The “It’s A 60-Minute Game” Bowl

Scenes from Baton Rouge:

… When LSU botched the shotgun snap with three seconds left and Tennessee linebacker Nick Reveiz beat Tigers quarterback Jordan Jefferson to the ball to recover at the 19, the Vols thought they had won.

A jubilant Dooley raced to the middle of the field, where he was hugged by cornerback Marsalis Teague and defensive end Jacques Smith.

Linebacker LaMarcus Thompson grabbed an orange Tennessee flag and ran to the locker room, while free safety Janzen Jackson, a Lake Charles native, scampered 100 yards to the south end of the stadium to celebrate with his family.

Similar feelings from Boulder:

Dobbs on the fumble on the final drive: “I thought it was a shoo-in; that’s how comfortable I was [about winning the game]. I put my helmet down. I was ready to run on the field and celebrate. But it didn’t happen that way. We made a fatal mistake, and that type of stuff needs to be corrected. We cannot turn the ball over at the end of the game. It felt like death to me. We have to keep grinding and support each other.”

The waning moments of this week’s Georgia-Tennessee game ought to be fascinating, in a bad-wreck-on-the-highway sense:   you know you shouldn’t look, but you won’t be able to stop yourself from doing so.


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34 responses to “The “It’s A 60-Minute Game” Bowl

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Over/under on attendance Saturday? I have got it at 87,000. First non-sellout in………?


    • Derek

      The game is sold out whether we show up is a different question.


    • Melody


      I like to win as much as the next person; but, I have a problem with folks who do not support THEIR team through good and bad. As for me and my group of six, we will make our 350 mile trek from Florida to Athens and support OUR team. To do less would make me no better than a GATOR!


  2. gastr1

    Please note that Seth Emerson claims he was right in front of Dobbs when he was interviewed and that he did not say that. The Colorado people said that, apparently.

    I’m not sure it matters much, though.


  3. baltimore dawg

    what on earth makes you think that game will still be at issue in its waning moments?


  4. TennesseeDawg

    Tennessee is better coached with much less depth and less talent not to mention their players actually put forth an effort for 60 minutes. Vols roll 27-13.


  5. JaxDawg

    Vols are playing with MUCH more intensity and physicality than we are.

    They are an overachieving bunch right now and actually play hard.

    I don’t see the game being close at all.


  6. BulldogBen

    Cynic, give me the under on that 87,000. I think it’ll be WAY under.

    I know I won’t be going. I’ve now gone to every game this year and I just can’t do it anymore. This team has sapped my will to live.

    What sadomasochist can go sit for another noon kickoff for THIS?


  7. Will Trane

    Failure in coaching and preparation.

    CMR likes to keep his weak assistants on staff, but McGarity will force the issue. CMR was forced to cut loose Martinez. Now he will be forced to let go Lilly and Van Halenger…former buddies and etc from FSU.

    Searels is a good O line coach, but his players are not in shape. Explain the line penetration. Probably due to schemes and sets of Bobo and poor conditioning. Green goes out for a quarter due to cramps. S&C? Plus where was Green in the 1st quarter. Searels and the O line have had enough of Bobo. CMR needs to start packing up Bobo by taking over the offense. We have complained about Bobo for 3 years. Bobo can not change from past schemes and he disappears in a game. Too many DC now know his tendencies.

    Evans kept Bobo and McClendon around because they are former players. McGarity will not.

    The best thing that happened this year was Evans misplaced judgement and red panies. McGarity is not only changing the scheduling but the student ticket situation. McGarity understands this is not some circus but a business. He sees the numbers and the performance of some assistants.

    These guys have to go: Bobo, Lilly, Van Halenger and S&C staff, Trainer and staff, McClendon. TG if they do not recruit well this year. Late in 2010 due to hire, but it has to change now.


    • The Original Cynical in Athens

      Rodney Garner’s time is up. He has been living on reputation for 4 or 5 years while recruiting has gone in the crapper.

      Chase Vasser over Jarvis Jones? Seriously?

      We did not even recruit Brian Randolph or AJ Johnson this year, 2 of the 5 best players in the Metro Area, if not the entire state. They are both going up to Tennessee to whip our ass for the next 4 years.


      • The Original Cynical in Athens

        Oh, and I forgot, we did not even SIGN A WR LAST YEAR even though we knew AJ Green would be leaving after this season. So, we go into next year with Tavarres King as the only SEC caliber WR on the roster. Unbelievable.


  8. It isn’t that Georgia players lack intensity, it’s that they lack conditioning. This has been obvious for quite some time.

    How many times did Knowshon take himself out of the game in 08? There are endless examples, but his should still be fresh in all of your minds.

    Now, when we are in desperation mode, we have a player with an extra 4 weeks to prepare cramping up and missing time. Can you say nutrition and hydration?

    When your out of gas, it can easily be mistaken for a lack of effort. The antiquated methods of Dave Van Halenger have come home to roost. The strength part of the S&C program is average. The conditioning part is woefully inadequate. History will show that the nepotism of the Mark Richt era was the single greatest contributing factor for his fall from grace.

