A different kind of MVP

Over at MrSEC.com, John Pennington rates conference players’ value based on the ratio of a given player’s total yardage to that of his team’s to come up with a list of the most valuable players in the SEC.  By that measure, he’s got Ryan Mallett, not Cam Newton, as the conference’s most valuable player now.  He’s surprised at his #2:

2.  Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia — Yeah.  I didn’t see that one coming either.  And sure, it might have something to do with Georgia’s low offensive numbers overall.  But the redshirt freshman deserves credit for carrying more than his share of the load.  He and Mallett are the only two SEC players responsible for more than 50% of their teams’ total yards.

I think Georgia’s and Auburn’s overall offensive numbers have a lot to do with that, but he’s right about Murray deserving credit.

Here’s the amazing stat, though:

* At LSU, cornerback/returner Patrick Peterson is this close to passing Jordan Jefferson.  Peterson has 489 yards on punt returns, kick returns and interception returns.  That’s 489 yards (25.9% of the Tigers yardage) compared to Jefferson’s 508 yards (26.9%) from the quarterback slot.  That’s amazing production for someone who doesn’t even take snaps on offense…

You can see why Miles is contemplating letting Peterson play some on offense.



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9 responses to “A different kind of MVP

  1. JasonC

    Just imagine how well Murray would be doing without all the sacks.
    And I’m sure Joe P didn’t mean to put Jerry Garcia as the Cocks’ QB.


  2. Jeff Sanchez

    Amazing how quickly the narrative of our season has changed from “Lean on the running game, AJ and Orson until AM gets comfortable” to “Dear Jesus, save us, Aaron!!”


  3. Turd Ferguson

    Maybe I just wasn’t paying much attention to him last seasons, but I really did not realize until the past few weeks what an absolute freak Patrick Peterson really is. He’s everything Branden Smith should be.


  4. Another interesting note: Demps is the only non-QB to lead his team. What was it they were saying about Brantley about a month ago?


    • I believe it was along the lines of “better than that Tebow guy/Heisman contender”.


    • Mike

      Brantley’s numbers are only a few basis points less than from Demps. Anyone that read the article read that fact.

      A diverse offense might just mean that it is not dependent on one person. That might just be an overall plus, not a minus, from a team perspective.

      In its first two games. Florida’s offense was terrible. Since conference play has started, Florida is #1 in scoring offense in conference play and #4 in total offense in conference play.

      This week will tell us a lot about both Florida and Alabama.


      • A diverse offense might just mean that it is not dependent on one person. That might just be an overall plus, not a minus, from a team perspective.

        I agree with you.

        It’s also an indication that Demps is having a very good year. He may wind up accomplishing the rarest of feats: an Urban Meyer-coached running back who gains 1,000 yards rushing.

        What’s frustrating about Murray’s percentage is that he’s got an offensive coordinator who’s having a hard time coming to grips with the reality of who his playmakers on offense are. Hopefully Green’s return has an impact on that.


  5. Chris

    Peterson is crazy But that is also a really sad Commentary on the State of the LSU Offense or lack thereof.


  6. Vious

    It shows more how absolutely pathetic our coaches on offense are