Start and finish – defensive coordinator watch

Todd Grantham indulges in a little gallows humor in this interview with Fletcher Page,

What’s the plan now?

TG: Don’t let them score (laughter)…

but the rest of his comment reflects a man who still sounds confident about what he’s doing.

… No I think that the big thing that I say is, really, you can talk, but it’s start and finish. You know, I think it’s important that you understand concepts and you understand what’s happening to you based on the formations that are out there. And, you know, take care of your job and you know, it’s OK to be excited for a game, but you still have to focus on your assignment, your job. And you can’t let the emotions of the game affect you. I think that’s critical and as younger players gain experience and as young players play more some of that goes away a little bit. So I think as we move forward, I expect that to stop.

Steep learning curve, I’m afraid.

Meanwhile, here’s where he stacks up after Week Four with his three peers who were rumored for the job he landed:


  • Alabama, 1st
  • LSU, 5th
  • Georgia, 46th
  • Virginia Tech, 51st


  • LSU, 9th
  • Alabama, 24th
  • Georgia, 32nd
  • Virginia Tech, 32nd

Credible, if not dominant.



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20 responses to “Start and finish – defensive coordinator watch

  1. Chadwick

    More than credible given the personnel and the fact they’re essentially learning a new language. The defense has issues, but they are nothing that experience and finding what players on the squad can perform the scheme in game situations. Grantham’s just playing the hand he was dealt and these issues would be the same if Richt had hired any of the peers you are alluding to.


    • Faulkner

      He deserves time to get his system in place. It’s as much about learning the new system as it is about unlearning the old system. That includes crappy tackling and not being within 2 counties of the receivers.


  2. Irishdawg

    Total agreement. You have to think of it like this; all the defenders are basically freshmen. They’ve learned a totally new system and way of doing things, with different styles and terminology, and they’re having to do it in a place as unforgiving as the SEC. That doesn’t excuse missed tackles or blown coverages, but it does mitigate the circumstances a bit.

    I think Grantham is the right guy, and I think Richt is the right guy, and I think it’s folly to want to burn the whole building down right now.


  3. Doug

    The defence clearly is not what is losing games for us. The DB’s sure look lost quite often though.


  4. Don’t forget that Alabama and LSU actually have offenses, which can influence how long the D stays on the field, starting field position, etc.

    I think Grantham is doing a good job.


    • Forgot to ask: Does anyone have stats that show how our D’s performance compares on a per series or per play basis? This would eliminate some of the effects of our bad offense on the data.


    • LSU’s offense averages over 50 yards per game less than Georgia’s.

      No knock on Grantham, but Chavis is doing outstanding work, at least since the first game.


      • mike

        yeah, I think the our offensive is terrible so cut a break to the defense is a played argument.

        However, Chavis is doing outstanding work, but he has also had an opportunity to build and coach a defense over a longer-term. Grantham essentially inherited a shit sandwich that he seems to be making into something that is edible. Not caviar, but edible.

        Dawg fans recognized that it was shit sandwich in January of last year, however, we now think we should be dining on prime rib.

        Phuck I’m hungry.


  5. Mike

    Any idea at how this compares to this time last year?


  6. Irishdawg

    mike’s right, Chavis isn’t teaching an entirely new system.

    LSU’s offense is craptacular, though.


  7. 69Dawg

    Think what CTG could do with players without ADD. Our Db’s are so easily faked out it’s a shame. The safeties are too small for run support and too slow to cover. We have a DL coach that won’t play anybody but his favorites. Senator somebody said that in the MSU game we only played 14 D players, is that right? No wonder they are dead on their feet at the end of the game.


  8. PNWDawg

    I tend to lean towards the side that wants to give him a chance to teach his system before passing judgement. But what keeps me from committing is his salary. He’s making more than quite a few proven coordinators. So I would expect that would produce some pretty quick results. At the end of the season we’ll have a pretty good idea if he’s worth the money.


  9. Erked Russell

    How did His holyness BVG do in his first year through Sep?


  10. Erked Russell

    During BVG first year as Defensive Coordinator at Georgia in 2001, the Bulldogs allowed just 18.9 points per game, ended up fifth in rushing defense and ranked 17th in scoring defense. For his coaching efforts, he was named the seventh recipient of the Valvoline Southern Sports Tonight “Assistant Coach of the Year”.

    Those were the days