What is missing.

This is what I’m talking about.

To punt the ball back to Arkansas would have been to put the game back in the hands of one of the nation’s top quarterbacks, and to ask a defense that had struggled for most of the day for one more stop.

That was one end of the fourth-and-inches decision University of Alabama coach Nick Saban had to make, and the other end was the one that appealed most. With 54 seconds remaining from his own 44-yard line, quarterback Greg McElroy pushed a sneak play two yards to seal the Crimson Tide’s comeback victory with a clock-killing first down.

“We needed that much,” said Saban, motioning a three-inch distance with his fingers. “There’s a lot of bad things that can happen when you punt it. The punter can fumble the snap, they could block it, you’ve got to get into tight punt (formations), and you don’t have a very good coverage unit when you do that because you know they’re going to come after it and try to block it. The players said that we can make it, and we did. Those are all good calls when they work. And they’re all horrible calls when they don’t.”

The fundamental difference between Georgia and Alabama right now is that Mark Richt frets over all the bad things that can happen when the other team punts the ball.


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  1. IGP

    We were 2 for 3 in 4th down conversions against them? Not sure what your point is.

    • I’m not talking about the Arkansas outcome.

      I’m referring to having confidence in your team’s ability to control the outcome of a game. Georgia doesn’t seem to have any will to force the other team to react to what it’s doing on the field. The concern is much more on limiting the possibility of screwing something up.

      • Gen. Stoopnagle

        Right on. Saturday was the day to let it all hang out and unload the playbook, take risks, make things happen, get aggressive, etc. and Georgia just did what we’ve been doing for far too long now.

        If you aren’t willing to take chances with your back to the wall playing Mississippi State… well, what can you say?

        • baltimore dawg

          and that’s why i’m curious as hell about how richt will approach games for the rest of this season.

          i don’t always see a team that is too timid to use its advantages to make an attempt to force its will on opponents, though that’s certainly part of it; i see a team that often just appears too stupid at times to recognize just what its advantages are. we are utterly without guile.

      • NC Dawg

        Well, we’ve certainly proven our ability to screw up nearly any imaginable situation. Like Durham’s TD, called back for a holding penalty. A needless (yet again) holding penalty.

        • Yep. As Spencer Hall put it,

          … this refers to Georgia, a 1-3 team who, when viewed on film, appears to be a non-horrible team. Watch the Mississippi State tape and you’ll see nothing overtly inept about them. When you think “major program ineptitude,” you think full body convulsions of football idiocy like those in the 2007 Notre Dame team or any team ever coached by Steve Kragthorpe, not what you see with Georgia 2010. No one’s snapping the ball through the endzone or throwing a post pattern to the back judge, and no one’s biting on play fakes like disabled video game defenders. Watching this team implode on the field is like watching a leg break by microfracture: a holding penalty here, a missed assignment there, a moment of hesitation on a play-action pass allowing a receiver to get this much [holds fingers apart] of an opening over his defender.

          They may be the most boring fiasco in college football right now, since they deny you even the thrill of disaster.

          In other words, they’re not even good at being bad.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Cut the crap. It’s the refs flagging UGA or no-calling flagrant fouls by the other team at crucial points in the game. That is the difference between winning and losing. Any coach will tell you that any game (except blow-outs) is decided by 6-8 key plays. When UGA makes one of those key plays now the refs throw a flag. When the other team makes one of those key plays, and one of their guys holds blocks in the back, there is no flag. Simple.

  2. When I drive, I do it defensively. In and around Atlanta, that’s a necessity. I’m constantly looking for the bad things that can happen while I’m behind the wheel.

    Right now CMR coaches defensively. He’s anticipating, waiting for the next problem to arise so that he can have an adequate amount of time to react.

    Instead, (especially against teams like Missy State) he should floor it. Afterall, we’ve given him the keys to a well-tuned, uber talented machine. That thing should run on rails.

  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    In the comment from Vladimir is the essence of the criticism of Bobo.

    Those are all good calls when they work. And they’re all horrible calls when they don’t.”

