Bad day for Finebaum

Mark Richt didn’t get outcoached… and Nick Saban did.



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37 responses to “Bad day for Finebaum

  1. squarebush

    Well played, sir!


  2. DawgnAub


    You lose IQ points just listening to his drivel,…too bad I ain’t got many left.


  3. HobnailedBoots

    Go Dawgs indeed.


  4. Paul's Johnson

    The old meme is dead……long live the new meme……which is…..”The Dawgs are back! All’s right again! We’re gonna run the table!”.

    SO predictable.


  5. Russell

    I just spewed a mouthful of pie all over my moniter


  6. Irishdawg

    And lo, another shithead Tech fan trolls this blog after a Georgia win. Maybe Seriously will show up and we’ll have asshole in stereo.


  7. Dawg Stephen

    Did anyone else notice Tech’s homecoming was the same weekend as the “Pride” festival?

    (not that there’s anything wrong with that)


  8. CoachSpurlock

    If one of you can get through on his show, I’d love to hear him answer this question: “Based on common opponents, just how close are the UGA and Bama programs at this point?” I wonder if Saban will now be on the “hotseat” and will he call the Bama fans “delusional”. I’ve already heard fans in the past two weeks calling for the firing of the Bama OC. That was before they lost to the Ol’ Ball Coach. Over/Under on Saban being the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys?


  9. D.N. Nation

    I, for one, am very much looking forward to the Bama/USC rematch in Atlanta.

    So, y’know, make that happen, the two of you.


  10. Doug

    I think LSU has some voodoo queens on their payroll.


  11. Kirby Smart

    Please hire me, Georgia, because Lord knows I don’t want to face Bama fans tomorrow. I mean, I did good, right? My defense was great against South Carolina, right? I’m an up-and-comer still, right? I’m so pretty, Papa Nick, tell me I’m pretty….


  12. Urban Meyer

    Don’t you dare say those orange unis were fake juice. Because, um, they totally weren’t. We came out focused and professional and totally didn’t wet ourselves at the end of the game or anything.


  13. Jon Gruden

    I thought that Tim Tebow would be a better pro than Sam Bradford.

    With my obvious talent-evaluation skills noted thus, you know you want me as your next head coach, Georgia fans.


  14. mykiesee

    At this point what would have to happen for Georgia to win the East? Any possibility?

    Sorry, just woke up and can’t get back to sleep.


  15. AthensHomerDawg

    Did anyone notice if Miss Barbara had that orange boa on after the game?


    • Macallanlover

      Vince showed a lot of class with his decision yesterday, Babbling Barbara………not so much. I think everyone accepts that parents should support their son and hope he succeeds, but sticking that orange crap in our face, in our home, is totally classless.

      She is spitting in the face of those who paved her driveway with gold. One less person wearing orange in Sanford yesterday would not have changed the effort of the Vol team one bit. If she is so interested in football fashion, perhaps she should work on getting UT’s team colors changed completely away from the obnoxious shade of orange they use. Barbara, go to the home and rock with the others with dementia, you are embarrassing your son, and ticking off those who once cared for you….I don’t any more.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +1. See. I actually agree with you about something.


      • bort

        Yeah, cause football is way more important than, you know, family . . .


        • Macallanlover

          Exactly WHERE did you read where I said that? Never mind, I didn’t, so don’t waste your time. I never have even thought that. Sorry about your reading comprehension problem. Guess “I think everyone accepts that parents should support their son, and hope he succeeds” was in a sunspot for you.


          • JS

            agree to a certain extent man – I didn’t really take as “spitting in our face” because I don’t think her intent was anything more than to show her support for her son.. just not the classiest way to do it


            • Macallanlover

              You may be right, but I was adding the VERY public way she is going about it, not just her choice of clothing. Vince is supporting Derek 100%, and he never says other wise, but she is soooo over the top it is insulting. She should walk a step or two behind, because he is setting the standard.


              • Doug

                You want to talk about lack of class, where does “accusing someone of dementia just because they wore orange” rank?

                Come on. We won by four TDs and you’re getting your boxers in a twist over Derek Dooley’s mom’s fashion sense. Enough already.


                • Macallanlover

                  This entire subject is insignificant to me, so perhaps it is you who is upset about it. I said my comments were driven more about her the totality of how she has handled the situation, not the outfit. I am ecstatic about the victory Saturday, have no idea where you draw that from.


  16. Will Trane

    It is the offense, stupid.

    Some have taken notice this day it is the highest points the Dawgs have put on the board since 2007. Well, that would be further evidence about the demise of the Dawgs and that OC of a juggernaut coach, Bobo.

    If you do not think scoring points matters, well ask Bama and “let’s hire Kirby Smart”, or Florida and “their new staff minus Tebow”, or Kentucky and their “ace in the hole”.

    Most people will always believe that defense wins championships…they do if the keep the other team from scoring and they score the points. Sorry, never seen too many of those kinds of teams.

    This offense has a few miles to go. And Bobo will not be the OC to get us there.


  17. orange sux

    I will just enjoy this win. with barb doing the orange thing , does that mean we aren’t hiring dd ?btw wood/houston had a great game


  18. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    Mrs. Dooley loves her pup and Derek is a good one.

    Sometimes you get dealt a bad hand and you have to play it the best you can until its time to reshuffle the deck.

    I figure after getting screwed over in recruiting by one coach, and then in every way imaginable by its last coach, Tennessee will give Derek and his coordinators time to grow into their SEC jobs.

    But I don’t know if their fans will have enough patience to see it though.

    This year, this old dog will be pulling for Derek to knock off the rest of the SEC east because in college football, you never know when a team will go to sleep on you.