Tuesday morning buffet

It’s flea flickin’ good.

  • Ohio State blogger tries to debunk the SEC speed myth without really discussing, you know… speed.
  • Chip Kelly gets spanked for his halftime comment about the officiating in the Stanford game (which I thought was kinda funny, to be honest).
  • “We have always been ‘SC,’ ” Adler said, “and we were there first.”
  • What Joshua at Oversigning.com sees as a feature about Mark Richt many Dawg fans see as a bug.
  • It’s not often you see one liberal commentator tear into another about elitism/snobbery and college athletics, but Jonathan Chait does a good job with it.
  • So much for that “we’re doing the same things we were doing when we were winning” approach from Mark Richt.
  • Tell me the last line of the first paragraph of this post doesn’t make you laugh out loud.
  • Here’s a giant “Oops!” from John Blake’s lawyers.  As a general rule, it’s not a good thing when your lawyers have to do online damage control.
  • Mark Richt wasn’t happy about Vance Cuff’s penalty spree Saturday night, but had limited options:

Gary in Buckhead thinks we’re playing Pogo football – we have met the enemy, and he is us, and can’t understand why our defense gets run over the first drive every game? Also, what about a guy with 3 personal fouls?
CMR – Cuff had those 3 penalties. (he named Cuff only because it was already well known) I’d love to get him out of the game. But we had B. Smith who had a concussion and was out the rest of the game. We could yank him out for a play or two but at that moment the best chance we had was him out there playing CB. CMR wanted to yank him out there but wasn’t comfortable enough with anyone else at that spot.


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12 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    After the radio show, Coach Richt told me he will race me onto the field on Saturday to determine who is the true leader of the Bulldog Nation.

    I am ready.


  2. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Nice to touch on CMR’s propensity to leave guys on scholly who cannot play and then cap off the buffet with the fact that we don’t have any depth on the team.

    Pretty much sums it up.

    And, why does USC want to protect ‘SC’? The value is in the name USC, which is what is on every piece of garb I have ever seen.


  3. Cameron Roberts

    As a reader of both of those liberal commentators I was disappointed to see Yglesias take that tried and true way of criticizing college athletics, but his argument has some merit I suppose. I was however very impressed with Chait’s argument, something I wish I had been able to counter with in having previous conversations with other students about the topic (specifically R&B types). The idea that the University should spend on it just for the simple idea of increasing the student experience is a fairly simple and artful way of eviscerating plenty of arguments against college athletics.


  4. SSB Charley

    Heh. That Lost Angeles blog had parts where I thought Terry Tate wrote it.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Yeah, it was pretty hilarious. Just don’t read the comments unless you want to see ignorant arrogance about how much wittier and smarter they are in Cali.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    I love the Ohio State guy’s argument at the end that the SEC should thank the Big Ten for the fact that several SEC head coaches had jobs in that league before coming down here. That’s right, Buckeye, as soon as they had the chance to leave your league for ours, they bolted at the chance. Besides, it’s not like they learned football in the Big Ten and that’s why they’re so great now. Coaches move around the country as their careers progress. Should the Big Ten be thanking the Big East right now for Rich Rod? Youngstown State for Tressel? The SEC for Zook (heh, heh, no I know, nobody’s thanking anyone for the Zooker)?

    Seriously, dude, hush. The SEC’s better than the Big Ten, even in this down season.


  6. ghost of cwm

    No disipline , no cojones nothing new here. Now we see vance is running CMR, maybe he will fire bobo.


  7. Zack

    frankly, i see my blog being the bridge between the arrogance of USC fans and the arrogance of the SEC. I don’t see them as having to be mutually exclusive. we don’t need to agree on anything other than we are both arrogant.

    it’s kind of like two lions meeting in a field bumming smokes from each other. they could fight, but instead, they smoke a pack and check out hot lion bitches in the savannah.

    and if, like, oklahoma walks by we both start talking shit.

    anyway, what up blutarsky and readers, you are the man. and very fancy and arrogant as well.