Up to the challenge

For those of you who are skeptical that, even in a year like we’re seeing in Athens, changing assistant coaches has little immediate positive impact on a team’s performance, I give you this.


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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    And, according to the same site, we have given up something like one point less in total defense through five games.

    And I vaguely remember some W’s in there.


  2. Quinton

    Worst to first!


  3. RusDawg

    I think that is so strange to me about this season is that with the exception of the O-line (and hence the offense) I have felt like the team has been playing better this season than last….and yet the results would indicate that they are playing much, much worse.


    • devildawg

      The lines in general are worse this year than last. Only, we all expected that to be the case for our D-line, while the O-line was projected as best in the country.


      • Russ


        Both lines are just terrible this year. On the DL, I get that we lost some studs and we’re breaking in a new system. However, they should still be able to disrupt on occasion.

        The OL is really baffling. They look like they’re on skates out there. They just get pushed around by whoever we’re playing.

        Fix the line play, and we’ll be much better.


        • rbubp

          A lot of that is trying to run the ball straight into a stacked box. You have to be fair; the line looked awfully good once Green came in and the safeties had to stay back, no?

          So is it the line or the stupidity of the play-calling? The jury’s out, IMO.


          • ugafan

            Good point. Seems like a combination of both. Bobo is incapable of running the offense without AJ Green. He adapted nothing when AJ went on for cramps. Also we’re fat & weak. Both lines get pushed around like facing giants on the other side.


          • devildawg

            Honestly the line didn’t look much better with Green in there. The best runs against Colorado were around the edge, with some decent blocking, and with players that much faster than the guys for Colorado. From what I recall, there were only a couple of decent up-the-gut runs.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Uhhhhh I also looked at Oklahoma’s standing in pass defense in the Big 12….they are eleventh.

    Please disregard my earlier comment, it is just my contrarian nature.

    Won’t happen again.


  5. Dawgy45

    Sooo…a new OC could have an immediate and positive impact?
    Just askin’.


  6. Wow. That is an amazing switch from worst to first.


  7. sUGArdaddy

    I mentioned to my buddy on Sunday morning on the drive to the airport in Denver, “You know, we are better at kickoff coverage.” That’s about it. It’s all we’re good at…and field goals. That’s really sad.

    We got better at kickoff coverage (which killed us last year) and we don’t have an interception machine at QB (which killed us last year). And our D still can’t stop a soul.


  8. S FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation

    We’ve been in the games and actually probably should have won at least 2 of the 4 we’ve droped. Shoulda, woulda, coulda…everyone has rulled out the Dawgs. As long as they keep fightin to get back out of this hole their in…they will. The minute that they give up hope, like a lot of Dawg fans, they will not get back up…

    Yes, right now we are snake bit…no, we can’t catch a break. We will bet it back together! There is no where to go from here but back up! Have faith Dawg fans! That’s all we can do at this point! Don’t give up on our boys!



    • Puffdawg

      I know I’ll get laughed out of the building for this and probably deservedly so, but as bad as things have gotten (rock bottom?), if we can figure out a way to right the ship, technically we are still in this. If Florida loses this week to LSU, and USCe loses to Bama, Arky, and UF (all reasonable), AND we figure out a way to win the rest of our SEC games (least likely of the three ifs, I know), the game in Jax is for SEC East. In 3 of the last four seasons, our team has made a strong run to finish the year when we thought all was lost. How many of you guys thought we could win out after Vandy 2007? After Florida 2009 (which we would have save a colossal Joe Cox meltdown)? How about after Kentucky in 2006?

      Granted, we are 1 and 4. But we are 1 and 4 with a reasonable shot at Atlanta IF IF IF IF we can figure out how to take care of business on our end. And in all 4 losses we have had the ball in the other team’s territory with a chance to even the score or take the lead LATE in the game, but all four times we have shot ourselves in the foot. And I think we can all agree this team’s best football is ahead of us. I am frustrated almost to the point of apathy just like you guys, but dang it I am not giving up until, well, never I guess. It is definitely a surreal situation, but I am not giving up our boys just yet. This young team just hasn’t figured out yet how to win, but eventually they will.

      And not to mention, we still have a shot to knock off 4 of our biggest rivals, so there is still much for which to play.

