The punchline to a bad night

Georgia freshman linebacker Demetre Baker was arrested early this morning by Athens-Clarke County police on charges of DUI alcohol, improper driving and underage possession of alcohol, according to the Clarke County Sheriff’s jail booking report.

Commencing with the “driving him to drink” jokes in 3…2…1…


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36 responses to “The punchline to a bad night

  1. TennesseeDawg

    This is the only excused arrest so far. Who can blame him.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Time to start talking Dawgs basketball four games into the football season. Now we know what Kentucky used to feel like.


  3. Sneaky Short

    Only question is will Richt come home like your daddy used to after a bad day at work and commence to kicking this kid’s ass? Or will he just say F it and not even address it?


  4. merk

    I would curb stomp that kid…seriously.

    U have the balls to get arrested after the worst streak in the schools history?


  5. JaxDawg

    Baker is from Orange Park so he’s probably a FL plant who seeks to damage us from within.

    An infiltrator.


  6. WarD Eagle

    In my opinion, it’s the combination of this stuff and the losses that are ultimately going to turn folks against Richt. Folks can take the losses to a point; and they can take the stupidity to a point.

    But regular losses AND stupidity? That’s a fahrin’!


  7. Marie

    Like someone said that it is bad when talent is overtaken by the STUPID disease.


  8. Dawg N Suds

    In our case, STUPID = loose and irresponsible.

    They could get away with this approach at Florida State when the talent advantage over the other ACC schools was so large.

    Here, it only serves as a punchline.


  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Call me crazy (many have, including on this blog) but I really think that this type of behavior is related to the problems that the team is having on the field.


    • Dooms Day Dawg

      Mayor of Dawgtown…I agree with you 100% on this one. For whatever reason, it appears that these kids do not have any fear of this coaching staff. The poor choices they make Monday thru Friday are played out on Saturdays during the game. The MSU loss paints a vivid picture of all that is currently wrong with this program.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Not crazy at all. In retrospect, if Richt had firm control of things, Ealey would have been kicked off the team. Not for the actual charges, but because he directly defied the coaches.

      I know the problems started before Ealey’s arrest, but it underscored just how bad things have gotten. And now we are seeing the loss of control translated onto the field.


      • devildawg

        Kicking Ealey off the team for bumping a car in a parking lot, leaving temporarily, then returning to the scene to meet with police? Why in the world is that worth kicking a kid off the team?

        There’s plenty of things to harp on with Richt this year, but not that. C’mon


  10. crap sandwich

    The experts say that with all the violence on TV, americans have become numb about violence and nothing shocks us anymore.

    Don’t know if I agree, but numbness has set into me with the multitude of arrests with the Georgia program. My attitude is no surprise here! Grown to expect this from Richt’s players.

    So when all the comparisons of this season with Ray Goff’s era, remember this Goff had 12 Academic all-americans. His players at least had character.


  11. Reptillicide

    Are our players TRYING to get CMR fired? I’m flabbergasted.


  12. Russ

    Is he still on the team? If so, then why?

    Seriously, if Richt wants to regain control of the team, this is his first chance. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be Richt’s last chance. Just as unfortunately, I don’t think Richt has it in him to turn this around.


  13. JD DAWG

    Were the coaches in the car with him? That might explain some of the decisions made earlier in the game..


  14. Dysphoric Dawg

    I’ve been lurking for a while on here, but really feel the need to post after our disaster of a September. For years, I have been an ardent CMR supporter and was firmly in the “no way is he on the hot seat” camp over the summer. I’ve been willing to look past the inconsistent offense, penalties, fumbles, injuries, off-field transgressions, poor personnel decisions, losses to garbage SEC teams and defensive decline because of the overall winning percentage. I just can’t delude myself into believing that CMR and his staff will ever get us over the hump, especially given the general trend over the last 5 years. The silver lining that I glean from this September is resolve that we need a regime change. The main reason I posted is that I want to know what people think about Kirby Smart as HC. If not Smart, then who?


    • Anon

      The problem with Smart is that no one really knows how much he controls the Bama D, and how much of it is Saban doing his thing.


      • Dysphoric Dawg

        Well, everything (college) Saban touches seems to turn to gold. Grantham could potentially stay on as they were both under him. It’s pretty shameful to lick my chops at Saban’s leavings like this. I really don’t think that I’m being alarmist about CMR, but its been a very frustrating few years. Other teams with similar recruiting have been able to plug in the right coach and have immediate success. CMR did the same initially, but I’ve really lost faith in him. And the butt cut . What a shitty month.


    • gatriguy

      The coaching pool is MUCH deeper than the 5-10 “hot” names every year. Whoever we get, it needs to be someone from either the NFL (where there is no huge talent gaps) or from a school that has had to outscheme people rather than out-athelete them. We will never have the talent advantages necessary for Richt’s 1990s FSU offense to work.


  15. Dysphoric Dawg

    at least tech lost


  16. Jeremy H

    My vote for new hc is mr horned frog but why would leave you leave top tier program to join the bottom rung.Maybe a move to wac,b/c everything we blindly throw at the wall is’nt sticking.


  17. 69Dawg

    Bench him and revoke his scholly at the end of the year. Recruit players that want to play for UGA with the understanding that everybody associated with the program is working to keep their jobs. The free ride is over. You break the rules and you are history. It will hurt for a while but you can’t bitch about the lack of accountability and not back a coach that takes steps to achieve it. So we lose doing it we are losing now anyway.


  18. mdr

    Kick him off the team. Today.


  19. devildawg

    *tongue in cheek* I know people are ticked about the arrest, but it probably just means he’s a good Georgia fan! I mean, seriously, how many Bulldog fans ALSO got picked up for various disturbances and infractions? We need better stats to help us put this in perspective.


  20. 69Dawg

    Well it looks like Mr Adams talk has had the first results Good Bye Demetrius Baker thanks for signing up. You realize he will be on another SEC team before the week is out. Still you have to start somewhere and apparently CMR warned the players after the Adams meeting that there was a new old sheriff in town.


    • mdr

      I don’t care if he wins the Heisman trophy. It is way past time to start making examples of these retards that can’t stay out of the pokey.