You had me at…

There’s a big difference between regression to the mean and regression.


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  1. Joe

    It is a fine line they say in the SEC.

    Weird, but despite all the issues, we are really six plays which turned games around from being possibly being undefeated. For instance, If Ealy’s 2 fumbles had been TDs, Marlon Brown hadn’t held, that 3rd and 4 had worked inside Ark 50, the season would be completely different.

    I am NOT saying that we have been playing well (although we sure have caught the ball well basically – something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime) but Alabama made the 2 plays and we didn’t and that was the difference in the respective Arkansas games.

    Fine lines indeed, just ~22 games after losing to LA Monroe, Saban is ending his second straight undefeated regular season and hoisting a MNC trophy. Meanwhile we go ffrom #1 to unrated.

    I’ll bet it turns around again soon.


  2. Macallanlover

    This. It is absolutley the central issue in this start for UGA. Everyone can shout “off with their heads” 24/7, and sadly many are, but the OL performance is the most puzzling of any discussion you can get into. No one can explain the gap between expection of an experienced, talented group, and the results we have seen in the first four games. Run blocking has been virtually non-existent in all games, and pass blocking breakdowns the past two games have had Murray on his back, or forced to scramble for his life.

    There is no scheme, or play calling solution that will overcome the problem of OL breakdowns. The mono or “didn’t work together” enough in fall camp explanantions just aren’t convincing at all. Even if Phil Steele was off a lot from his #1 OL unit ranking, could it be that far off? Like worst in your own conference off? I don’t have any answers, just don’t see that.

    I am against public discussion of a coach’s job security during a season but PWD is right, until this gets fixed we can’t expect to look much different. Football is that unique team sport where units truly impact the performance of other groups. If the OL doesn’t get their job done, not only do the running and passing numbers suffer leading to poor point productiuon, but field position and defensive performance are impacted due to being on the field too long which maximizes competitors’ scoring opportunities. This is not to excuse other problems, but the discussions being held on everything else is toned down if we see better OL blocking. I know it isn’t as sexy as all the other conversations, but I think it all starts here.


  3. Faulkner

    I wonder how much this has to do with strength and conditioning. I hear CSS is not happy with the program in place and tried to install his own program with the line. He was overruled by Richt when the S&C staff complained that he was stepping on their toes. There’s no doubt that we don’t pass the eye test and word is other teams say we are soft. If this keeps up, CSS may leave on his own.
    Just a thought.


    • I don’t think strength and conditioning explains a play like we saw in the MSU game where the entire right side of the line missed their run blocking assignments.


      • Faulkner

        I would agree. In general they are just falling apart. Maybe they lack confidence. Maybe they are not as good as we had hoped they would be. All the pre-season talk of the o-line being are strength sure looks foolish at this point.


        • Husky Jeans

          I agree, Senator…I watched that play several times in slow motion just to make sure I was seeing it correctly. That was one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen in a Georgia game.


  4. Derek

    The S&C story seems like an internet driven bunch of BS. Its not like they don’t have the numbers on all these guys to see if they are making progress. And its not as if the was an issue a few years ago with the same S&C coach.

    The new line I like is that our offensive system is flawed its just that we didn’t know it because Moreno, Stafford, Mo Mass and Green covered up the flaws. Yeah, its amazing how better players make the coaching look better. I guess Malzahn’s system sucks unless they have Newton and Urban Meyer’s offense is terrible unless they have Tim Tebow. But I’m sure that Bama’s offense could run like a top with Joe Cox and Carlton Thomas. Football is about players making plays. If you don’t have them you don’t win whether you run a pro offense, a spread, a triple option or whatever. The better the players the better the system will run, period.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Thanks for the voice of reason. Here’s another one from our new AD that I find “very interesting.”

      “You know, as Mark has said, one person can make a difference, but at the end of the day one person can’t really dictate your season,” McGarity said. “It’s all how you look at it. A.J. doesn’t play defense, he doesn’t block, he’s not an interior lineman.”


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Something has happened that we do not know about. There has to be an explanation. This O-line is basically the same group, only older now, that existed when UGA was 11-2 in ’07 and 10-3 in ’08.


  6. Vious

    Our line has never been great under Stacey.

    People think that we did great under him the last 2 years but if you look back at comments DURING both seasons, it had to do with how the line will be just fine the FOLLOWING year


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    the line is the same, or actually a little deeper, the running backs are the same, the tight ends are bigger, better and with more depth….there is only one thing that is new.

    I have talked to people who played in the O line in college, they say they see communication break down fairly consistently.



  8. 69Dawg

    If you don’t think QB’s like Matt Stafford and running backs like KM can make an average Oline look better than they are you are just stupid. Run blocking is about explosion and timing, if the line makes a hole and the back is in it fast then the line looks good. The same line making the same hole but the back is a step slow, guess what he hits a pile. The D is reacting too. So we are a running machine with the same line and KM but we are not so good with CK and WE, and they suck with CT running inside, damn who would have guessed

    A mediocre line can pass block for a great QB who is fast and has a quick release. Same line with a RS Froh QB who does not go through his reads fast gets him killed. Joe Cox love him or hate him knew his stuff in this system, he might not have the ability to make all the throws but he knew he had to get rid of the ball. So we have a line that looked great pass blocking for the first pick in the draft and a fifth year senior but wow they don’t look so good for the RS FR QB. This is not rocket science, these guys were just average lineman blessed with good QB’s and for a year a great running back until this year. Now if they were truly a great line you could get away with what we thought we would get away with this year but they are not now nor have they ever been a great Oline. Why? You’ve got me I personally think some of it is on the S&C we have had far to many shoulder issues that should not occur if the S&C program had a clue. We also have players that will take any injury and milk it to avoid practice. We don’t have warriors we have average players, sorry recruiters.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Thank you Mr. 69,

      Finally, someone else who recognizes that Joe Cox for all the faults you guys ascribe to him was more in tune and polished within the system than Murray is this year.

      I have no doubt Murray will eventually be better than Joe….but on the finer points, on the tuning and timing, he is not yet.

      I am telling you folks, maybe it takes old eyes or something, but the holes are there.

      We just ain’t hitting them….

      One thing I would argue is that you can have a great offensive line without five all-Americans…seen it many times, but there has to be an almost mystical chemistry among them.

      For all the quarterback-fixated folks out there, the real warriors are the folks that block for the quarterback.

      Many times in the past three games we have been close, for two or three plays, even a whole series…ie Arkansas, and we will continue to get better…it ain’t rocket science but it does take time. And chemistry.