Quick shots from Pundit Corner

Bad news for Mark Richt – Stewart Mandel has given up:

… I’m done defending embattled Georgia coach Mark Richt. Even with star receiver A.J. Green back in the lineup (and making ridiculous, falling-down, one-handed catches), the Bulldogs couldn’t even beat hapless Colorado, falling to 1-4 with a 29-27 loss. Caleb King’s fumble in the final two minutes cost a shot at a possible game-winning field goal. “It’s bad luck, man. Nothing’s falling our way,” said Green. It’s going to take more than luck for UGA to avoid a losing season.

You know what they say:  when you’ve lost Mandel, you’ve lost Montana.

Meanwhile, Dennis Dodd proves once again he’s got the best research staff in college football reporting.  Taking a shot at the Coaches Poll (nothing wrong with that), Dodd tweets this:

Trouble for the shady credibility of the coaches’ poll. NMSU coach Walker says asst handles ballot. Yikes.

One little problem with that.  As Jerry Palm notes“he doesn’t vote. lol.”

D’oh!  It’s a trap!


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13 responses to “Quick shots from Pundit Corner

  1. Biggus Rickus

    At one point I tried my hand at the metacriticism game with college football writers. Dodd was featured regularly. Everything he writes is poorly reasoned bullshit. And the jokes. My God the jokes.


  2. 69Dawg

    Les Miles has sucked all the Luck out of the SEC.


    • 81Dog

      The Patron Saint of Clock Management, St Les of the Hat.

      I dont see how Les gets through airport security. You couldn’t find as many horseshoes at the average Kentucky racetrack as Les doubtlessly has lodged somewhere way up his colon.


  3. Jim from Duluth

    Even worse – BOTH Bradley and Schultz have columns up this afternoon. This has the makings of a full-page splash tomorrow morning. I’m not much with html, etc. so here goes:

    Bradley – http://blogs.ajc.com/mark-bradley-blog/2010/10/04/whats-wrong-with-uga-sad-to-say-it-starts-with-mark-richt/

    Schultz – http://blogs.ajc.com/jeff-schultz-blog/2010/10/04/georgias-players-arent-following-leader-and-thats-on-richt/



  4. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    Since my time is drawing to a close, I can let you in on how it works at Georgia.

    Coach Richt hands his ballot to Coach Bobo after the game.

    Coach Bobo puts it in my house and I mark it in my own special way.

    This week, I p!ss@d on Boise State.

    Betcha didn’t know this.


  5. Phocion

    Does this mean the meme is alive(…and legit)?

    Not sure what is hte problem in athens, but none of us want to see what is going on there happen to CMR. He’s a good guy, he just needs to quit coaching like he is scared. Hell, UGa already has 4 losses…open the play book and go for broke. What’s left to lose?


  6. Max

    That’s the same as “losing Jim Rome” right?


  7. Will Trane

    Have a friend who uses “good” to describe someone all the time. Never figured what it says about the person they are trying to describe. So when writers and blogger use that word with Coach Richt I ignore it.

    Mark Richt…kind, gentle, understanding, even-handed, and many more quality attributes. Head coach at a class universty. Richt, yes he is first class, too. Competitive, without a question. Does not like losing. No doubt.

    Could be too kind at times, but I am not privy to both sides of a situation. So I accept that part.

    Ten years is a long time as a SEC coach. Could be experiencing a little burn down and the passion is dialed down from wear. Do the alums and fans want him to succeed and stay at UGA. Without a doubt.

    Does he understand where the program is. More than likely. Working to resolve it. Yes. At the rate everyone wants. No. Can he succeed. His history says yes.

    Issues: Players need to be more self motivated…like hit everthing standing up or getting up…hit them hard. Sell out on every play.

    Needs a full roster of players. Not suspended or not always in sick bay.

    Assistants. Some do not seem to understand where they are at. Like pay a mortgage and feed the kids. Work in fear of losing your job. If it hurts, and losing does, evaluate, change, and correct. Start attacking the opposing defense with no mercy…that is why the scoreboard lets you go to at least 99. The season does not end…it is always in play. Get your team there and keep them there.

    The numbers…confusing.

    These from foxsports [those a-holes who blocked some of us satellite subscribers this weekend…guess my contract did not count…but somebody will pay here]. In total overall offense the Dawgs rank 50th at week 5. 5 teams in the SEC West rank higher than the Dawgs. Georgia has played two, MSU at 38 and Arkansas at 46. Kentucky is the only East team higher and they are 16 [??]. Florida is at 60 and the rest is lower.

    As for overall defense Dawgs rank 48th. Five teams in the East rank higher. Arkansas is 13 and MSU is 22. Florida and South Carolina in the East are higher…26 and 33 respectively.

    Carolina on the road, MSU on the road, Colorado on the road. Colorado had a bye before the game with the Dawgs. Carolina and Arkansas pretty much had spring and fall to get ready for Dawgs based on their schedule. We had spring and fall to get ready for Carolina. Now everybody is on the same time page re preparation. Understand why the AD wants 7 home games…some of us do because we have done with traveling before football season.

    Murray is one of the highest rated red-shirt freshman QBs in D1.

    Nothing is changing my mind about Bobo, Lilly, and McClendon at this time. To change that Bobo has to make calls through the balance of the season where he clearly demonstrates he is ahead of the opposing DCs with regard to sets and personnel in the set. I recently watched a high school game where the supposedly underdog’s coach called one of the best games I’ve see with calls and sets. It was fun to watch and a thing of beauty. If there was a mistake from the coaches in the game, it was hard to tell. Want to see Bobo do that a few times. Not this 2-3 yards from the goal and put the ball in the air on the next 2 plays and settle for 3 pts. Find the set and establish the control of the line of scrimmage.

    Now Coach Richt, is he good or bad. Not my call to judge the man that way. He can coach. Has he lost the vision and the passion. Would like to think he has not.

    What I want to see. What he did to center Ben Jones…chew on him for awhile. Sure Jones understood what he did was wrong and he got the message, but in play sometime you have to send another player a message, too, whether it is good or bad.

    Coach, could I see this in a game. If Bobo, or Grantham , or any assitants screws up, how about chewing them out big time so everyone in the stands, TV and radio audience, sidelines, and calling the game sees and hears it. Maybe that would motivate their performance in the game. It has nothing to do with being good or bad. It is what the moment requires. Embarrassment and fear are good sometimes to accomplish a task or has often is heard “finish the drill”…damit!


  8. Will Trane

    And Russ that was great…all time classic!!!


  9. 81Dog

    never mind Mandel, he’s a putz. Where are we with Andrea Aplin?


  10. Go Dawgs!

    Wow. The Coaches’ Poll is so obsolete that coaches aren’t even sure if they have a vote or not!