Play that broken record one more time.

Getting ready to leave for Athens, I can’t see how this game boils down to more than Georgia deciding to show up and play 60 minutes of focused, determined football.

Of course, that’s easier said than done – the Dawgs would be no worse than 4-1 right now if that had been their MO all along.

Tennessee is so decimated on both lines that Georgia could get away with just three good quarters of football.  Sad to say, the jury is still out on whether they have that in them.

Let the game day comments begin…



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41 responses to “Play that broken record one more time.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Georgia wins although that 11 1/2 point line is rather tempting.


  2. PatinDC

    Go Dawgs Go. Shake off the bad start and take TN tothe woodshed…


  3. Jim

    “…I can’t see how this game boils down to more than Georgia deciding to show up and play 60 minutes of focused, determined football.”

    Been waiting on that for about 3 years now. Other than Tech last year I’d like anyone to tell me the last time we got 60 minutes of effort against a remotely competent team. But hey, I’m sure Richt can turn it all around and everything will be ok…


  4. Jim

    AND, mark my words, we will lose to the vols again (5 of last 7 or something like that?) simply because they will show up and try harder than we will. Talent and depth be damned. The fact we are being consistently embarrassed by the vols while they have been going thru their worst stretch of football in 20 years is all you really need to know…


  5. Russell

    I want to believe…Therefore, on this day, I will.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.

    Let no Vol come back alive.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    And a final word from the dim mists of the past:

    We’re gonna keep fighting. Is that CLEAR? We’re gonna attack all night, we’re gonna attack tomorrow morning. If we are not VICTORIOUS, let no man come back alive!



  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Blutarsky, you going to the game? You’re a glutton for punishment.


  9. I’ll go out on a limb and make a few predictions….

    1. Our offensive line will be a disappointment. We won’t be able to run consistently……and it won’t matter…we’ll keep doing it.

    2. A.J. won’t play the whole game because he isn’t in shape. Go figure.

    3. Our tight ends will be used to assist our offensive line in pass pro.

    4. Mike Bobo will stare at his play sheet in disbelief that the dive play into an 8 man front in a run blitz didn’t work…………..again. He will call it 5 more times just to be sure. After the game he will be quoted as saying…..

    “I think Aaron is holding onto the ball a little too long”

    5. Aaron Murray plays an outstanding game.


  10. Turd Ferguson

    Win or lose, I bet Matt Simms leaves Athens with a sense of confidence he never thought possible this season.


  11. PH

    Georgia is better than their present record. The question is whether they have any fight left in them. May the spirit of Erk shine down today. We need him.


    • Macallanlover

      Indeed. It is the only question to be answered in this contest: has the inexplicable ways to miss opportunities and lose games you could have easily won taken away the spirit of the team? If not, UGA wins today. I have no doubt UT will show up to play with intensity, and I think we will also, but there are no guarantees when momentum has you going in the wrong direction.

      TN coming off a debilitating road loss that surpassed even our crushing disappointment in Boulder, is coming in with under 70 scholarship athletes on a hot day. No reason we won’t win if we show up. We have been in a position to win all but the SC game had we not stepped on our pecker on 4-5 plays.


  12. I usually tune out the 4th quarter. Is It the coaches not making adjustments or Is It the S&C program???. The opponents seem to be the ones who “Finish The Drill”.I would like to see sime Stats comparing the Dawgs production in the first half Vs. the second half for the last few years. Maybe I am wrong?


  13. dudetheplayer

    Let Murray make plays baby!!!


  14. dudetheplayer

    Well, our offense still looks totally out of whack. Bobo continues to be Bobo. Not real sure why I expected anything different there.

    Ealey continues to bring nothing to the table while King produces and then sits. Curious.


    • Spence

      It is halftime. Do you still feel this way?


      • Spence

        It is the end of the third quarter. Do you still feel this way?

        Look if you want to complain I’m totally cool with it. Just give credit
        when it’s due too.


      • dudetheplayer

        Bobo has done a much better job of throwing the ball to set up the run and using boots and roll outs to get Murray out of the pocket. Murray is an excellent passer on the run.

        The safety play has been abysmal, but otherwise I’m not gonna complain too much.

        Go Dawgs go!


  15. Sep

    Commercial for the School sucks.

    Let Logan run, let the young QB play and look what happens.

    Let’s ruin other teams seasons.


  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    Halftime. Who are these guys in our players’ uniforms?


  17. Sep

    We’ve been fortunate a few times on turnovers but we look better than them on the lines.

    I am an optimist so we could be 3-2, 4-1, 5- naw, without some stupid or bad luck at the worst of times. Stupid is coaching.

    We are not a bad team and our record doesn’t reflect our level of talent. I would hate to be a coach trying to get his team fired up for a one win team like the Dawgs.


  18. Turd Ferguson

    Nice to see Bobo finally make the adjustments that we should have begun to see in the second half of the South Carolina game.

    BTW, my unsung hero of the game: Sturdivant.