Rogers Redding, master of irony

You have to be impressed with the level of sheer chutzpah it takes to say something like this:

… On the Barnhart and Durham radio show Monday, SEC coordinator of officials Rogers Redding said “several players on both teams had their helmets off” on the play, which ended with a penalty on Tennessee for having 13 players on the field. Allowed to run one more play because of the infraction, LSU scored from 1 yard out to win, 16-14.

“We’re always going to allow that immediate, initial, spontaneous burst of emotion,” Redding said. “These are teenagers that are playing a game that is very emotional.

“It would be so technical and so over-officiating to have called anything like that at the very end of the game.”

I guess next time A.J. should just yank his helmet off.

Best of all, as John Pennington notes, four of the officials on the field calling the LSU-Tennessee game were members of the Curles crew that was suspended last season.


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20 responses to “Rogers Redding, master of irony

  1. carolinadawg

    It continues to amaze me that the conference that has the highest quality football also has the lowest quality officials.


    • JD Stokely

      Well maybe the football’s trying to match up with the officiating, because the SEC certainly doesn’t have the highest quality of football this season.


  2. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    Two years ago, Mike The Tiger told Uga that Les and Mike Price took Curles and his crew to some New Orleans clip joint to get a feel for the “Tiger Claw”.

    He said there there are rumors of pictures and a You Tube video that was suddenly taken off the internet after last year’s Georgia game.

    Uga said Mike can be a strange cat sometimes but he doesn’t lie.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Russ, baybee….I love you cause I am supposed to love you, but how about getting off your dead ass during the game once in a while.

      How bout trying to emasculate a receiver or something?

      Instead of doing your “dead Dawg” imitation, bark or growl at somebody or something.

      This whole thing may be your trainer’s fault for not having enough depth at Dawg, but you are not contributing to the process.

      Git after somebody’s ass, Russ.


      • Russ The Temporary Mascot

        That cuts deep, Jones.

        Every game this year, Charles has has wanted us to go into the locker room and listen to Coach Richt’s pregame “pep talk”.

        I don’t know if you have ever been in there, but I can tell you it has a very calming effect on everyone.

        My time as mascot is coming to an end and I see I am getting a bad rap.

        The same thing happened to Uga last year.

        Charles in in for a surprise if he tries to pull this stunt this Sattidy.

        I have an important race to run.


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Oh, its the old “Blame Mark Richt” for my own failings as a Dawg, trick.

          Look, man…er Dawg, I got a “Keep Russ” t shirt and ever thang….You beat Tech and all, and I sure appreciate that….

          If they was ever a time you need to bite somebody early it is Saddy.

          I mean really, these bozos got hedges, they got a dog, now they got a damn Dooley…if anybody needs to be bit, its them.

          GATA Russ!!!!!!

          C’mon Babeeeeee bite somebody on national TV like yo great grandpuppy.


          • Russ The Temporary Mascot

            Thanks for keepin’ the faith, Jones.

            This may be my last shot.

            After the race onto the field, keep an eye on Smokey or Marc Curles or Penn Wages if they are reffin’.

            Game time decision.

            I’ve been told the Dooley kid is off limits.

            Sonny has Barbara and Vince over to the house all the time and I gotta tell you, those pointy shoes hurt.


            • King Jericho

              Nothing like a little role play on a college football blog…


            • Scorpio Jones, III

              God knows we gotta do something to get a visit from Old Lady Luck.

              Just a glimmer, just a glimpse, just hunker down one more time, you guys.

              Try not to get some sort of celebration penalty…you are not, after all, a teenager anymore.

              And Russ, the Dooley kid is definitely NOT off limits.



  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Goddamighty Loran, we are a desperate bunch of mofos.


  4. HamDawg11

    I just about threw up watching that video. Man, that’s painful…


  5. thewhiteshark

    “We’re always going to allow that immediate, initial, spontaneous burst of emotion,” Redding said. “These are teenagers that are playing a game that is very emotional.”

    Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. Rogers Redding, Georgia Tech, class of 1965. In light of past calls against Georgia that is a pretty stupid comment. I’m going to go bang my head against the floor now.


  6. Keith

    To be fair, and I really hate to, in the interview Redding said that AFTER last year and some of the calls that were made, including the AJ Green TD, they mandated that they become more cautious on those types of penalties. He admitted that they were over zealous last year.
    Sorry for defending the guy. But we all know that the penalty didn’t beat us and that with our lousy KO coverage they would have had good field position anyway.


  7. Reptillicide

    I am so glad I wasn’t the only one who heard this. I was literally screaming obscenities at my radio when I heard Redding say that, it was infuriating. Surprised myself, really. Shows how angry I still am over that.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Really what Redding said is that SEC refs ignore the rules in situations that suit them. If a UGA player had done what Cody did in the UT-Bama game last year or what the LSU and UT players did this year flags would have been all over the field.


  8. Hobnail_Boot

    To hell with Tech.


  9. on his own Ohio football officials’ (past president 2007) website, direct from Rogers Redding (the bulleted items are the crux):


    Player behavior in committing unsportsmanlike conduct fouls continues to be a major point of emphasis for the NCAA Football Rules Committee and the CFO Board of Managers. Recognizing these fouls and enforcing the penalties place our officials in a difficult situation. It is the nature of the business to be criticized, and it seems especially true when we try to apply the relevant rules (Rule 9-2-1). These are judgment calls, as are all the decisions officials make during the action of the game.

    As officials apply their judgment, perhaps these guidelines will be helpful:

    • Remember that the game is one of high emotion, played by gifted teenagers who are affirmed by playing a game at which they are exceptionally talented.
    • Do not be overly technical in applying this rule.
    • Do allow for brief spontaneous emotional reactions at the end of a play.
    • Beyond the brief, spontaneous bursts of energy, officials should flag those acts that are clearly prolonged, self-congratulatory, and that make a mockery of the game.

    A list of specifically prohibited acts is in (a) thru (h) on FR-122,123; this list is intended to be illustrative and not exhaustive. We can all agree that when these acts are clearly intended to taunt or demean, they should not be allowed—not only because they are written in the book, but because they offend our sense of how the game should be played. We now have enough experience with this rule to know what “feels” right and wrong. Note that most if not all of these actions fall outside the category of brief, spontaneous outbursts. Rather, they present themselves as taunting, self-glorification, demeaning to opponents, or showing disrespect to the opponents and the game.
    When such a situation arises, officials should wait a count, take a deep breath, and assess what they feel about what they have seen.
    If it feels OK, let it go.
    If it feels wrong, flag it.
    It will never be possible to be totally specific in writing what should and should not be allowed. But we trust our officials to be men of good judgment who know in their hearts what should and should not be allowed in the heat of an emotional game.

    Rogers Redding
    NCAA Secretary-Rules Editor

    David Parry
    CFO National Coordinator