The traditional Airing of Grievances begins.

And what, I ask you, would a disappointing start be without a little player disgruntlement about playing time?  Marcus Dowtin, come on down.

… Dowtin doesn’t think the coaches are comfortable with him on the field at all times, he said.

“Yeah, I would say I feel like they don’t trust me,” he said. “What their reasons are, that’s between them. But you know, like I said, I’m just asking that they keep coaching me and eventually one of those days give me a shot to do what I can do.”

There’s a little part of me that actually takes some encouragement from that, at least if it’s an indication that Grantham’s insistence on a return to a meritocracy to earn playing time.  And it’s worth pointing out that the two other inside linebackers he’s rotating with are Dent, who’s having an excellent year, and Robinson, who, while not being the strongest kid on the field, has shown a propensity to line up and run the play properly.

Dowtin did try to walk his comment back a little, but, still, that whole tirade comes off sounding like one of those “Damn, son, I don’t think I would have said that” moments.  Grantham and Belin don’t strike me as the types who celebrate Festivus.



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12 responses to “The traditional Airing of Grievances begins.

  1. Prov

    Next up: brawl at practice.


  2. The Original Cynical in Athens

    As I was saying a couple of days ago, I fully expect a couple of transfers before long. There is clearly a disconnect between coaches/players and coaches/coaches.

    I agree that it is good to some degree that kids are upset about not getting their way anymore, but, just like parenting, it’s not possible to let kids have the run of the house until they are 16, and then suddenly think that they are going to have a positive response to discipline.

    And FWIW, as bad as this year is going, it is going to get worse before it gets better. I was perusing some stats around the league and there are a LOT of freshmen contributing at nearly every SEC school. We are not one of them, with the obvious exception of the QB.

    Orson Charles and Wooten have combined to catch 7 ball for 71 yards this season. That is inconceivable.


    • Will (the other one)

      How Bobo hasn’t figured out that Charles could line up at a WR spot, or that 3- or 4-wide might help baffles me.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Hopefully after the “Airing of Grievances” there will be some “Feats of Strengthen” against the rest of the schedule.


  4. Dawg N Suds

    Ask your coach what it will take to earn it, then do it better than your competition.

    That is all.


  5. ed

    Dowtin doesn’t need to be on the field if he can’t control himself or know how to run the play correctly. He is always in the mix when there are personal fouls called. Almost got that one offset after our interception on Saturday.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    Suck. It. Up.


  7. jferg

    There is a fine line between passion for the game and penchant for whining. Dowtin is walking that very thin line….probably not sucessfully. Gag order to be issued in 3….2….1


  8. 69Dawg

    That crap might work with the O coaches but Dowtin isn’t going to see the light of day with the D staff. He must be tired of playing at all.