      Not saying we don’t need to evaluate the program and it’s direction, but I’ll do that after the season. A win Saturday could go a long way towards helping us be the first 8-4 team ever to play in the SEC Championship!!! Go Dawgs!

      (cue criticism)


  9. DawgPhan

    Instead of stepping up and making the big play we step up and make the big mistake.

    Vance Cuff, as much as people want to ride him, he had one play on D where he blew up the WR on a play that typically see the DB’s tackle brushed off and the WR take it 40+ down the sidelines.

    Of course he also left a couple of guys wide open. Seems like we need someone in the huddle to get everyone focused on each play before the snap.


    • devildawg

      I’d like to see someone step into that role as well. Dent seems like the obvious choice, but perhaps it would fall on someone else. I just know I’d like to see Grantham and Belin take one of the ILB’s and turn him into a field general of sorts for the D. We sure ain’t got that now.


  10. Max

    We’re also catching everything thrown to us for the second year basically. That’s a change from many years of the dropsies under a former asst.


    • DawgPhan

      One of the more overlooked facets of the current team. They make some amazing catches that past teams would have never made. There are some great things going on right now, but they continue to be overshadowed by huge mistakes.

      On Saturday night our starting QB and RB managed to screw up the easiest play in football at any level. Hand the ball off and run into the pile. Simplest play in football and they screwed it up.


  11. Keith

    The oddest thing about the kickoff coverage is that we are still kicking it short and the middle of the field. We don’t even have the sideline for a defender.


    • I notice two things: one, Walsh seems to be getting more height on his kickoffs and, two, the players on the coverage team are doing an infinitely better job of staying in their lanes and maintaining contain than was the case last year.

      In short, it’s an area where there’s a clear concept of how to play, the concept is being taught well and the players are executing. What I can’t figure out is why they can’t clone that for any other part of the team right now.


  12. dudetheplayer

    What’s interesting to me is how the defense continues to get a pass for their poor play. I realize we’re all exercising patience with the adjustment to a new scheme and all that, but the effort on Saturday was just terrible. Colorado scored 7 points against UCLA and puts up damn near 30 on us? C’mon now.

    The secondary in particular has largely been a disaster. Hamilton isn’t really bringing anything to the table and Rambo just hasn’t been able to live up to the hype of last season. Might want to look at getting Tree some reps if Jakar continues to struggle. Boykin seems like a quality CB but the rest of them just seem completely lost on any pass play over 15 yards. When we leave guys open, we leave them WIDE open. I wish we could keep B. Smith healthy. That guy has tons of talent.

    The linebacker play has improved quite a bit though. Dent has really come on, and I like what I’ve seen from Dowtin and Robinson. Credit Belin and TG there for sure.


    • Puffdawg

      RE: Linebacker play

      Watch Gmble on the third down play their QB scrambled in for TD on busted play. He got a tad over aggresive and didn’t break down to make open field tackle. I think that is one of the most frustrating things to me. Gamble is playing his ass off and it is almost impossible to criticize a guy for being too aggressive. But our guys have not been taught in the past to make plays one on one in space, and that is causing the break downs on defense. He breaks down there and contains the QB and they settle for three and it is a different ball game. The 3-4 is a far more aggressive scheme and it pays off… if your guys make plays in space, which we aren’t right now. And I don’t strictly mean open field. I mean in space, whether it be A gap or boundary corner. I think the talk about our team not wanting it is crap. I think our kids are playing their hearts out. They just aren’t making plays and this switch in defensive philosophies is a little tougher than we anticipated. We’ll get there. If AJ can stay healthy we’ll win a few more games this season.


  13. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    Kickoffs used to be fun.

    When Coach Fab told Blair to kick it to me, I was always ready.

    I miss him.


  14. ColoradoDawg

    On the subject of inept coaches, why has no one questioned why AJ went out with cramps? Ok, cramps happen, but you can do things to help to prevent them. The weather here in Colorado is extremely dry (a much bigger worry than the altitude), so if Van Halanger didn’t have every player carrying water bottles from the time they boarded the plane in Athens to the time they landed in Athens he’s a moron. These coaches don’t get the benefit of the doubt anymore …