Finding their inner angry man

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Well, the coaches sound peeved.

… Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham was asked if it would be a “small victory” if his unit didn’t allow a touchdown to open the game – which it has the past four. He didn’t seem crazy about the stat, or the question.

“I don’t believe in small victories, all right,” Grantham said. “You either win the game or lose the game, all right. You either stop them or you don’t. So I don’t buy into small victories.”

So he doesn’t get hung up on the opening-drive streak?

“Do I get hung up on it? Well I wouldn’t say I get hung up on it,” Grantham said. “I mean obviously we’re gonna look to stop them, but to say I get hung up on it no. We’re gonna come out and play the next series.”

Earlier, offensive line coach Stacey Searels was asked how he would assess his unit this year.

“One-and-four, you tell me,” he answered. “I don’t think anybody’s pleased with the way we’ve played on the team.”

So do some former players.

“For us to lose to Colorado, that’s just a disgrace right there,” [Charles] Johnson said. “A disgrace to Georgia. That’s as low as you can get.”

That from a guy who was on a team that lost to Vanderbilt and Kentucky in the space of three weeks.

But what about the guys suiting up?  Maybe there needs to be a little more heat coming from them.

… Despite Richt’s regrets about the preseason, linebacker Christian Robinson put the blame more on players that aren’t producing.

“We had designated times to tackle and hit and scrimmage and things like that (during preseason),” Robinson said. “I felt like we had a great camp. The defense, I felt like we learned what we were supposed to do. I really don’t disagree with what we did. … I’m not going to point any fingers, but people (on the team) know who needs to step up.”

Forget about the start to this season.  All it should take to get these guys motivated Saturday is a reminder of last year’s seal clubbing.

Boys, you can’t change the fact that you made Jonathan Crompton a Lexicon legend.  But you sure can do something to wash the bad taste out of your mouths.  Time to step it up.


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30 responses to “Finding their inner angry man

  1. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    Amazing it took five games for our coaches and players to finally get mad.

    I know in this Athletic Department, someone always has to be the scapegoat (or the scapedog)…like bringing in a new dog is going to change things.

    Yeah. You can say I am bitter.


    • JBJ

      Yea Russ,

      Anger is just one of the five stages of grief. The good news is that the coaches and players have moved on from denial. The bad news is we are only at stage two.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I’ll say the same to you, Russ, that I would to any coaches who may ultimately lose their jobs after this is all over. If you’d woken up and stopped hiding in the back of the doghouse, things might have been different.


  2. Jim

    “Georgia’s program, in its 10th season under Richt, has hit the crossroads of mediocrity with a .500 record over its last 18 games. Even worse, the Bulldogs have dropped seven of nine in the Southeastern Conference.”

    Enough said, and I think this is even an optimistic look at the program. All you naysayers who blasted me when i said we were headed for mediocrity over the last couple of years please step forward…


  3. baltimore dawg

    let me take the focus off the coaches for a minute: at what point do the players channel their frustrations into increased effort and violence on the field–of their own accord, and in spite of whatever may be the funk hanging over the team? i mean, as a fan, i’d be happy just to see a nasty bunch of sore losers out there right now.

    my view of our coaches is as dim as anyone’s right now, but i would still expect a critical mass of our players to bow the hell up after so much humiliation.


    • DawgnAub

      I think you saw that from Vance Cuff last week, see how well that turned out?


      • baltimore dawg

        as long as we’re still losing, i’ll take cuff’s attitude (and his penalties) over that of some of our, um, more retiring players any time. he’s the only guy in the game who absolutely knocked the shit out of anyone.


        • Go Dawgs!

          How about Ben Jones cheap-shotting a player at Mississippi State? Did that make you proud, too? Let’s play hard, physicla, and violent while the game’s being played and act like men after it’s over. Losing football games doesn’t give you a pass to behave like a thug or an animal.