    What you are seeing has nothing to do with our recruiting evaluations and player development. It is a direct result of the dereliction of one man. Which coach is in charge when 90% of our off the field troubles have occurred?

    One more thing, you don’t have to bail on the kids to send a message. Our record and performance on the field is message enough.


  9. Will Trane

    When you watch the post game interviews by Richt and Murray, it comes across that losing is no big issue.

    Makes you wonder if CMR has already checked out for somewhere else…like FSU.

    McGarity has some serious issues to resolve. Bet when he left Florida he did not see this coming.

    A football program in decline for at least 2 years.
    A basketball program that never gets to the top and stays.
    A baseball program beset with hitting and pitching issues. Giving up 15 to 20 runs per game.
    Off field issues for at least a decade.
    Great facilities, but no champions. No All- Americans.
    A souring of the base who supports these programs.
    How big of a house cleaning is coming.


    • dudetheplayer

      Why would FSU want Richt after just one year of Jimbo Fisher and the terrible job that Richt has done the last several years?


  10. 69Dawg

    I think Coach Garner is a good recruiter but he is only a marginally good DL coach. He has managed to put the most DL’s into the NFL than any other team. He made sure that his position was taken care of. Saying that I think he has not been very good at identifying and recruiting other positions. He has to recruit QB’s because of CMR but the rest are suspect. He got Knowshon because of the NJ tackle that we had.

    Coach Van is like Coach Richt a good Christian man and I am sure he was a great S&C guy at FSU when he had All-Americans at every position. FSU was the cream of the ACC that’s like being a 5 foot pygmy. The most glaring example of his utter failure at UGA was/is the way our Olineman get stoned by the ALA’s, UT’s and UF’s of this league. I don’t think CSS has much to work with. Our Oline is designed by CMR to pass block, they are coached to pass block, this is a technique that requires agility. Run blocking is the opposite you have to have a road grading mentality. You have to be the meanest SOB in the valley (see Bama’s O line). With the exception of good old Ben Jones we don’t have a mean guy in the bunch. They either don’t have the “want to” or they are just too damn weak to do it. A good sign of the S&C programs weakness is the unusually high number of Shoulder injuries to the Oline.

    Apparently our conditioning program lasts one month, February, then is gone. By the way those mat drills were so easy that my wife’s aerobics class could have done them. If any of our guys pucked then they are really out of shape. Lets hire a former Marine/football coach that will show these guys what conditioning is. With Dooley and Erk we had the Marine thing going and our Dawgs might get beat but the other team knew they had been in a fight for a full 60 minutes.


    • kurlos

      “A good sign of the S&C programs weakness is the unusually high number of Shoulder injuries to the O-line.”

      Will you, or someone else who knows, elaborate on this?


  11. Will Trane

    How many times have you seen a set with King or Bailey in the same backfield.

    Bufs had two weeks to prepare. They are 3-1, but they are suppose to be in the bottom of the Big 12. Every D1 team we played has a winning record.

    On the fumble by King how did their LB make that read so quick and get penetration. How did they come out and score on their first two possessions?

    Bobo, Searels, McClendon, and Lilly…what do they do in the offseason with regard to player development and schemes.

    How many UGA fans were in Boulder? Bufs had less than 53,000. How many bloggers have hit the sites since the end of the game? Record numbers. Dawg alums, fans, supporters, and followers are always there.

    But where are our coaches with regard to schemes, player development, recruiting, game preparation, and game adjustments?


  12. Connor

    Not much to say. Wins and losses are the metric by which a team is measured. We’re not measuring up.
    If this is the Titanic and we are in the last year of this coaching staff, at least Richt and Co. are doing us the courtesy of losing enough to allow us justify it.


  13. Will Trane

    Beginning to come to the conclusion a lot of CMR’s early success was completely due to Van Gorder and Calloway.

    Mark Richt needs to make a bold statement this week with his coaches and team. Take over the offensive calling and put Bobo back in the both. Move Tony Ball back to RB coach and sit McClendon. Let Lilly handle the TE and WR. Run mainly out of the shotgun. Put Logan Gray in the backfield with Murray…see if he can hold onto the ball or play both FBs rather than the RBs. If the fade is in the playbook take it out forever so Bobo or his QB is not tempted to use it. Use a full house backfield inside the 5 and shortdown situations. Play more freshman. Tell your DC to condense his scheme for the balance of the season. If the D players are not productive after 5 games when do you think they get it dialed in. Ask the secondary coach if he can get his players to get a few take aways and take the right read. Play Geathers and Tyson more on the same line. Do not recruit or sign a DB that is under 6″2″. Find a speed back. Work more on LSA and run more in practice.

    In quail hunting there is a saying…you kill birds over dogs and not paper. Which means recruit better players with speed and strength and not players with a bunch of hype for the bloggersphere. Recruit more interior D lineman…you can move them to the O line if necessary.

    See if the opposing O’s have scripted their plays on their opening possession and what your D can do to get of the field. They stopped MSUs second half opening drive run. Why did that happen and not first half drive.