“Their record doesn’t reflect how good they are.”

Forgive me for the spottiness of my observations about last night’s debacle.  It’s hard to get a lot of details right when you’re watching the game on a three-inch box on your computer monitor – Dish Network is missing a perfect opportunity if it doesn’t grab the promotional rights to be named The Official Broadcast Partner of Georgia Football – and then see that topped off by the power going out at my house roughly ten minutes after the game’s end, but here are four broad themes worth mentioning:

  • Even by recent standards, it’s staggering how much talent is being squandered. The final box score is truly sad:  once again, Georgia managed to lose, despite generating more offensive yardage, more first downs, a higher yards-per-pass, a higher yards-per-rush than did Colorado, a spectacular kickoff return, a 36-yard punt return and having A.J. Green live up to his Superman reputation.  What killed Georgia last night was what’s killed it all season, the offense’s inability to function consistently on the opponent’s side of the field.  The drive chart almost defies belief:  the three drives which started inside the Colorado 40 resulted in a total of seven points.  Throw in the two would-be scoring drives that ended in turnovers and you’ve got a bushel of points that they left on the field.
  • It is scary how reliant this team is on A.J. Green. Let me quote from Doug Gillett“With A.J. on the field and a factor in our game plan, we ran 40 plays for 363 yards of total offense. Without him, we ran 19 plays for 46 yards. The absence of one player, one player, dropped our offense’s effectiveness by nearly 75 percent. Hell, even our defense played better when he was in the lineup: They averaged three yards a play when they knew A.J. would soon be back on the field, nearly eight and a half when he was gone.” As I’ve said before, that doesn’t bode well for next year.  (And considering that they lost last night with him playing most of the game, it doesn’t say much for the rest of this year, either.)
  • As much as I’d like to blame the coaches for the loss, it’s not all on them. That’s particularly true on defense, where, if I were Grantham, I’d be rapidly pulling all of my hair out.  You watch somebody like Boykin lose containment on an outside running play that wound up gashing the defense for a key long run on a scoring drive turn around later in the game and blow up a bubble screen with a perfect read and textbook driving tackle and realize that somebody has shown him what to do, he’s just not staying focused.  The defense’s inability to handle a mobile quarterback – Dan Hawkins strikes again! – and its propensity for getting swallowed up by misdirection make third down stops a dicey proposition for the rest of the season (the Buffs were a combined 8-16 on third and fourth down conversions, helping them to a significant eight-minute advantage in time of possession).  On the other hand, Grantham hasn’t proven himself creative enough to scheme around Georgia’s biggest shortcoming on defense, the line’s inability to generate any pressure on opposing offenses.
  • Mike Bobo can’t help himself. You see stretches where you can tell he’s into what’s going on during the game and he’s calling plays which are designed to attack a defense’s weak points, but then you see him fall into a pattern where his game plan is to call the same old shit because, well, because that’s what he told himself he needed to do.  Aaron Murray can do many things well – that TD throw to A.J. which gave the team the lead at 17-14 was a thing of beauty – but one thing he’s not good at is throwing the fade in the end zone.  Yet Bobo insisted on going back to the fade repeatedly, despite poor results.  And he doesn’t seem convinced that Carlton Thomas, bless his heart, can’t run against stacked defensive sets.  Thomas got seven carries and averaged less than two yards per carry.  Ealey got one carry all night.  (Given King’s fumble to seal the loss, God only knows who will be getting the carries against Tennessee.)

For Richt, the rest of the season has come down to finding a way to making this team play with enough focus to win a game.  Given the way things have gone to date, that’s a tall order.  As I sit here, it’s hard to say that a win against any team on the rest of the schedule other than Idaho State won’t feel like an upset.  That’s pathetic, but it’s also reality.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    A touch of humor to start this discussion.

    Georgia is bad. Really bad. Georgia is so bad that . . . (RSVP with your punch line)

    First prize is one ticket to Idaho State. Second prize is two tickets to Idaho State.

    • confused About Who Is Really Cynical

      …..70 IQ morons are writing about how bad they are on the internet.

  2. Regular Guy

    I understand that he’s the only one with no fumbles, but 95% of the time we hand the ball to Thomas, it’s just a wasted play. Fumbles are bad, but so are plays for little or no gain, over and over. I’d rather take my chances with King getting most of the touches, spelled by Ealey, and at least have a chance at positive yardage.

    And J Hamilton has got to quit hanging guys out to dry in coverage, or just leave Williams in there full time.

    • gastr1

      Not only that, but Thomas’ inability to block bigger players led directly to at least one sack.

      He is a waste of downs, just as you say, RG.