        • Russ

          We can’t afford to be Cuffed again. 3 PF’s in 1.5 quarters of play, including a ~50 yard penalty on Gray’s punt return (somewhere, Penn Wagers soiled himself when he saw that) is just plain dumb and loses football games.


    • HamDawg11

      “i mean, as a fan, i’d be happy just to see a nasty bunch of sore losers out there right now.”

      I think that’s what you saw in Ben Jones in Starkville.


  4. TennesseeDawg

    Georgia’s a 13 point favorite to Tennessee. Yikes. Unload the bank account!


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Note to soon-to-be-benched Russ,

    I get your angst, but you had your shot. You started well, but finished….well, politely, not so hot.

    You have a great opportunity to make us all feel terrible at turning you out to pasture.

    Figure out a way to help us beat Tennessee, lift your leg on Derek, bite somebody, something.

    Do that, Russ, and you’ll always be a Dude Dawg in my book.

    Scorp the Miserable


  6. Connor

    This is a big game for Richt and UGA. Not the kind of big game where “we need to take the next step” but rather, “We can’t stumble back any further.” There isn’t a really defensible reason for us to lose to UT this year. Every disadvantage we faced coming into the season (New QB, New defense…) they faced, plus a far more disruptive offseason, player departures, roster issues…
    A loss to UT, at UGA, at this point in both coaching staff’s tenure should not happen. Should we lose, any success subsequent to this game, even unto victories over UF, AU and GT, will merely reinforce my conviction that we will have had no business losing to UT. I’ve always supported Richt, but he can lose me on Saturday. This is potentially the last straw.


  7. The Realist

    Beat Tennessee. That is step one (away from the ledge). Nothing else matters. Getting run over by the short bus in Boulder won’t matter. Getting beaten to death with cowbells or the rubber Mallett won’t matter. Getting Lattimore’d by Spurrier won’t matter. Beating Tennessee is the only thing that matters now. I hate Tennessee. I want to drop eleventy billion points on De’rick Dooley and the smokeys, but I’ll settle for just one more than they have. Just win, dammit.

    (and please bury crybaby Simms under the damn stadium… kthxbai).


    • AmpedDawg

      I’m with you. Hanging half a hundred on those orange SOBs would be fun, but looking up at the scoreboard at 00:00 and seeing Georgia have more points than the opponent in what seems like ages would be therapeutic. It doesn’t erase the pain of the last month (did I just really have to put “month”), but at this point in the season I’ll take anything that I can get.


      • Will (the other one)

        I’m mostly in the same boat, but I’d love to have one of those games with 9-10 sacks and we just curb stomp the Vols.

        Plus, if that actually happened, it might motivate the team a lot more than a close win over an overmatched opponent.


  8. Hobnail_Boot

    More like Clash Of The Titans.


  9. Will Trane

    This is the only chance we have against the Vols since the Dawgs have not beaten a D1 team this year.

    They need to dress out in black headgear, jerseys, pants, and cleats.

    Black is appropriate because they have pretty much looked and played like they were dead…and they are dead last in the conference.

    Motivation and success are not words used much in Athens now. They like “finish the drill”.

    But the coaches they can dress in any color they like because their future color will be pink.


  10. 69Dawg

    Bet the ranch on UT. At least they play with a little fire and want to. I said that the MSU game would be won by the team with the most want to. I was jumped for even implying that the Dawg players were not playing with what to. Well I think now that the want to has been trumped by not having a clue. Our D has not improved as yet. They still give up the opening drive and the last drive that counts. They still bump and they can’t cover.

    The O line should just be benched, if your going to lose lose with guys that can get practice. Lets face it we are looking at 6-6 at best. I think it takes a miracle to get to 6-6 and based on the first 5 God ain’t a fan of the UGA Dawgs. Lady Luck has left the building.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Disagree we can’t beat The Overlords of Math, but

      “Lady Luck has left the building.”

      True that, brother.

      Hell, she has left the state.

      (Not that anybody else needs her, since Tech’s offense can not be stopped.)


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