“There is no RPI in football.”

I tell you what – when it comes to football scheduling, Greg McGarity says what he means, and means what he says.

E-mail me in 2014 if you’re looking for a couple of tickets to the Charleston Southern game.


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36 responses to ““There is no RPI in football.”

  1. Lee

    So much for the BCS system not “de-valuing the regular season”😉

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Can we play UL Lafayette every game?

  3. Brad

    I can see not wanting to go west with the late starts and time change but why not schedule an east coast team once every three or four years? I would give up a 7th home game every few years for games at a Big Ten or ACC school. Ask Boise how much beating a team like Va Tech can help in national perception.

    • Bob

      I just can’t wait till that Charleston Northwestern or whatever they are called game. Can you feel the tension of a big game Saturday in Athens? Maybe we can get Chris Fowler and Herby to commit to this game early on.

      Simply disgusting. Garbage. And embarrassing to anyone with a pair.

      Did McGarity just get this game scheduled since we cancelled Oregon? No, that is obvious that the Oregon game was cancelled some time ago and the fitting announcement was made after the Miss State loss to slide it by during the outrage over the current state of the program. This guy is a real weasel.

      • Chuck

        “A real weasel?”

        C’mon man, I want to see good match ups as much as anyone, but I also don’t see any reason for us to tie one hand behind out backs just to prove we can do it. Oh, and by the way, we haven’t done it.

        • Bob

          How is playing Oklahoma State, Colorado, Louisville, Arizona State and Oregon tieing our hands? I thought we played in the toughest, meanest, baddest conference in the land. Lets not confuse these teams with Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma, Penn State and Texas.

          Since the trip to Arizona is the convenient excuse for our loss to Bama, please explain the excuse for the last two beat downs in Jax or the last two whompings in Knoxville? And we actually beat South Carolina last year after that long, arduous covered wagon trip to Stillwater.

          Sorry, right now weasel fits just fine. And Orange and Blue are probably our future colors under this guy.

          • Gooner Dawg

            I guess Bama and Florida don’t “have a pair” then (and, by the way, what an absolutely sophomoric turn of phrase to use when discussing the big business of college football).

            Yes, in the last 3 years has played Clemson, VT, and Penn St. Why don’t you go look at the other big name OOC opponets they played in those years. Looking, looking, looking . . . that’s right, NONE.

            They have played one a year . . . just like we do by practice with Georgia Tech.

            Why do so many of you want to hamstring our coaches who seriously need all the help they can get.

            I guess you’re too busy talking like a 14-year-old, saying McGarity, a UGA grad, is a “weasel” or doesn’t “have a pair.”

            Brilliant analysis.

            • Bob


              Exactly how has playing these OOC games affected our ability to get to Atlanta? Does Georgia have to count the loss to Oklahoma State last year?

              Yes Bama and Tennessee and LSU play one game. That is very true, but that does not make it right. They also play 7 or 8 home games every year.

              You know how to fix that? Real easy. Move the Georgia Florida game to home and home and stop pretending that a stadium an hour away from the Swamp is a Neutral site. Pretty damn simple.

              • Bob

                BTW, Charleston Southern held their own in Honolulu this past weekend. They were in the game until the kickoff and only lost 66-7 to the Warriors.

                Must have been the travel that cost them this close one. LOL

              • Gooner Dawg

                I agree with that wholeheartedly. A team from the State of Georgia playing a “neutral” game in Jacksonville, FLORIDA, is one of the dumbest things any team in organized sports willingly does to itself. I swear, the administrators and coaches at UF must laugh their asses off every time we reup that contract.

                However, I do not think the scheduling thing is a “right” or “wrong” matter. I also don’t believe you can simply say it doesn’t affect our SEC prospect because an OOC loss doesn’t count in conference.

                Playing what amounts to a practice game helps, because teams – except for the 2010 iteration fo the Georgia Bulldogs – use those games to work out kinks and not get starters hurt. Not so on a trip across the country to play Oregon.

                Its a matter of setting your team up to navigate the hardest conference schedule in the country. Everyone else in the conference does the same thing, so we should follow suit just to keep up.

                • Bob

                  Playing a practice game is fine. We already have two of those gems on the schedule.

                  Perhaps Mr. McGarity should work with the SEC to ensure that one team in the WLOCP doesn’t have the bye week almost every year while the other dummies play a game almost every one of those years. That would be reasonable schedule adjustments while not scheduling South Gwinnett and South Forsyth Between the Hedges.

            • Prov

              Florida actually does have a pair…of Crystal Footballs.

  4. BeerMoney

    So under all of this change in philosophy, I have a proposal for the B.N. and McGarity.

