All this, and more.

Georgia’s defense…

and yet manages to compare fairly well statistically with Alabama’s defense in Saban’s first season.

___                           ’07 Alabama___   Georgia (Current)               Georgia (EOY)
Points/game:                     22                                         21.6                                       21.6

First Downs:                      235                                        82                                         213

Rushing Yards/Play:      3.43                                    3.44                                        3.44

Total Rushing Yards:     1614                                   670                                        1742

Passing Yards:                 2877                                     952                                       2475

Total Offense:                     5.0                                         5.4                                       5.4

Interceptions/Yards/TD:   19/235/0                 5/44/1                             13/114/3

Fumbles/Recovered:        15/5                                         6/1                                     16/3

Opp. 3’rd Down Conv. %    40.39%                        42.86%                              42.86%

Opp. 4’th Down Conv. %:    61%                                      75%                                    75%

Opp. Red Zone Conv. %:     89.47%                        90.91%                              90.91%


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11 responses to “All this, and more.

  1. jferg

    What happened at Bama to turn it into a crimson curtain, if you will?

    A: Players understanding the system?

    B: Recruiting different players?

    If A: I’m excited about the future and will continue to be patient

    If B: I’ll be interested to see what type of ‘body’ Grantham goes after (assuming it is different thana 4-3 body)


    • Dawg N Suds

      Here is what happened at Alabama:

      1. Relentless strength and conditioning program;

      2. Discipline enforced by oversigning. If you don’t produce on the field, you’re gone;

      3. Defensive philosophy of protecting the field from the middle first, then out to the sidelines.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    2007 Alabama lost to Louisiana-Monroe. I understand that the point of this post is to point to the fact that the defense can turn into a world-beater as soon as next year, but that depends on getting some big-time recruits in, and I’m not sure how much recruiting capital we have right now. With Saban, it was only year 1 and he had that shiny ring from LSU to make people think it was a good idea to sign on. I’m not sure what we have.


    • Will (the other one)

      Well the LSU ring was nice, but he also had the “lost to Auburn for the 6th time in a row” and lost at home to Lousiana-Monroe handicap.

      But clearly, picking up Cody from the JUCO ranks helped them a (quarter of a) ton.


  3. thewhiteshark

    Interesting. A couple of things jump out — one is fumbles — 6/1 is a bad number made worse when you add that to the numbers on offense. The percentage of recovered fumbles is not good. Some of that is just how the ball rolls. Some is not hustling.

    The yards per carry is interesting. Remove some busted plays that went for big gainers and the defense isn’t performing too bad against the run. Inconsistency and blown assignments are killing them.


  4. TennesseeDawg

    Even though this year has been a disaster so far, I’m still interested to see what could happen if we can keep these coaches together (minus Bobo) for another 3-4 years especially on the defensive side of the ball


  5. Will Trane

    The key to Dawgs current and future defense is one body. That body has a name…Aaron Murray.

    If you watched any part of the KSU-Nebraska game you saw the 4-3 defense of the Pelini brothers. See the Vol post this week about comparison of Grantham and Pelini. KSU could move the ball, but they got forced out due to the sets and plays of the Husker offense.

    Every set they ran I plugged in Murray. Huskers have a good running QB. Do you not think Murray could do some of that. Where are the minds and coaching skills of Bobo, Lilly, McClendon, Ball, and Searels. Old school. You have to have 11 guys on offense like the 11 on defense. Make the D assign a player to your QB…that stretches the D personnel and their set.

    It is the damn offense that allows the D certain things in a game. Our offense can not stay on the field long enough to control the clock, field position, and the scoreboard.

    When CMR says the D has the “right” to get off the field in 3, that is about a puzzling and confusing comment I’ve ever heard. Well what about the offense. On paper the Dawgs have 2 OCs but they are at the bottom of the pile in the SEC.

    Here is a clue for the Athletic Board and AD, if you want a sold out event, get an offense that is electric and runs ever defense out there off the field.


    • Dawgwalker07

      “Here is a clue for the Athletic Board and AD, if you want a sold out event, get an offense that is electric and runs ever defense out there off the field.”

      Unless I’m mistaken, Sanford is still sold out through the rest of the season.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Interesting numbers.

    And then they went JUCO-trolling and came up with Mt. Cody.

    In an aside, what’s the coaching record of Craig James and what’s-his-name the Florida quarterback?

    Just wondered because they sure were not shy about offering suggestions as to which plays Bill Snyder should run.

    How much of the coaching from the announcing booth is going on during the Georgia games? I never listen to the TV broadcast… I usally just watch radio.

    If last night was typical, I now understand why Bobo has suddenly become such a bum.

    Washed up whiners as game-plan critics…who knew?


  7. Normaltown Mike

    Classic ESPN “Bristol” commercial:

    -“Did you run that projection if the Falcon’s didn’t trade Favre?”

    -“Yeah, June Jones named Coach of the Year…”


  8. hccargo

    I’d say UGA has more talent now than Bama did in Saban’s first year. And has less now. For whatever that’s worth…