    • 69Dawg

      Ha you people obviously do not know that CT is the second coming of Warwick Dunn. CMR likes midget backs and apparently soft stumble footed O lineman.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    If I were A.J., I’d work that cramp the rest of the year until I could escape this mess for NFL riches. Who could blame him?

  4. Jim

    the writing has been on the wall here for a couple of years now and unfortunately our sloppiness, lack of discipline and inability to “coach up” a player is coming home to roost.

    AND this coaching staff doesn’t have a clue as to how to deal with it.

    So, to all you Richt supporters out there, we can clearly flush this season down the toilet. With or without Richt you can forget about next year too. That makes 2012 the absolute earliest that we MIGHT think about contending for the east and I’m guessing that is a stretch b/c we probably won’t make a change until after next year.

    So glad we are keeping this staff around and so many of you stuck your heads in the sand and refused to see this coming (if i hear a comment about 90 wins in 9 years again i’m going to scream).

    We’ve fallen beyond mediocrity – we are just plain bad. The worst part about it is that we are squandering so much talent as the Senator points out.

    Anyone that wants to keep Richt around beyond the Tech game this year, please state your case…

    Don’t ask me who we are going to hire. Anyone can do more than this staff. I’ve been saying since 2008 that we can do less with more better than anyone else…

    • TennesseeDawg

      I hear Ray Goff is still available.

      • Jim

        everyone that spent all summer scoffing at the “hot seat meme” please raise your hand…maybe others actually saw this coming too and you were all wrong.

        i’d happily give goff another shot right now but I’m guessing we can do better.

        • Scoff

          Let me know which of the hot seat commentators knew that AJ Green would miss 4 games, that our RBs would fumble so many times in the red zone, and that our QB (who was only supposed to be a game manager) would be hindered by sub-par O-line play.

          • Jim

            None of the hot seat commentators knew specifically how we would implode, but i think we all knew things would get much worse given the trends the last couple of years in the program.

            AJ’s actions show a complete lack of respect for the program or coaching staff. The only way i can explain our sub par offensive line play or turnover problems/ineptness in the red zone, is coaching.

            • Hackerdog

              Most of the hot seat posters before the year were focused on losing to UF (during a stretch when they won 2 national championships) and a lot of off-field arrests (for things like misspelling your middle name and emerging from alleys).

              During the off season, Richt did the things (on defense and special teams) that most reasonable people thought needed to be done.

              If you’re claiming that you knew our offense would be this terrible, then you’re just being dishonest.

    • Regular Guy

      two weeks ago I would have disagreed. There’s still a part of me that feels like Richt deserves another year, but more and more now I think it would just be delaying the inevitable…….and thereby pushing back our recovery by another year.

      we have lost 4 games to teams we have as much or more talent than. What that means is that 4 coaching staffs have gotten better results out of similar or less talent. So people saying “who are we gonna get that’s better?”……….well, apparently we’ve seen 4 who are better already, at least they are better THIS YEAR. Richt’s past isn’t helping us now. This year (and arguably the past 2 or 3) he is consistently being outcoached. So unfortunately there are probably a number of better coaches out there, and my guess is that at least one of them would like to coach at The University of Georgia.

    • gastr1

      At this point we are coaching players DOWN. Can anyone really claim that an offense that has King, Ealey, Orson Charles, Murray, and Shaun Chapas can be this punchless when Green is not in there? Those guys are above-average players.

      It’s the design of the offense that is causing that. When there’s a GREAT player on that field, the offense works, because ANY offense will work with great players who cannot cause mismatches when they step on the field. But an offense that merely has GOOD players–like 99% of them–is what we have when AJ is out. And then our offense becomes frighteningly bad even against the worst teams.

      Come on, that’s not the players running C. Thomas off tackle for no gain.

    • The Dude

      I think 2012 is optimistic.

      With Richt, 2011 is a waste and 2012 becomes a rebuilding year under a new staff, 2013 becomes competitive, and 2014 means the new coach has the players for his scheme and thus competitive.

      With Richt out at the end of this year, back up the plan 1 year for every step.

      To say 2012 is the year we contend for the east is to wish that Donnan is currently handling our recruiting.

    • Jim, I like that “We can do less wth more” saying. That just about sums it up because the talent is there.

    • S.E. Dawg

      How can you be plain bad when you’ve got a chance to win the game?

      • Jim

        By not winning any of the 4 we “had a chance to win” against inferior competition, through no great performances by said competition, with a consistent inability to score in the red zone or stop the opposing offense when we need to get our defense off the field.