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh…and Bernie, thanks for providing all those tools.

  5. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Marks (GWOM), “Is it Hot in Here?” (abbrev. version)

    Butts-Mehre Defense Complex, Maginot Line

    Noonish, 27 September 2010

    Greg put a call into Mark on Mark’s new AT&T Apple i-Phone but gets no answer and wonders if the Marks, Elvis, Van Halen and others have gone AWOL because Greg knows they can’t be MIA because there was never any action in the last three L’s.

    Greg knows he will once again be blitzkrieged by the media which was formerly friendly about just exactly what it is that’s missing along with this week’s trap question on the vote of confidence for the Marks, Elvis and Van Halen.

    To get fired up and ready to go for that inquistion, Greg goes through his warm-ups

  6. Joe

    It seems a century ago we went for it on our own 30 versus Clemson in ’02. He had brass ones at that time.

    That’s different than stupid such as the UF onside kick.

    CMR reminds me of Sly in Rocky III, (on the beach with Talia Shire) got too much to lose now.

  7. Brandon

    4th and 4 in a tie game vs. 4th and inches with a lead is an apples and oranges comparison.

    • Good grief, guys, you’re missing the point. It’s not about Arkansas. It’s a more general point about a head coach’s approach to every game.

      • The Realist

        So, what you are saying is that Georgia should have gone for it against Arkansas?

        I’m kidding. Let’s get it together, people. Try to pretend you have reading comprehension skills when you post something.

        Richt is coaching scared. His punt return team is proof positive. Nothing good happens when you coach scared because you spend all of your time trying to prevent bad things from happening. Change your focus, change your attitude, and GATA… of course, those outside the arena have been saying that for weeks, months, years? It remains to be seen if any actual change can ever take place. I’m not holding my breath.

        • gatriguy

          He’s not coaching scared, he’s just getting outcoached. It’s no more complicated then that. There are at least 5 coaches in Richt’s own conference that pull his pants down everytime they play.

          • He’s not coaching scared, he’s just getting outcoached.

            Sorry to disagree, but the former is the explanation for why the latter is happening.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              All of you are FOS. The reason for the conservative punt return stuff (no rush on the punter, no blocking for a return, fair catching, etc.) is the REFS. UGA has gotten hammered by “block in the back” penalties–real and imagined–from the refs every time UGA returns anything. Richt is just trying to avoid giving the refs an opportunity to screw UGA with worse field position. Richt would fair catch kick-offs if he could and I don’t blame him. It’s reality based.

              • Dog in Fla

                Thank you, Mayor. After watching the ******* Starkville slaughter, I just knew that somehow someway somebody could come with a way to use Lane ******* Kiffen’s Magic ******* Flag gambit against the Penn ******* Wagers crew so we would not have to blame our ******* coaches.

      • Brandon

        I see your overall point though we may disagree as to how scared Richt is, though we should always know that any Bama coach “ain’t skeered”. You did at least implicitly compare the two scenarios though otherwise why not just post the last sentence.

    • Bryant Denny

      Not really. I think Senator is talking about a play to win mindset.

  8. Spike

    Senator, I hear ya.

  9. Go Dawgs!

    And the thing that TRULY mystifies me is that a man who is THAT concerned about all of the horrible outcomes of receiving a punt could still have a guy like Bacarri Rambo who is so brain-dead that he can’t comprehend what to do when the return man is waving his arms to GET OUT OF THE WAY OF THE BALL!!!

  10. Derek

    It’s kind of the chicken vs. egg debate isn’t it? Are the players playing tight because they perceive a lack of confidence from the coaches or are the coaches lacking in confidence in the players because they constantly screw up? For example:

    – fumble inside the 5
    – holding call negates back td
    – Boling pulls from the right guard position and decides not to block anyone
    – chop block ruins opportunity to score
    – offsides negates interception… and on and on and on.

    I don’t know which is the bigger problem. I do know that we can all sit in our asses and say that the coaches should have confidence in this bunch, but I’d say that would take a real leap of faith. Criticize play calling all you want but I’d have a sense of doom every time I called a play with this bunch. I’d be thinking: How are they going to screw this one up? A new and unique way I’m sure.

