“What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is a-goin’ on here?”

If a picture is worth at least a thousand words, these two shots from a Matt Hinton post would make a novella.

First, the thrill of victory:

Then, if there’s ever a photo to go with the “deer caught in the headlights” entry in the Cliché Dictionary, it’s this one:

That is just too painful for words.  Even a thousand of ’em.


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27 responses to ““What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is a-goin’ on here?”

  1. D^3

    I hate UT as much as anybody, but nobody deserves that.

    Except Florida


    • I dunno, watching Georgia beat Tech on an ending like that would be priceless.


    • Vindexdawg

      How terminally stupid of Dooley to try & rush a substitution out there, simply because the Hat was doing it. Hasn’t he taken time to watch ANY SEC games with LSU the past 2-3 years? Any schoolchild would have laid back on the sidelines, thinking, “Great. The Hat’s gonna self-destruct and my guys will have a signature win. Let’s let him do it!” It’s up to DD as to whether he learns from this or not (since Miless assuredly will not).


  2. nate

    what was dooley talking about in the post game press conference clip they showed on ESPN where he said something like “When they change and line up over the ball your supposed to have a chance to make personnel adjustments and I’m not sure if that happened. Have to go back and check the tape”. I know he had to be near delirious after an emotional swing like that, but I was curious as to what he was questioning. Did anyone else catch it?


    • Russ

      When the offense changes personnel, the official is supposed to stand over the ball and give the defense “an opportunity” to also make changes before starting the play.


      • bort

        It’s on the one yard line. Why would the D need to substitute? CDD should have already had the right package in there.


        • baltimore dawg

          absolutely. the only people dooley needs to be upset with are his defensive coaches for rushing out a disorganized personnel change with the clock winding down like that.


          • Russ

            Oh, I agree. Just stating that was the basis for his argument. The Spitting Cobra (Lou Holtz) agreed with him that the refs blew it.


    • Jake

      Even in peewee football we had one player on defense (safety) that was required to make sure we had only 11 boys on the field.

      You will also notice that UGA has burned tons of timeouts due to personnel issues on the field this year.

      Bravo UT and UGA, continuing to lower expectations for players and coaching staffs everywhere.


    • Max

      He already brought in his change, but no one left the field (there weren’t;t 13 on the previous play right?) they aren’t allowed to break the huddle with 13 either, so he screwed it up as well. It would have been a penalty against them either way. And his 13 were there first.


  3. Russ

    I’m sure the league office will apologize and make everyone feel better.


  4. Keith

    But they did give them a chance. UT was set and ready for the play. There was no movement to try and change personnel. They had changed personnel, the only problem was, they had 13 of them.


    • Keith

      Sorry, should have said, no MORE movement to try and change personnel. They had already changed ,thus the 13 men on the field.


      • Kevin

        Yeah, no one was trying to run off the field at the end.. they were set with their 13 players


        • Puffdawg

          That’s the part I don’t get. If there are 13 guys on the field, at least 4 of them should be questioning somebody else as to why they are on the field. In other words, you can’t have two nose guards, or two LOLB, etc. Somebody should have been saying “what the hell are you doing out here.” But as the play snaps they are all set up in a “position.” So baffling. I guess chalk it up to heat of the battle.

          Maybe Les Miles DID have a plan all along and it was to buy his team some extra time by creating mass confusion on both sides! 😉


  5. aristoggle

    All I know is this time they’re coming to us after an emotional, last minute loss to LSU … just like we were last year.

    Let’s hope we can kick ’em while they’re down.

    I’m not counting on it, though.


  6. Richt-Flair

    Les Miles must have naked pictures of God hidden somewhere. Only explanation for his streak of fortune.


  7. shane#1

    I would rather have Miles’ luck than a winning lotto ticket. Well, let me put it this way, Miles wins the Lotto every day he keeps his job. LSU completely loses track of time, like they did in that AU game, and wins! Twice! If UGA wastes a timeout they lose. I think Miles sleeps with a Voodoo priestess. Hell, UGA tries a simple handoff and Colorado blitzes! On their own twenty! Nobody calls an all out blitz on their own twenty! Of course, the man is completely unblocked and hits king about the time he gets the ball. Fumble! Hell, we can’t even call a couple of running plays and run some clock to set up a chip shot field goal.


  8. shane#1

    BTW, I jinxed UT by picking them to beat LSU. What’s it worth to you guys if I bet on UT this week? Richt makes a heap of money, wonder what he’d pay for a win?


  9. 69Dawg

    We older guys remember the Chinese Bandits of the 50’s, that was the nick name of the LSU defense. It seems Les has kept the Chinese part but added Fire Drill to it.

    When LSU ran 3 in UT’s D looked to the sideline, apparently their guys actually know their down and distance formations. 3 guys from the UT D ran off the field and passed 5 guys coming on the field. Math not being a hillbilly strong suit no one figured this out. The D was set before the ball was snapped so Dooley’s and Holtz are full of it. There is bad luck and then there is poor bench management. UT was guilty of both.

    I have a feeling that unlike CMR Coach Dooley will have his charges out for blood Saturday. I would bet the ranch on the spread.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Ain’t that a kick in the face.

    It you reverse those 2 photos, it would be a good summary of DD’s reaction to the Knoxville bar fight. First DD is dumbfounded to find a large part of his team might be going to jail. But later, when everybody but Myles gets a free pass, he’s ecstatic.

    Losing to LSU is still far better than winding up in the intensive care unit.


  11. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    Les wins because he is unpredictable.

    Richt and Bobo lose because they are so predictable.

    I am the only person in the Georgia Athletic Department who will tell you this. As you know, I am a short-timer anyway.

    See y’all in the house on Sattidy.


  12. S.E. Dawg

    Since this is Barbara’s son I’m sure he could do no wrong. I just hope we make Barbara cry in Vince’s garden Saturday.


  13. fetch

    + a million for the Taggart quote.


  14. Go Dawgs!

    Well, you know what they say, when your job’s going bad and you’ve had some bad weeks, it always helps to go home to your momma and daddy. And with the way things are going in Athens, I’m concerned that Derek’s going to find it a very welcoming place to rebound.


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