        I really hope you aren’t trying to defend the current UGA squad we are seeing on the field each week as anything better than bad…

        • Clarification

          **no great performances by said competition: Lattimore 37-182-2td, Mallett 21-33, 380, 3td;

          given time and support, richt will right the ship. the lunatic fringe better get their 25-30 million ready if they want to fire richt (grantham will have to go, too) and hire someone new. better see if you can buy a rb that can hang on to the football while you’re at it.

          • carolinadawg

            FYI, for everyone claiming Lattimore to be unstoppable…he got 182 yards against us, 184 total in SC’s other 3 games. 5.1 ypc against us, 3.9 against the FURMAN, USM and Auburn. He’s an decent back that we made look great.

            And the “lunatic fringe” are the folks defending our current coachiing staff.

  5. The Original Cynical in Athens

    How about taking a delay of game on your OWN 35 in order for the punter to hit a 38 yarder?

    I have never seen such outright stupidity in all my years of watching football. I know that “in the arena” Butler can kick the ball 125 yards, but this year, he is only averaging 43.

    That may have been the single dumbest thing I have ever seen, besides Jim Mora, Jr talking on a cell phone during a game once.

    • Derek

      The punt landed at the 23 so your premise is clearly wrong. It was a 38 td punt so that means that we punted from our 39. Which means we took the penalty at the 44. The wind was blowing that way all night. Had butler sailed it into the end zone from the original line of scrimmage then THAT Would’ve been the dumbest thing ever, right?

      I think lost in this 4 game losing streak is the cause of it. The coaches have little or no trust that these guys won’t screw up anything and everything they are given and with good cause. I was listening to bill Oliver discussing his observations watching bama play ark. He was talking about watching bama in cover two zone and the corner plays man on a crossing route and ghe back runs a wheel behind where the corner should be. Coach Oliver says, “now kirby’s got to figure out what he can call that they won’t mess up.”. If Kirby has to make those calculations at bama, imagine our coaches dilemma. I get that they recruited them, they coached them etc., etc., but they a bunch of screw ups.

      • 69Dawg

        I have been saying for days that the majority of our D players are ADD. They are like T-Ball players that had rather be chasing butterflies. Our DB’s will not play their assignments and the 3-4 is an assignment D. Bama runs it and their players know that if they screw their assignment then Little Nicky is going to chew them out. He pulls them out of the game and chews them out. CTG tried this only to be cautioned that we are a State run Christian school that will not tolerate such a display on our sidelines. Our HC has gone from being unemotional to being in a walking coma. In his entire coaching career Mark has NEVER been faced with this situation and he does not know what to do. Pray coach and maybe the Lord will give you a new OC.

  6. Castleberry

    Hey Jim – I’m not on board with what you’re saying, but I don’t have much of a case against now either. That’s sad.

    Have we had the same drive in the last three games now? I’m talking about a key possession in the third quarter, where we need to keep our defense off the field for a while. We give Carlton Thomas two runs up the middle and then get sacked on third and long. That was like deja vu last night and was the point where I really started losing hope on the game.

    Ironically, I paused the game immediatly before the King fumble and explained to my wife that we were either about to win, or there would be a tragic screw up.

    Three seconds later – game over.

    Could King and Ealey be coughing the ball up in practice too? It’s the only justification I see for having Thomas out there. If he has to be the one out there can we please just please run some plays suited to his strengths. Please. C’mon guys. This is getting old.

    • 69Dawg

      It might be helpful if we had a RB coach that knew something about RB’s.

      • Ray

        I agree. I can’t seem to understand why our rb was switch to wr and our wr coach (who was a wr) switched to rb. Maybe my limited understanding of football is to blame but can anyone please explain that to me?

  7. ernie

    CMR self declared CEO, is by definition :”top executive responsible for a firm’s overall operations and performance. He is the leader of the firm, serves as the main link between the board of directors (dawg nation, the university, and our state) and the firm’s various parts or levels, and is held solely responsible for the firm’s success or failure.”

    “A CEO must have a balance of internal and external initiatives to build a sustainable company.”

    Our pristine white pure breed trademark is being dragged through the septic tank.

    Our “market value” is plummeting; at this point, we are penny stock.

    I think its time to ask for a bail out.

  8. gastr1

    Was Boykin not blitzing on that running play? Seemed to me it was the players behind him–the safety and LB–that lost outside containment.

    • Castleberry

      Good point. It seemed to me the Boykin was limping and noticeably slower after the long king return. He was easily outrun on several plays.

  9. MWO

    I have never seen a team that defines the term “snakebit” more than this one does. We fumble, they recover, they fumble, they recover. These guys need a slumpbuster in the worst kind of way.They need to do like Mark Grace used to do when he was in a batting slump. Go find the biggest, fattest girl you can, and drop the hammer.

    • SCDawg

      +1 for the slumpbuster.