    It seems to me that we have very few guys competing every snap. That Murray is coming off as the guy who is trying is sad when you see how limited he is right now. He stares down receivers and seems to have a real problem going through his progressions. Some of his throws Sat. night were mind boggling. The middle screen to TK should have set up a FG but Murray threw it right at the MSU guy standing directly in front of him. Yeah, he’s gutsy and a gamer, but he isn’t at the point where he is going to win conference games on his own. In fact, he has largely been on his own thus far and is 0-3. The idea that its time to go to air it out more and abonadon the running game is a call for chuck in duck and is scary as hell. Yeah we might post 50 on Vandy but the UF game will be a disaster if we put Murray in a chuck and duck offense.

    As frustrating as the coaching may appear in some areas, I would say that the coaches are performing at a higher level than a vast majority of the guys on the field. Coaching maybe mediocre but the performance on the field is just sad. They look and play like a bunch of losers. BTW: #23 should never play another down. He has no desire to hit anyone. The nickname “hit man” must be ironic.

    That said, I am getting to the point of wondering whether there is such a gulf between where we are and where we need to be that absent a significant turnaround in Oct. and Nov. we may need to make a change and soon. Its getting about time to burn the barn down to kill the rats.

    Of course, no matter how things finish up I am not interested in making a change after this season on some leap of faith that Smart or Muschamp can lead us where we want to go. We need a guy that wins and gets guys to play at a high level. Therefore, I say approach Jim Harbaugh. If that comes up empty, we need to ride it out though 2011 and see if a leap of faith in an unproven assistant is the only option. Harbaugh may be the jerk that a lot of you guys have been looking for. I don’t care for the asshole part but his players seem to play sound football.

    • It seems to me that we have very few guys competing every snap. That Murray is coming off as the guy who is trying is sad when you see how limited he is right now. He stares down receivers and seems to have a real problem going through his progressions. Some of his throws Sat. night were mind boggling. The middle screen to TK should have set up a FG but Murray threw it right at the MSU guy standing directly in front of him. Yeah, he’s gutsy and a gamer, but he isn’t at the point where he is going to win conference games on his own. In fact, he has largely been on his own thus far and is 0-3. The idea that its time to go to air it out more and abonadon the running game is a call for chuck in duck and is scary as hell. Yeah we might post 50 on Vandy but the UF game will be a disaster if we put Murray in a chuck and duck offense.

      With all due respect, it seems to me that there’s a happy medium here. Bobo seems wedded to a max-protect, I formation set the majority of the time, no doubt because he believes that’s the best way to protect Murray. Yet I’ve seen Georgia run effectively out of three-receiver sets in each game. Murray also looks far more comfortable throwing out a formation where the field is spread more.

      I’m not asking that Bobo throw 50 times a game, but there are large parts of the playbook gathering dust that would work more effectively against the defensive schemes he’s seeing than what he continues to fall back on much of the time.

      • Anon

        Hell, let him air it out 40 times against Colorado. I’d rather see that than Carlton Thomas off tackle 2 straight plays. (No offense to Carlton Thomas.)

        Give me any 4 of the following:
        Green, Charles, Durham, T King, Wooten, Troupe, White, Brown, Figgins.

        Munz/Chapas to protect.

      • Derek

        It seems to me that our offensive system has been effective when we have one or both of these elements:

        – 2 outstanding receivers on the outside, or

        – a dominating offensive line.

        To the degree that those elements are lacking, the margin for error drops concomitantly. You have to play perfect football and hope to win close games. And we have been far from perfect, making error after error. The combination of limitations in personnel/performance and big mistakes in big moments is making play calling extremely difficult and look plain dumb at times. One of the packages that could probably be effective is the zone read, but I think they are trying to limit the number of times Murray gets hit.

