the ball a mere fourteen times and Kwame Geathers doesn’t see the field once?
  • What is Mark Richt’s goal in fielding a punt return team?

Feel free to add your own questions in the comments section.


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The punchline to a bad night

Georgia freshman linebacker Demetre Baker was arrested early this morning by Athens-Clarke County police on charges of DUI alcohol, improper driving and underage possession of alcohol, according to the Clarke County Sheriff’s jail booking report.

Commencing with the “driving him to drink” jokes in 3…2…1…


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Oh, the humanity!

If you’ve ever wondered what the captain of the Hindenburg had to say in the aftermath, here’s a clue what it must have sounded like:

… Schematically, Mississippi State called numerous blitzes, Richt said, which tripped up the ground attack.

“We just, at times, called a couple running plays just blindly and just said, ‘Hey we’re going to run this no matter what,’ ” he said. “There times when we had success and some times we got hit in the mouth because of the pressures they brought. And again, until you look at the film, it’s going to be hard to say exactly. They did a nice job defensively.”  [Emphasis added.]

I give Richt points for the honesty – not that it was exactly hard to miss that after watching Carlton Thomas being sent into the middle of nine and ten-man alignments more than once – but that’s one sad admission from a guy who used to be considered an offensive guru.

I’m ready to turn play calling over to a graduate assistant.  Even pulling random plays out of a hat has to be better than what we saw last night.


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