    • Regular Guy

      I agree. You really can’t use it as an excuse, but I don’t think the ball has bounced our way since about 2005. Regardless of which team puts it on the ground, or whether it’s off a punt, fumble, etc, the ball ALWAYS bounces against us. In theory, it should be relatively 50/50, but that doesn’t happen for us.

      bottom line though, the best teams make their own luck – or play well enough that a bad break or two can be overcome. We don’t do either one.

      • gatriguy

        Maybe it’s just evening out for all the breaks that DID go our way from 2002-2005

        • Regular Guy

          Valid point, we definitely caught a slew of breaks in that time frame — except in Jacksonville, of course. I think the ball will ALWAYS bounce against us there, from here to eternity!

  10. Ray

    I always see people write that with our talent we should easily win 10 games a year (I don’t disagree). I have been watching UGA games for over 25 years and there is only a handful of teams that were below par on talent. We are always loaded and yet we don’t have much to show for it. We should have twice as many SEC Championships and certainly more than one National championship since before the Dooley days. Right now I am sleep deprived because of a sick kid so please excuse me if I am way off base or need to be medicated. Are we snake bit? Are we really USCe with a touch more success? Is our self perception out of touch with what we really are and people want the only guy who has recently brought success gone because we are a “7” and think we are a “10”. Geez that was a terrible sentence but hopefully you get my point. I guess what I am saying is Since HW left we have not been good on a consistent basis. CMR came and we started winning 10 games a year and SECCs. I just fear that we might fire the one guy who has brought recent success and go through another 20 year stretch of mediocrity. I feel like a battered wife. I know what I have and I know after a bad day at work or a couple of drinks I am going to get the crap kicked out of me. But every once in while I will get roses and that make everything better and give me a little hope that things will get better. Either that or I end up on a slab in the morgue. I told my wife that being a UGA fan is like owning a new car. Every loss is a dent in the door and each loss/dent hurts a little less the previous. Good grief, I am rambling. Please tell me if I am over reacting and just need sleep…..or medication.

    • MWO

      Ray, I feel much the same way you do. I have been following UGA since the late 60s and have had my heart ripped out too many times to count. The battered wife comparison is one of the best I have heard to describe Georgia football through the years. I will still pull for them-win, lose, or draw, but there is not a lot of good to be said for their results this year. Maybe it is true that you can’t buff a turd.

  11. SCDawg

    Anyone notice it looked like the O-line was pass blocking on the fumble? Someone said it looked like a flea flicker. If that is the case, I just don’t know what to say. If it was a run play, that is not how you run block.

  12. Todd

    Next year, the last great talent will be gone. Other than AJ, who else in NFL quality? For anybody thinking Mark Richt can pull this out, wait til next year. You will see this program get ass raped repeatedly. It will lend to another year of not getting top recruits. How far is Georgia from Alabama? Light years…….light years.
    Mark Richt doesn’t get it, because he has never had to. At FSU, they had endless depths of NFL talent against a bullshit conference. At Georgia, he had Donnan’s players and a few of his own.

    Tennessee will win this coming week in Athens. Bet your house on it. Tennessee doesn’t quit and they are physical.

    McGarity needs to pull the trigger. If the big money says keep Richt another year, then they are flawed and the reason why this program will never catch Florida and never ever catch Alabama. Time to fork over the big bucks.

    • Jim

      Very, very well said. I don’t know what the line is, but i’d put a lot of money on the vols if i were a betting man.

    • Will (the other one)

      I’m bracing for Tauren Poole’s 1st 200 yd rushing game this year next weekend.

  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    A few points:

    Who says we have all this great talent?

    Some peanut sucker like Jamie Newberg or one of the other recruiting maggots?

    We get the best players we can get. Period.

    Everybody else in the SEC has players who are making plays for them every week we could not get past the administration review board.

    Do you think we could have taken Jeremiah Masoli?
    Don’t make me laugh.

    “Great teams make their own luck” such bullshit, and it does not apply to a team struggling to just win a game.

    Tennessee fired Phil, who could count, and how’s that working out for them?

    I have said many times that we are not ever going to be Alabama. But since I am nobody, I guess nobody believes me. But we are not ever going to be Bama.

    We are not institutionally committed to being Bama, and we will not, any time in the forseeable future become institutionally committed to being Bama, so if Bama is what you want, maybe you should turn in your Dawg gear and become a Bama fan.

    “Time to fork over the big bucks”….another indication many of us just don’t understand the prior comment.

    We have the nucleus of a pretty good Georgia team, but we are the unluckiest, most snakebit team I have ever seen.

    I am told by folks who listen to the TV commentators that somebody said when you change defensive schemes you have not a few new starters, but 11 new starters.