    If we are going to travel less and soften our schedule, why not play a “road game” at the Georgia Dome against Georgia State leaving the door open for a bigger name marquee home and home?

    Say we play them before or right after S. Carolina. The place would be completely sold out and would be essentially a UGA home game away from home. Plus, it would be great exposure for their program and they would get a huge “shot in the arm” gate from it. I am sure Curry and co. would have room on their skedy on down the road. They could charge $50-75/ticket if they choose. Maybe not every year, but why not give it a try? That would nullify the not enough home games problem. Granted, UGA wouldn’t get the gate of a home game, but could definitely reduce the wear and tear of travelling that they are referring to in this article.


  5. Gooner Dawg

    I really don’t understand why so many are getting angry about this scheduling tactic.

    Every major team in the Big 12, Big 10, and SEC schedules like this now. In fact, teams have strategically scheduled dating back to Gen. Neyland.

    UGA fans want it both ways, ven though it doesn’t exist. Championship winning team that schedules 3 BCS OOC opponents – EVEN THOUGH NONE OF OUR CONFERENCE OPPONENTS SCHEDULE LIKE THAT.

    If you really want a better OOC schedule – even though UGA’s is fine with McGarity in charge – lobby for the UF game to be moved out of Jacksonville. That game alone hampers our scheduling more than any other.

    And more importantly, why don’t UGA fans get behind the kind of scheduling that helps UGA reach important games like the SECCG and the Sugar Bowl.

    • I’m not angry. I’m resigned to it.

      • Bob


        Just what makes you think that those few of us that are upset with this are not equally upset with the game in Jax? And McGarity is a big proponent of that game, which robs Georgia of a quality home game every other year. Damn right I don’t like that and laugh at those who actually believe that it is somehow a neutral site.

        I think there is a happy medium. There is absolutely nothing wrong with 2 quality OOC games and two cream puffs if that is what you want.

        At least opt to play one of these other kickoff classic games like Bama, Auburn, LSU and Tennessee are doing……and getting a big up in the state of Georgia for recruiting while they are doing it. Somehow, not sure who in the hell is excited about playing Charleston Southern, Idaho State, New Mexico State et al.

        Whats next..South Gwinnett? South Forsyth? South Cobb? Maybe McGarity wouldn’t be opposed to traveling to Snellville for a home and home.

        Simply disgusting.

        • Biggus Rickus

          Jesus. Overreact much?

        • Biggus Rickus

          Here’s the OOC schedules for the teams playing those kickoff classic type games:

          Alabama – San Jose State, Duke, Georgia State, Penn State

          Auburn – Arkansas State, LA-Monroe, Chattanooga, Clemson

          LSU (the exception) – UNC, WVU, McNeese State, LA-Monroe

          Tennessee – Tennessee-Martin, UAB, Memphis, Oregon

          Now, Georgia’s slate – LA-Lafayette, Idaho State, Colorado, Tech

          Ultimately, the reason those schools schedule big-name OOC games early is that they aren’t stuck playing an in-state rival from another conference at the end of each year. With the exception of LSU they play three patsies and one potentially good OOC opponent.

          • … they aren’t stuck playing an in-state rival from another conference…

            That’s a bigger reason than the WLOCP, IMO.

            • Gooner Dawg

              The WLOCP’s biggest impact is on the desire to have 7 home games.

              In order to do that, and still play a “neutral” game against UF, OOC opponents generally have to be those that will not demand a home and home.

  6. Ron

    I’m thinking we could all use a little Charleston Southern right now…..

  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    One thing is certain. If the Dawgs had played Charleston Southern in Athens last year instead opening on the road at Okie State UGA would have been 9-4 in stead of 8-5 in 2009. Also, as expert football analysts pointed out last season, having a cupcake on the schedule first game would have given the Dawgs an opportunity to work out some kinks before playing one of the most difficult schedules in the country. Personally, I think if they had such a tune-up game they win the LSU game in spite of the refs and maybe are not down for the UT game as a result of losing to LSU and at least put up a better fight in that game. The Okie State fiasco ruined the whole season.

  8. time for a change

    Starting with a cupcake has certainly worked this year. How does UGA defense rank with cwm years?

  9. Ausdawg85

    Southeast Northern State University Tech A&M College at Waycross has an open date…we should book it.

    I think their mascot is the ramblin’ wreck.

  10. Barry

    I hate the new scheduling.

    Just picture what the home season will look like in the non-GTU years: 4 SEC teams and 3 cupcakes. And of course the cost for maintaining season tickets isn’t going to decrease.

    Sorry, but if I could go back in time, I would have called a cab for Damon Evans. Or removed red panties from store shelves.