        It will be interesting to see what happens when AJ gets back out there. Right now we are gettting a lot of load up the box and play man on the outside and we aren’t taking a lot of those shots downfield. My guess is that it is because our defense has been far too extended in games and we’re trying to move the chains rather than look to the big play too often. When AJ gets back it will be difficult for defenses to use the safety on his side of the field to run support, or at least I hope so. Also, the only other guy that can get consistent seperation is TK. One criticism I would have is that they don’t throw it to him enough. I think they threw two 9 routes to TK and connected on both.

        The bottom line with this team is that we have been totally unable to points on the scoreboard early so as to put opposing offenses in more predictable spots. We have been so inept and so mistake prone on offense that we have allowed teams to control the clock in the second half.

        I look forward to see if the running lanes magically open up and if our TE’s get more space when AJ gets in there. We better hope so at least. I just hope that our team’s confidence isn’t so shot that it won’t matter.

        The next three weeks will tell us if we’re done or if there is some life in this team for when the big three show up. The sad thing is that despite the record, I really think that we’ve playing better football this September than last September. The advantage we had was that USC, Arky and ASU were worse football teams than the 2010 versions of Arky, USC and MSU and of course we had AJ to carry us through. We were a very bad football team at the beginning of last year. I think we are a little better right now than last September, we just don’t have the results to show for it. This gives me a glimmer of hope that we can get a turn around. AJ said that some folks were gonna pay when he got back, so let’s see.

    • Dog in Fla

      Why would Harbaugh ever leave Stanford where he can beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame and come to Georgia where he can’t?

      • Derek

        If you think that Stanford is a better job than UGA then find another team or better yet get a brain scan and see if they find anything. That may be the dumbest comment I’ve ever read.

        Jim Harbaugh winning at Stanford is somewhat like SOS winning at Duke. I think that turned out ok. Of course, I’m sure that some retard thought that Duke was a better job than UF.

        I would think that Harbaugh would find bumping heads with the Saban’s and Meyer’s and Petrino’s a challenge and he’d have one of the best recruiting grounds in the country to draw from.

        • Dog in Fla

          “That may be the dumbest comment I’ve ever read.”

          You just need to read more.

          Apparently, you’ve never been to Stanford or read Harbaugh’s Twitter.

          Even if he were to come here, he’d split from Athens quicker than a cat can lick its ass for a Michigan or other attractive Big-12 offer.

          • Derek

            While Harbaugh may want the UM job, it doesn’t look like its going to be open this year and since their QB is a sophomore, it probably won’t be open for a while. Remember Meyer turned down his “dream” job at Notre Dame to come to UF. It seems to me that the elite coaches know that the SEC is the place to prove yourself. I know that Northern California is a wonderful, beautiful place, but Stanford is never going to have a crystal football. Can’t say I’m shocked that Harbaugh has expressed his happiness there. I don’t think very many coaches announce their intentions of moving on before hand, but maybe you con point to a few. I think Saban was staying in Miami and Meyer was staying in Utah, until they weren’t.

            Again, my issue with your comment was the suggestion that UGA is an inferior job to the Stanford gig. Again, that’s just pretty stupid. I would have to say that of the placest that are hardest to lose at, to the point you really have to screw up to do so, are UGA and Texas, followed closely by LSU. Tons of in state talent with little in state competition.

            Alabama has to split a smaller talent pool with Auburn. UF has FSU and Miami to worry about if they step up their games and every school in the country in turning over rocks in Florida looking for players. UGA is the best job in the SEC, period. Stanford is about the ninth best job in the PAC-10.

            • Dog in Fla

              “Again, my issue with your comment was the suggestion that UGA is an inferior job to the Stanford gig.”

              I didn’t say that. You inferred it.

              What I said was why would Harbaugh leave Stanford and come to Georgia.

              Would he want the challenge of facing Nick, Irwin and others like you say he should and all the great recruiting in the State where he gets to face top-notch coaching talent and compete with 11 SEC coaches and CPJ for Georgia high school talent?

              Or would he, like Bobby B. putting FSU in the ACC instead of the SEC, prefer not to have to face top-notch coaching talent and stay in California and recruit California high school talent where he gets to compete with 11 other PAC-12 schools but also gets to recruit nationally because after all Stanford is, in fact, Stanford?