    Instead of picking on one or two kids, look at the big picture. This same group of folks who is picking on the kids and coaches is the same group that just could not go on with their lives if we did not change defensive coordinators.

    Well, you got your wish, and you know what, we are getting just a little better each game.

    Sorry we are not moving at the pace you expected.

    You can prepare, you can practice, you can coach your ass off, but you can not out coach Old Lady Luck.

    And this is especially true of a football team scratching and clawing for every play, just trying its ass off to get a win.

    Not even Vladimir Saban can outcoach Old Lady Luck.

    • rbubp

      Scorpio, agree with you about the defense–in principle. But how does one explain the situation with the offense? And any observer can easily see that the defense magically plays better when the offense is successful.

      Funny how those two things, seemingly unrelated, are actually quite related. Maybe 21-year-olds have a hard time not getting caught up in “momentum” (maybe Vlad Saban is right to deny that it exists).

      Last night we had a 10-point lead early in the third when the D made a heinous error on an option play that was easily attributable to the scheme change. Players were caught out of position. Then they got a 3rd down TD they never should have had, and a 2-pt conversion. But we’re still ahead. What happened next? A three-and-out. A punt where they get the ball on their own 45.

      Must be that damned momentum thing again.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I don’t have any explanations for the offensive breakdowns….and maybe The Boss is right that there is no such thing as momentum on the field.

        If The Boss believes that, who the hell am I to argue with The Boss, I don’t want to wind up in a reeducation camp.

        I do think mistakes tend to feed on themselves, at least they do with me and such things as fixing the lawnmower.

        And I do think the psyche of this particular football team is extremely fragile, and if you accept that the defense has 11 new starters, and that they are, during the learning curve, going to make some whopping big mistakes, then I don’t think there is any question that the offense, which is watching this stuff a whole lot closer than we do, is affected.

        Based on what I saw last night, what this team needs, and desperately, is not new players, not new coaches, and not new schemes.

        What this team needs is a win, and until that happens, however it happens, the air on the sidelines is going to continue to be laced with confusion and doubt.

        All I can do, and I hope you too, is keep pulling for them, wear your knees out, whatever it takes.

        The Boss did not say you can’t sing the blues till you suffer.

        But if we can get that win, I think you will hear this bunch begin to sing. Together.

        Clear eyes, full hearts.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Florida got the visitors shortcourse at The Boss’s reeducation camp Saturday.

        • Will Q

          Well said, Scorpio. I came as close to crying at the outcome of something as meaningless as a football game as I ever will last night, and it was because I never saw our guys quit. They made stupid mistakes, but they made amazing plays too. That last defensive stop before our last tragic possession was beautiful. I was screaming at Bobo to let Caleb run it because he was running with authority. That fumble…well, Dobbs said it best: it felt like death.

          Pick yourselves up, boys, ’cause Tennessee’s coming to town, and they’re just as hungry as you are.

          (By the way, +1 for the re-education camp.)

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Yep, I am truly sick and tired of people bad-mouthing these kids who are playing their guts out.

            It never ceases to amaze me how people want to “blame”.

            Believe me, I understand how Dobbs feels.

            And you, too.

            At least the players get to play. All we can do is sit around and second guess, whine and blame. Or Cry.

    • Will (the other one)

      Tenn did actually improve under Kiffen vs. Fulmer though, they just didn’t expect him to bolt.
      Meanwhile UGA improved after canning Donnan, Florida improved after canning Zook, Bama after canning Shula, and hell, Tuberville, who had a comparable record to Richt and an undefeated season only a few years ago, was canned and now Auburn looks like the lone team that can give Bama a game…with Gene Chizik.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        “Tenn did actually improve under Kiffen vs. Fulmer though, they just didn’t expect him to bolt.”

        They did? Oh, you must mean they improved in secondary violations.

        No question about that….oh, and coaches’ salaries that sure was better, for the coaches.

    • carolinadawg

      Saying we are unlucky is a bulls**t, losers excuse.

      • Hackerdog

        You’re saying our coaches have taught King & Ealey to fumble? Or did we teach Walsh to miss the field goal in the first half? Or were those just unlucky mistakes?

        Dismissing the effect of luck on a football game is for narcissists who believe that they can will the universe to bend to their desires. Most of us know better.

        • carolinadawg

          Every team faces obstacles…the good ones are talented enough and well coached enough to overcome it.

          • Hackerdog

            Are you arguing that LSU didn’t get lucky on the last play of the UT game? You’re arguing that Les Miles is such a genius of a coach that he drew it up that way?

            Some teams are lucky and some teams are unlucky. Some teams win despite bad luck. Some teams lose despite good luck. To dismiss luck as a determinant in the outcome of a football game is foolish.

