Okay, so we’re all agreed on this.

I asked yesterday if the players were starting to feel the anger that’s bubbling up from the coaches and some former players about Georgia’s slow start.

Well, maybe they are.

“We’re pissed off,” Charles said Wednesday. “That’s our thing right now. We’re pissed off right now. We’re 1-4. We’ve got a lot of fans saying this, a lot of fans saying that. And I mean, we just want to make everybody happy. We want to be happy.

“We’re tired of walking around the locker room, quiet, coaches yelling at us all the time for no reason, because we’re losing. So we’re just going out there and to get our respect back. We’re pissed off right now.”

And just to be clear:

“I’m speaking for everyone at Georgia,” Charles said.

There hasn’t been a singular fiery speech by one player, the tight end added, because everyone feels the same way.

Great.  Now just show us you mean it Saturday.


UPDATE: It’s not exactly on point, but Orson’s choice of words brings to mind the greatest breakup song ever written, Tonio K.’s “H.A.T.R.E.D.”  (Warning – some NSFW language.)


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19 responses to “Okay, so we’re all agreed on this.

  1. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    I’m p!$$ed off too, Orson.

    Do you still have the Plant playbook?


  2. Dooms Day Dawg

    I am beginning to learn towards the fact that CMR is a tad slow. It only took 4 straight L’s before he decided the team needed to be more physcial. And only after the 4th L did he feel the need to amp up the team. WTH? Things like keeping Crazy Old Willie around year after year as the points per season continue to roll up. Still to-date allowing CMB to call offensive plays. Oh, and not putting a foot in CSS’s backside for the way his experienced girls skate around on the O-line. I really do like CMR, but at times I find myself scratching my head wondering what he is thinking.


    • Russ The Temporary Mascot

      When you are so laid back, the rest of the world moves twice as fast.

      Believe me. I know.



      • Scorpio Jones, III

        So, Russ, are you teaching your replacement to write?


        • Russ The Temporary Mascot


          Just the basics right now.

          1. Don’t bite the kids.

          2. Do not listen to Coach Richt’s pregame pep talk. It is very calming. Listen to Coach Grantham instead.

          3. Always be aware of the camera and turn just the right way to show ‘em who’s boss.

          4. Stay off the ice. You never know when that camera will show up.

          5. Always play and practice against the best. Don’t want to get overconfident, fat, or lazy.

          6. When its 2nd down and you know it’s time for another two yard Bobo into the line, don’t close your eyes and dream of a shotgun pass to the tight end. The fans hate that.

          Just want to say it takes a big dog to train your replacement. You want to get mad about the situation, but sometimes you just have to dog up and be a team player.

          Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. Uga VI told me about the time Coach Donnan told Coach Kines he had to to the same thing with Coach Ramsey.

          But I am confident this one will work out. Y’all are gonna like the new Uga.



  3. Bulldog Bry

    OK, they’re pissed off. Good. As long as that doesn’t lead to more undisciplined play and penalties. Half your head and half your heart is how you play this game.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    You know what? Somebody on this team needs to make one of those fiery speeches. Talking about the leadership gap is *so* last year, but the fact remains that this team needs someone to step up and become the emotional leader for the group.

    In 2002, Georgia was watching their hopes for an SEC East title evaporate before their eyes in Auburn. At halftime, Jon Stinchcomb stood up and made an impassioned speech to fire up the guys and he took the lead on the sidelines as well in the second half. Other players followed suit.

    I’m sick of this attitude that Georgia has had over the past few years that “well, someone else will do it” whether it’s taking a leadership role or making a play or whatever. No, apparently, they won’t! You have to. I don’t care if Aaron Murray thinks he’s too young to get taken seriously. I don’t care of King or Ealey think they won’t be taken seriously because of the fumbles. We need that guy to step up, whoever it’s going to be, and we need him to put himself out there and lead this team.

    It’s good that everyone’s pissed off. But that anger needs to be channeled, and not by these coaches. Heck, we had Christian Robinson a couple of days ago taking thinly veiled potshots at other UGA players, saying, “people know who needs to step up”. Yeah, because that’s healthy. Having people walking around pissed off with no leader doesn’t help anybody. Having people walking around pissed off with a positive peer leader helping focus that anger on Tennessee and not on their teammates? Now you may have something.


    • Reptillicide

      I completely agree with you. Over the course of the past 4 games it’s become painfully obvious to me that what this team really lacks is vocal leaders. And I’m not talking about the coaches. Like you, I want to see a PLAYER be the one who stands up and incites his teammates to be the best they can be.

      Being pissed off is good, but if everyone just takes the attitude that “no one needs to say anything, we all feel the same way,” does anything really change? Somebody has to be a leader.


  5. Turd Ferguson

    That’s great, Orson. Now go get to work on a time machine so you can all go back and bring a little more intensity and toughness into the past 4 games.


  6. BMan

    He’s tired of the coaches yelling at them all the time for no reason? Um…what team has he been watching?


  7. TennesseeDawg

    Orson Charles is still on the team? Who knew? Bobo seems to forget he is.


  8. Will Trane

    Rule #1: If you keep making the same mistake, guess what, you get the same mistake.

    Rule #2: If you want to eat, you have to kill your meat everyday.

    Rule # 3: No more nepotism in UGA athletics…say good-bye to Van Halenger, Lilly, Bobo, and McClendon.

    Rule #4: Close the media completely from your practices.

    Rule #5: If they do not perform, let them know their scholarship will go to someone who will.

    In the rule book of life, the words tolerance, political correctness, and entitlement does not exist.


  9. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    “Rule #5: If they do not perform, let them know their scholarship will go to someone who will.”

    I was thinking the coaches ought to put up a sign in the locker rooms:



  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Orson, next time a coach yells at you, turn around and knock the shi# out of him. That’s your best chance of turning things around.


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  12. Vious

    I laugh at those who think this means something

    We have heard this before

    Anyone remember our players only meeting before the Tech game at home 2 years? When we lost?


  13. austintwo

    Coach Richt needs to lose the hit-man sunglasses – shade your eyes with a ball-cap, Coach. It’s much much more relatable and makes it seem like you care and want to connect with the other people on your sideline.