              If he prefers the former, Georgia may be a better job than Stanford. If he prefers the latter, Stanford may be a better job than Georgia.

              What I take from reading the interfacts here and elsewhere from those who know more about X’s and O’s than I do, is that our program has been in decline. I think it has since the WVa Sugar Bowl five or so years ago but rescued from what we are going through now by the uber-talents such as Stafford, Moreno, Massaqoui and others.

              In any event, Mark is not going anywhere unless and until Michael Adams says he is or Mark decides on his own to hang it up. Michael Adams brought Mark here. Bernie Machen, President of UF, brought Irwin to UF.
              Until then, Harbaugh, the Pirate, and all the rest of the potential candidates are nothing more than pipedreams.

              • Derek

                If mike leach is a “dream” choice for anyone, that person is an idiot.

                • Dog in Fla

                  I didn’t say he was a “dream” choice. I said he along with Harbaugh and all the rest of the potential candidates are a “pipedream.”

                  But now that I give it some thought, not much of course, I’m sure we would be doing much better with the Pirate at the offensive controls than we are with the Marks.

              • Gen. Stoopnagle

                No, you said:

                “Why would Harbaugh ever leave Stanford where he can beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame and come to Georgia where he can’t?”

                I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I read “Stanford can beat ND, Georgia can’t.” That’s a pretty clear statement that Georgia < Stanford w/r/t football.

                • Dog in Fla

                  No. Stanford can travel to South Bend because they play intersectional games. No one at Georgia can beat Notre Dame or even lose to them because Georgia will not schedule Notre Dame here, there or anywhere else.

                  With Greg, we will no longer schedule meaningful intersectional games. Some of the ones scheduled such as Oregon 2015 have been mutually cancelled. Odds are that others presently scheduled may go by the wayside too and be replaced with directional punching bag schools.

                  Besides if anyone thinks we could beat Stanford, or even Notre Dame, if we played them this Saturday home or away, I’ll take two of whatever it is you’re taking.

                  • Derek

                    The issue isn’t whether we could have beaten a 1-3 Notre Dame team Saturday. You said that Harbaugh can beat ND while at Stanford, but couldn’t if he were the UGA coach. That’s both a bold and stupid statement that no backtracking is going to get you out of. I know you’ll keep trying though.

                    • Dog in Fla

                      “but couldn’t if he were the UGA coach.”

                      Why? Because we won’t schedule Notre Dame. If Harbaugh were at Georgia could he beat Notre Dame? Let me check the Magic ******* 8 Ball.

                      Which leads me back to my original point why would Harbaugh leave Stanford to come to Georgia?

                      I mean I’m all for team-spirit and the rah-rah bullshit as much as anybody else. I live in Florida and see our great team and great program lose 17 out of 20 to our main rival who everyone bitches about. Why? Because they whip our ass all the time. Rah-rah, go, fight, win.

                      If, for whatever reason Harbaugh or anyone else replaced Richt, they would not be getting Donnan coached and recruited players as Richt did. They would be getting Richt coached and recruited players which I believe is what you’re complaining about in the first place and why you think everything would be beautiful if only Jim were our head coach.

          • Go Dawgs!

            You mean the coach at says that he loves coaching at and wants to be there for the rest of his life on his Twitter feed, which he uses to recruit players to come play for him at ? Well, I stand corrected, clearly, that coach would never, EVER want to leave to go to Georgia, or any other big-time school.

            • Go Dawgs!

              Well, that got screwed up by HTML coding. We’ll try again:

              You mean the coach at **insert college name here** says that he loves coaching at **insert college name here** and wants to be there for the rest of his life on his Twitter feed, which he uses to recruit players to play for him at **insert college name here**? Well, I stand corrected, clearly, that coach would never, EVER want to leave to go to Georgia, or any other big-time school.

              Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Gen. Stoopnagle

        1. Much higher pay
        2. More athletics “friendly” environment
        3. Arguably a higher level of competition in the SEC

        That’s for starters, bit it isn’t like we have a coaching opening or anything.

