They ain’t missin’ you at all.

Hmm… I wonder what’s changed.

… Florida hasn’t been nearly as successful running the ball on first down this season. The Gators averaged 6.4 yards per rush on first down a year ago. This season, they’re averaging 3.7 yards per rush on first down through the first four games.


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13 responses to “They ain’t missin’ you at all.

  1. Ben

    Isn’t that still more than the Dawgs are averaging per rush at all?


  2. JaxDawg

    yeah, and they’re 4 – 0.

    what’s our record again with our #1 galactic OL and the new “34”.


  3. Wilber's Marshalls

    Does that number account for the -100 yards or so of “rushing” done by Brantely when falling on a sailed snap during the Miami game?


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    They should fire Mike Bobo immediately.