            • carolinadawg

              I’m not dismissing it as a factor in a discreet event…I’m saying that over time (like the last 2 and a half years for example) “luck” evens out both ways. Good teams will take advantage of their “good luck” and will rise up to overcome the other teams “good luck”. Not to mention that talent, coaching, preparation, concentration, etc. can lead to either eliminating “bad luck” or creating “good luck”.

              It may have been lucky for LSU that UT had 13 men on the field. But “luck” wasn’t the cause…lack of preparation and concentration by UT was. For UT to say they lost because of bad luck is a bulls**t, losers excuse, just as it is for us to blame the last 2 and half years on it.

              • Hackerdog

                2.5 years of football is about 30 games. If you flip a coin 30 times, you might get 20 heads. That doesn’t mean your coin isn’t fair.

                And yes, UT is to blame for having too many players on the field. But it’s still lucky for LSU. Regardless of how good a coach Les Miles is, he can’t cause UT to have too many players on the field. Bottom line is that, when a team uses all the time on the clock to run its final series, snaps the ball over the QB’s head on the final play, and wins the game, that team is lucky.

                I’m not saying luck is the main cause of UGA’s recent decline. But luck is a factor in injuries, turnover ratio, bad officiating, etc., which has affected the outcome of games.

                So the standard refrain of saying that bad luck is just an excuse for losers is itself narcissistic and silly.

                • carolinadawg

                  I’m not sure what your point is with the coin flip analogy, and your use of a double negative makes it even more difficult to understand, but I’ll say this: a football game is not the same as a random coin flip. There are many, many variables at play in determining the winner of a football game. Most of those variables are controllable. Thats not narcissism, thats a fact.

                  That can be further shown by examining some of your examples. In the case of a fumble, the cause could be that the quarterback failed to use proper form in handing the ball to the running back. Or the running back may fail to properly secure the ball. Both of these are actions that the players have supposedly been taught how to do by the coaches. Perhaps our coaches haven’t properly instructed them. Perhaps practice time limits don’t allow them to spend enough time practicing handoffs. Whatever the reason, there is a reason. Its not just a random event with no cause. And if there is a cause, in most cases it can be prevented. Again, thats not narcissistic, thats a fact.

                  Injuries are similar. Sometimes injuries are the result of poor conditioning or improper form.

                  Life, like football, is not a series of totally random events over which we have no control. Viewing events that way is immature and silly. Obviously, things happen that are random and unavoidable, and yes, we’ve had some bad breaks, but we also have some real issues that need to be addressed.

                  • Hackerdog

                    My point about coin flips is that luck sometimes determines outcomes. If you flip a coin 30 times and get 20 heads, would you assume you had a coin weighted towards heads, or that you are an excellent coin flipper who is able to bend the forces of random chance to your will, or would you assume that you got 20 heads by pure, dumb luck? Only the most narcissistic would dismiss luck and insist that good coin flippers make their own luck and can flip 20 heads out of 30 flips.

                    Now lets talk fumbles. Yes, there is some coaching and execution in avoiding fumbles in the first place, but statistical studies have shown that once a fumble is on the ground, the team who recovers it is pretty much random. Last year especially, that team was usually not UGA. So, unless you believe that a football coach can defy the laws of physics to force an oblong shaped ball bounce in a predictable fashion that will help his team, then you should acknowledge that recovering fumbles is affected by luck.

                    And injuries can be about conditioning. But injuries can also be about a guy rolling into your leg. Just bad luck.

                    Football, like life, is an event where you do your best, try to prepare, and then react as best you can to the unpredictable and random events that will inevitably pop up. To dismiss luck and insist that you can bend the forces of the cosmos to your will is narcissistic and foolish.

  14. Scott W.

    This is a GAME played for enjoyment by 18-21 year old kids. I am a Dawg and will be till the day I die. To compare me as a Dog fan to that of a battered woman, I think I’d need to go sit in the hyperbolic corner with Tony Barnhart. Yes UGA is losing and yes it sucks, but we all need to get a grip.

    • rbubp

      A grip on what? Usually that is supposed to mean a grip on reality. So, some don’t have a grip on the first 1-4 start since 1957 or whatever it is? Do they not have a grip on our being one of the worst teams in the SEC?

      You’re right, those people do need a grip!

      • Scott W.

        That if all you have to complain about is a 1-4 record for your football team it isn’t like you’re being beaten up.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          What if we invent a whole new category of abuse….battered Dawg syndrome…kin ye dig it?

          • aristoggle

            May I suggest Kicked Dawg?

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              Gives a whole new meaning to “in the dog house.”

              “Kicked Dawg” syndrome….

