Satellite cat fight

Fox and Dish Network are duking it out over broadcast fees.

… Fox Networks is blocking Dish’s access to its Fox Sports channels, FX and NatGeo. The sticking point is rate increases. Dish said they are asking for transmission fee increase of more than 50 percent. Those increases are often passed on to customers in the form of higher monthly subscription rates.

In a press release today, Dish said, “Fox has flatly refused Dish Network’s request to allow customers to continue to watch these FOX channels during the negotiations.”

If, like me, you’re a Georgia fan who subscribes to Dish, is that a potential problem for this weekend?  Not necessarily.

The University of Georgia football game on Saturday night versus Colorado is set to air on Fox Sports South, which would be unavailable if this dispute continues.

But good news, Dawg fans: Dish has come up with a work around. It has made some channels available that most Atlanta subscribers don’t normally get, including Channel 9667, which is Comcast Rocky Mountain. That network is airing the Georgia-Colorado game. In that case, you’ll hear the game from the Colorado perspective but at least you’ll get the game.

As long as Thom Brennaman isn’t on the FSS broadcast team, we’ll manage.


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15 responses to “Satellite cat fight

  1. Josh

    Pretty sure that was ol’ Thom on the Falcons broadcast last weekend, getting a subtle dig in about UGA’s crap start to the season.

    The feeling’s mutual, dude. Very.


  2. Reptillicide

    What a crock of shit. Who should I be more pissed at? Dish network, or FOX?

    We’ll get the Dawgs game, but we’re gonna miss 2 out of the last 3 Braves games of the season.


  3. Vious

    Hence why I always use DirecTV

    That and Sunday Ticket….love it


  4. PatinDC

    Does that apply to areas outside of ATL? Will we get them game in DC? How would I find out?


  5. hailtogeorgia

    I wonder if they’ll open up the Fox Sports regional channel for the Philly area for the Braves games?


  6. Lee

    I live in Missouri and was able to watch the Mississippi State game through the ESPN GamePlan last weekend. I plan to do the same this weekend, so if I don’t get the Dawgs on a package I pay extra for, somebody’s gonna hear about it…


  7. As of now it’s villa nova and someone else…this is BS….plan accordingly,find a bar neraby


    • Marshall

      It’s William and Mary…I’m engrossed! BS!!! Dammit! This Sucks!!!!

      I’m talking the supervisor’s, supervisor’s, supervisor….this sucks!


  8. btw what dish did was unconscionable and will lose them my business. sending press releases out to ATL media outlets giving channels u were going to broadcast it on and then blacking it out in the state of GA is complete Bullsh1t! I got this network and package so I could watch the games. Breach of contract. Cancelled immediately.


    • Marshall

      That’s what I told the “executive account manager” (the third person I spoke to). I also told him that my brother was my lawyer and his services would be free and that if they really wanted to go to court in Georgia to enforce the remaining 21 months on my contract, then they could bring it on. Man…I had DirectTV three months ago!!!

      F#cking Dish! To Hell w/ em!!!!


  9. Marshall

    Well…after hearing that last play…maybe it was for the best!


  10. Dish blocked 9665 which was comcast exercising it’s rebroadcast rights

    Their last chance at redemption blown…