Forget about Marcel Dareus.

If A.J. Green’s sale of a jersey for a thousand bucks justifies a four-game suspension, what in hell should the penalty for this be?


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15 responses to “Forget about Marcel Dareus.

  1. Spence

    Internal discipline and a starting spot on UT’s roster.


  2. ugafan

    You can’t help but laugh when realizing it was the Marriott Rewards Card paper trail that brought Blake, Wichard & Marvin Austin down.



  3. Mike

    UNC is in deep, deep trouble. So much for the ACC not being a rouge conference. First is was FSU in a major scandal and now it is UNC.


  4. Siskey

    Blake was formerly the coach at Oklahoma. I read Skip Bayless’s book about the 1990s Cowboys and Blake was prominent on that staff due to his ability to realte with the players. He parlayed that into many jobs with Jimmy Johnson eventually being named the Coach of OU. Obviously he did’nt do too well in that role although he did get the ball rolling on OU’s recruiting so that when Stoops came in he had good players to work with.
    If this story is true then I imagine that Davis will soon be looking for another job and kicking himself even more for leaving Miami. It is good news for Georgia since we often get good players out of North Carolina.

    Go Dawgs!


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Wichard–4 game suspension.