        You don’t think Georgia has the potential to win a game at Notre Dame?

        • Dog in Fla

          1.Higher pay? Sure but with a lot more bullshit to put up with. And what’s a million here and a million there anyway? Stay at Stanford and beat USCw 5 or 6 years in a row, lose to them 2 straight and be forced to ‘resign’ for $5M from Stanford. Unlikely.

          2. Athletics “friendly” environment? If that means it’s easier for someone less academically qualified to get admitted to Georgia than it is to Stanford, maybe. But Stanford still does well, much better overall than a Duke or a Vanderbilt.


          3. “higher level” of competition. Well, we think so anyway.

          As for Georgia having the potential to win a game at Notre Dame, sure it has the potential but I don’t think it’s likely since we can’t win a game in Starkville.

  11. Will Trane

    Coaches pretty much control the sets, personnel used in the set, and the game plan going in. Players execute the sets and the game plan. In the MSU game UGA ran more plays, but did not get the production from them on the board. Other than the Carolina game they have had the number of plays to points on the board. 4 FGs on the road in 7 qrts will not get you a win unless you shut out the other guys. Not going to happen today. UGA needs to find sets that use more of their best personnel on the field. UGA has depth on the O side. They need scoring sets inside and outside the 25 yd line of the opposing team.

    When CMR made the comment we ran blindly into their defense, that may indicate their formations or sets, along with certain key players are tipping opposing coaches as to the call playside. They need some new sets or disguise of their current play calls. Plus RBs have to understand and see blitzes and rushes, too.

    • Will (the other one)

      It was interesting to see other teams (like Arkansas) go with 3- and 4-wide sets, and sometimes even put a TE in one of the WR spots.

      Meanwhile we have great WR and TE depth, and an oline that has never been great at run blocking, and we spend most of the game in the power-I. And even then we barely run any tosses (even those great power-I nebraska teams didn’t just run up the gut.)

  12. Russ

    We supposedly have great TE’s but can’t get them open. Why not put 2 of them out there, with 1 in the slot? Hernandez at UF was a TE, but they ran him out of the slot to great result many times. If Charles and White are the great TEs I think they are, they could make the plays.

    In a larger sense, how about developing a scheme that fits the talent we have? Obviously trying to fit the talent to a scheme isn’t working out so well.

  13. austintwo

    I am both shocked and apalled that Logan Grey is on the field on the PR team, let alone as the returner – I had assumed that was Fab’s silly idea, it now is clear it is Coach Richt’s idea, as he is the common denominator to its continuing. This is an absolute joke, and I guaranty the players agree, and that it ain’t good for morale when they see it continuing. (For the first several years of Coach Richt’s tenure, we led the conference in PR average, including in 2005 with Thomas Flowers back there. Now we do not try and it costs us big plays which no longer happen for us.)

    Senator, your comments are very much on point. The fear factor coming from Coach Richt and others on the staff is unmistakeable; it creeps into the players’ comments as well, though I don’t have time to document it here.

    I find Coach Richt’s apparent transformation in the past few years to be very very strange and I am at a complete loss to explain it.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Best I could see Logan Gray had a good game against MSU and was one of the few that hustled every time he was put in. I wish we had a lot more Logan Grays. As for Richt’s transformation, have you been reading what is being said about him? Last year he had an off season, a record of 8-5, and you would have thought that he was going to be run out of town by the comments printed in the newspapers and on the blogs. Hell, that record is the BEST that SOS has had since he got to SC. Yet UGA fans are so spoiled that they cannot stand to only win 8 games in an obvious rebuilding year. If Richt is gun shy who do you think made him that way? You want to blame someone for conservative playcalling? Go look in the mirror.

      • austintwo

        Look in the mirror??? ROFLMAO!!! My post didn’t even comment on our playcalling.

