There’s still a way to salvage the season.

Today’s poll question asks you to test the limits of your hatred.


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17 responses to “There’s still a way to salvage the season.

  1. Ray

    Best poll yet.


  2. Big Dawg Fan

    There are two teams that I hate for the Dawgs to lose to: Gators and Jackets. If they beat them, I can survive the rest of the year.


  3. 69Dawg

    Senator if this UGA team was by some miracle able to beat Florida it would rank up there with the parting of the Red Sea. We don’t have the coaches or players to play with UF, Ala Or apparently anyone else in Div I. The fall of this program has been swift.


  4. Dooley's Wig

    I used to sport that bumper sticker…

    Avoid the rush. Hate Tech early.


  5. Dooms Day Dawg

    The annual beat is Jax is too far off for anyone to dream of a win this season. I am not able to pencil in a W for any game between now and Jax given what I have seen from this squad thus far. Yes, Vandy is Vandy again, but just how far from Vandy are we? Dawgs need a win tonight in the Rockies in a huge way. A return to the Classic City with an L and the train will have come completely off of the tracks. It is concerning that so many players have tossed the word “frustration” around in several interviews. Who know what their effort level will be tonight.


  6. jtcrews

    I’m in the minorty but I don’t think this team is too far off from being a quality team. The D is playing better than last year but losing those 3 DT’s hurt bad. The offense will eventually get it together I just don’t know why recently its taken them 4 games in the season to do so. But back to the poll if we beat florida UT and tech this year I am a happy man.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I am in the minority with you. UGA had the ARK game won. There were too many bad calls in the MSU to count, but suffice to say they easily could have won that game, too. I haven’t given up on the dawgs yet. There is actually a scenario where the Dawgs could still win the SEC East. If Bama beats FLA today, LSU also beats FLA and the Dawgs win the WLOCP, the Dawgs and FLA would be tied at 5-3 in the conference with UGA having the tiebreaker. South Carolina has already lost to Auburn. If SC loses to FLA, Bama and ARK, SC will be 4-4 in the conference. Of course, this scenario requires the Dawgs to win the rest of their conference games.


  7. thewhiteshark

    I have to admit there’s a side of me that would trade beating Florida for everyone except Tech. Let’s beat Colorado today and see if we can’t start trying to salvage the season. I do have the believe the return of AJ will make a difference in the offense.


  8. Vious

    We have 3 losses already in the SEC

    Richt and company have lost the ability to lose anymore period for this year to be “satisfactory”


  9. DawgnAub

    What I’ve been telling my non-Dawg friends is that I will take winning 2 of 4 from Tenn, Aub, GT & FL and then all the rest, finish 7-5 and then win a bowl game.


  10. Will (the other one)

    It is never, ever acceptable to lost to Tech.

    Though I think Georgia State could beat this year’s team the way they’ve been playing…