              It occurs to me the meanest dog I was ever around was one who had been kicked around by his ignorant owner.

              Frankly, today, I feel like a Kicked Dawg.

    • Ray

      “I feel like a battered wife. I know what I have and I know after a bad day at work or a couple of drinks I am going to get the crap kicked out of me.”

      Not quite sure I said “Scott W is like a battered wife”. In fact, I think I see at least five “I”s in there. Perhaps you should work on improving your reading comprehension skills before blasting off. If you don’t understand what I was saying, I am sorry and will not draw a picture for you. That was said tongue in cheek, just relax dude. It’s just a game. I apologize if that hit a littel too close to home with you.

  15. Michael Adams must be laughing himself to sleep after every win. It’s gonna be noon game times for a long time coming.

    The only bright spot from this cloud? There will be a mass exodus of fair weather people this yr. I bet a 1 G donation will improve me from 2 seats in row 15 in sec. 321 to 3 seats in the lower level endzone. At least in coming years my wife, and son, and I will be able to watch the game together in decent seats without having to pay scalpers or troll stubhub. I’m also guessing that parking won’t be nearly as expensive last year and God how I wish they’d go back to how it was when I was at UGA 98-02: Park where you like and the Miller distributors have a tent at Baxter and Lumpkin.

    Would I trade it for some dawg wins? I’ll take the wins, no miller tent, expensive parking, draconian tail gate rules, and pricey tix any day.

  16. shane#1

    I am writing this from the hyperbolic corner, just sitting here with Tony. Believe it or not, I saw some improvement Saturday. I just had to get over my pout and sober up to realize that Bobo had actually made some changes. I can see a win in the future and soon. Bobo spread the D more yesterday, at least untill the later stages of the second half when Bobo turned into Vince Dooley. I am encouraged by the play of several of the guys, they just have to play as a team, as one. Then the wins will come, or I will enter rehab. It takes a thirty pack to get me through a UGA game this year!

  17. Todd

    Scorpio, you put way too much into “luck”.

    Allen Bailey, Cameron Heyward, (pre neck injury) Jarvis jones. Conner Shaw (instead of Hutson Mason)/ Juwan James, Jeff Whitaker, Kareem Jackson. Soon it will be Crowell. You telling me Georgia couldn’t get these guys in? Watch Lemay end up at Clemson with Peake.

    These guys didn’t or are not coming because they, like Chavis, knew this was a sinking ship.

    A culture has been created by a complacent coaching staff. This culture is not going to win games. Has anybody even bothered to think where Georgia would have been last year without AJ Green?

    • Marshall

      Good point regarding AJ. I’d venture a guess of 5-7.

      • confused About Who Is Really Cynical

        Not wanting to get hypertechnical but it appears that the 4 game suspension of A.J. Green exposed the problems. If Green plays all season UGA probably wins the Arkansas and Mississippi State games. If he is in shape (not cramping) and plays the entire Colorado game Uga probably wins that game, also. Different season altogether.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      I don’t know why the players you mention did not go to Georgia.

      But I do know that if a fumble bounces out of bounds before we can get to it, that’s luck.

      If a running back who does not normally fumble, does, that’s probably luck.

      If a player gets called for a personal foul that in the SEC would be a good, clean hit, that’s just bad luck.

      “Has anybody even bothered to think where Georgia would have been last year without AJ Green?”

      Has anybody even bothered to think where Georgia would be this year if AJ had not gotten caught up with the NCAA? Luck or black helicopters….I choose luck.

      • Todd

        Luck= situation + preperation

        I have not seen one good thing about this team yet. You sound like a South Carolina fan, and that is how they ended up going on a 0-21 run.

        If you don’t belive Georgia is at the bottom, then where is the bottom for you?

        Does anybody remember Donnan saying last year that Georgia didn’t have the talent to compete for at least 4 more years?

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Slick, I have seen the bottom, losing to Tech eight years in a row, and no hope for anything in the future…that is the bottom.

          This is not even close, its just a market correction.

          I am sorry you see nothing good about this team, cause I certainly do see some good things, and some good players, maybe not the ones Jamie Newberg says are good, but good nontheless, busting their collective asses.

          “Does anybody remember Donnan saying last year that Georgia didn’t have the talent to compete for at least 4 more years?”

          I assume that’s a misquote since it does not make sense, but why should I care about the ramblings of somebody who was 25-15 in the conference? And is now in the same profession as Brent Musberger. And Lee Corso?

  18. Vious

    Why do people keep saying that we are wasting talent when outside of Green, there is absolutely ZERO indication that we have that much talent….none

    We keep harping on the recruiting rankings as the REASON we are saying it but that means nothing

    Just looking at the tape, we seem like a solid talent team but nothing more

  19. Spike

    Vance Cuff sucks! Bench him.