        As for Logan, he’s a fine kid who works hard and hustles. He has absolutely no business on the field returning punts or – like last year – covering kickoffs. Come on Bro – you’re amarter than that.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          You were the one who dissed Logan Gray. Don’t pretend you didn’t. And if you were not talking about Richt and his staff becoming more conservative because of “fear” then WTF were you talking about?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            P.S. I hope Logan gray runs one of these punt returns back for a TD just to shut up guys like you. But it wouldn’t work. You just would invent something else to rag on about.

          • austintwo

            I dissed the coaches for putting Logan in on PR.

            I didn’t diss Logan, who like I said is a fine kid who tries hard.

            Btw, there is no chance of him ever breaking an punt return – he is in to fair catch, which is the “playcall” that I and the Senator – and I would think the players – find so discouraging and mysterious.

            I am curious to know how you know what me or “guys like me” would say in the future, since this is my first post and we have never met? Don’t be a d-bag, Bro.

  14. Will Trane

    Takes from the MSU game.

    Murray let the ball go…did not seem to hold the ball. The sets and game is slowing down for him and coming to him. Murray’s long TD pass probably sent a message to Colorado’s DC and DB coaches. If UGA lines up in a 3 receiver set [and Green is there], how much grass is that going to give Georgia. He dropped that ball on the dime. Read that play as a message sent…big play long ball potential.

    Now if our OC can fill in the blanks with a good game plan.

    One play the prior week puts new preparations in for a team that now has one week rather than two.

    Did CMR and Bobo make the call “for points that would not change the outcome at MSU”, but that could determine how many bufs are deep in the pasture and not the gate.

    What is your thought’s Senator.

    • I think Georgia needs to run at least 40% of its plays out of three-wide sets this week.

      One other thing about this week’s game – I watched a good bit of the Colorado-California game. The Buffs offensive line looked awful handling blitzes, so hopefully they’ll get a taste of their own medicine, assuming they follow the conventional wisdom so far about attacking Georgia’s offense.

      • SCDawg

        Agreed. Attack and blitz on defense, run more out of the shotgun with Murray and 3 WR’s, and please, please try to return a punt.

        I have no problem with Logan back there so long as he actually has an intent to return one if it’s returnable, and fair catch if it’s not. Having a designed fair catch where the punt return team stands around and lets the cover guys run past them is so unaggressive it makes me sick.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          We actually may see punts get returned this week because the refs will be Big-12 refs (I think, anyway).

  15. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am overwhelmed by all the football expertise.

    Maybe you can answer one question, how many all conference players played for us against MSU?

    And please, spare me the comments about recruiting, most of which are derived from the “assessments” of peanut suckers like Jamie Freaking Newberg.

    So, how many?

    • Derek

      My answer:

      Blair Walsh

      Drew Butler

      Justin Houston

      Perhaps a better question: How many players (non-kickers) who played vs. MSU would start at either UF or Bama?

      I’ll go with Justin Houston and maybe Ben Jones would for UF because he can snap the ball.

      Another good question: How many players are playing significant snaps who shouldn’t even be playing Div. I football?

      Jakar Hamilton, Akeem Dent, Christian Robinson, Carlton Thomas

      You can go back and recount all the recruiting rankings in the world and it won’t make up for the fact that the NFL will not be interested in very many of our football players and very few will play at that level.

  16. thewhiteshark

    I have to agree Senator. It’s been a problem for awhile. I’ve been saying it for a long time actually. We call plays (or don’t call plays) based on being safe and avoiding trouble. I think CWM coached with a deathly fear of giving up the big play. He ended up with a bunch of tentative football players who got nickeled and dimed and gave up big plays. I do believe Grantham is in the process of fixing that but the malaise continues to hang over the offense. Bobo coaches scared. You can really tell by how conservative (predictable) he gets in the red zone.

    We have a potentially very special QB in Murray. This offense ought to be schemed to work around him.

  17. BoWeevil

    Coach Richt frets over and said he frets over what is going to go wrong next, who is going to be arrested next, who will fumble next, who will have a penalty called on them next and who will beat us next.

    That is what Coach Richt said and it was about a month ago. Should I go find it for you Bluto ? Punting is the least of the overall list of thousands of areas this football program is NOT ELITE.