  20. shane#1

    Scorpio, I don’t believe in luck, but I do believe in black helicopters. Gotta go, “they” are reading my e-mail again.

  21. Will Trane

    Coaches need to see that the opposing teams’ offenses are controling the ball and the clock in the 4th quarter against the Dawgs. The O gets close or takes a brief lead, but then the opposing offense gets the ball and moves it, eating up time and the scoreboard. The D has to stop teams on third down and have some negative 1st or 2nd downs…but the coaches have to see what is going on here. Same for the offensive, control the ball. Look at the plays MSU ran against us in the 4th and the number Colorado did in the 4th. Always a big 3rd down play. Dawgs offense has had few possessions in the 4th quarter.

  22. Will Trane

    Not enough dependable players on offensive. Look at the number of plays Green has been in in the last 10 games. Shocked at the low number.

    The coaches have to see some of the issues and resolved them. The O is highly productive at certain times but for various reasons can not keep it up for the game. 1st qtr Green there but not involved, misses 3rd, Durham is out, a RB is out, an RB sits due to fumbling issues. Seems they are snakebit. There are a lot of small issues that take away from success, but for me it come down to the sets and play calling by Bobo. He simply can not attack a defense with personnel and a set. Murray has to understand there is more to his offense than Green. Would someone take those little cards and sleeve play sets away. Like they have to fit something on those to a called play rather than seeing what an offense in lined up in or what the defense is lined up in.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Actually, the little doohickeys on their sleeves are memorable sayings and quotes by famous coaches.


      “There is no such thing as momentum.”

      “Chance favors the prepared mind,” and other such nuggets of wisdom.

      And maybe most important, a listing of the players Brent Musberger calls by their first names like they was his special friend.

      See…and you guys all thought that had something to do with ball plays.

  23. Will Trane

    Heard that the AJC and ABH have sent their sports writers back to Boulder. Why? To ask the Colorado football HC and DC if they knew where Green was in the first quarter. After all Mark Richt was still confused and detached. Even at half time when asked, CMR stated he didn’t know why it took so long to get the ball to Green. And even then it was on a hand-off, reverse style. If it takes you over a quarter to get the ball to your most potent offensive player, what in the hell does that say about your coaching. It does not exist. The record speaks for itself.

    And just maybe Bobo thought Green was still suspended for NCAA violation. Same thinking that decided to start Thomas while punishing King and Ealey. Understand. But when it got to 14 down, the strategy changed. Who decided that.

    The best question would be how did Bobo find that first call to Green. What a waste of a coaching position with some talent that if properly used would not have a four game losing streak.

    Is CMR setting Bobo up for “I had to cut you loose because you could not get it done.”

    But how good could Murray be with a top notch OC, or the offense in general. Murray’s overall numbers among D1 qbs is very good…best among freshman in spite of Bobo.

    Truly hard to understand the coaching this season.

  24. shane#1

    Penn Wagers works for the company? That explains a lot. Everybody knows that you can’t trust a Tech man anyway. We all know they lie, cheat, and steal. As to Bobo, he seems to lack confidence in his team. You can’t really blame him for that because they seem to screw up whenever they have a chance. However, going into a shell on offense cost UGA the game, imo.

  25. JaxDawg

    Amazes me that everyone is so torqued up and shocked that we’re 1-4. The problems with this program just didn’t jump up and bit us in the ass a few weeks ago. You all know that you started smelling that funny odor a few years ago. You weren’t quite sure what the smell was, but nonetheless it stunk and you couldn’t deny it.

    Now the stench is nausiating and everyone is wondering how we can get a win. Just one win. Well I got news for you pal, getting a few wins isn’t the solution to the smell. You will have to remove the trash as well as the entire waste basket.

    At some point we’ll all realize that we need a new waste basket and it ain’t going to be cheap. Then we’ll see how committed we are to being the best.

  26. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Exactly when did the stench begin to fill your nostrils JD? Was it in ’07 when the Dawgs finished #2 in the nation (and IMO got f#cked out of playing in the BCSNCG)? Or was it in 2008, when they won 10 games (just not as many as we had hoped) and finished the season ranked in the top 10? Or was it last season when they won 4 out of the last 5 games to apparently right the ship that got capsized by the #1 and #7 picks in the draft leaving school early. Was it when the announcement came that AJ was out for 4 games this season? Just how far back does this foresight go? You are a regular Nostradamus. Since you are so good at seeing things coming please email me back with info about what stocks I should be buying. Hindsight is always 20-20. Just don’t pretend you knew this was coming all along.