So – those of you who bet against the spread…

how much money did you lose?


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  1. Ausdawg85

    A more UGA like performance. Murray+ AJ = Stafford + Knowshon

    But that is a really bad UT team….

  2. dudetheplayer

    You can never better against your own team.

    That’s just bad form.

  3. the Coondawg

    When was the last time UGA destroyed the spread?

  4. hccargo

    Absolutely love that Clay Travis called this a “bet your house” line all week. Look who’s eating crow now. It’s always fun to beat Tennessee, but especially when they really, truly believe it’s one of their few shots at an SEC win on the year. I watched the game at a sports bar in Memphis- the only red shirt in the place. It may have been more fun there than in Sanford Stadium.

    • CantStandYa

      I did too! Mulligans? Fox & Hound?

      For those who don’t know, Vol fans in Memphis can be extra obnoxious. Most of them have never even been within 100 miles of Knoxville. God, I hate the Vols.

  5. Sneaky Short

    Best 100 bucks I ever lost. Go Dawgs. GATA.

  6. Doug

    USC loses to Bama and FL, FL loses to LSU and UGA, and UGA wins out then whips Bamas ass in Atlanta and Bourbon Street here we come! Seem realistic huh?

    • carolinadawg

      I’m not sure how all the tiebreakers would play out, but if all 3 finish with 3 losses, SC has the tiebreaker over us, so we can’t go instead of them, can we?

    • Brandon

      Irrelevant. That sorry a** South Carolina team that handed us the worst loss in the history of our program evah just beat Alabama worse than they beat us.

    • AmpedDawg

      Well unfortunately USC beating Bama just torched your hopes. Now we just have to cheer for Arkansas next week against USC. In November I might wind up cheering for Florida for the first time in my life against USC (I was brought up to cheer for Fla and Tech to lose every game that they play and for everyone in the SEC other than Fla to win every game other than against UGA – unless circumstances dictated otherwise for post season reasons).

    • Brandon

      Irrelevant. That sorry a** South Carolina team that handed us our worst loss in the history of our program evah just beat Alabama worse than they beat us.

  7. The Original Cynical in Athens

    That is why they have water in the desert…

    • Still Confused About Who's Really Cynical

      What??? I guess that is “to take a shower after whipping someone’s ass”.

  8. The Original Cynical in Athens

    What the holy f*ck is going on in Columbia?

    The armpit of the universe may just implode tonight.

  9. TennesseeDawg

    Good: Dawgs played with some fire and looked motivated. Passing game improved, defense stout. We had confirmed sightings of our TEs.

    Bad: Tennessee is an absolute disaster and looked hung over from last week. Hard to tell how much we improved. DBs still look clueless at times, OL flat out disappointing especially in the run game. Ealey still can’t hold on to the ball.

    Our university commercial sucks. Looks like a high school AV class project.

  10. HVL Dawg

    Pretty tasty tonic.

  11. thewhiteshark

    The bookies made a killing on that line.

    Let’s win the next two and see what happens in Jax.

    • Puffdawg

      FYI, bookies typically don’t make more money if one team or the other wins. They set the odds so that 50% of the bets are on each side of the spread. They make their money on the juice. Seeing as the line didn’t move much (~2 pts), SOMEBODY was betting on the Dawgs. Bookies are not in the business of gambling.

      Small point, I know, but you see people say “Vegas made a lot of money on that one” and they are right, but not because the outcome went one way or another.

      Just an observation.

  12. papadawg

    Wow – I’m glad that I don’t gamble.

    Between the Dawgs covering the spread at home (unbelievable) and Bama getting whipped in Columbia (un-freaking-believable), I would’ve lost it all today!

  13. Dooms Day Dawg

    Take this win for what it is worth: A solid win over a terrible (yes, possibly worse than the Dawgs) Vols squad. Dawgs finally won one that they were supposed to. Before everyone starts buying rooms on Bourbon Street, remember this: Dawgs are only 2 – 2 last 4 years vs. Kentucky. No need to start counting any chickens, or putting the cart before the horse. There are still 4 possible L’s looming out there (Kentuck, Florida, Auburn and GT). For those needing help, that spells 4 – 8!

    • AmpedDawg

      I agree. UT is awful. Certainly worse that UGA. UT is almost devoid of real talent. Nevertheless, the world seems much better than it has any of the last four Saturdays and I’ll take them however we can get them. Here’s hoping for an NFL lockout and AJ wearing red and black against next year.

  14. mike

    Didn’t bet, so I don’t count. But…we were discussing it as a trap line. I am usually all over those “how can they be so stupid?”, lines. I usually lose.

    Glad to see the Dawgs get the W. But we have still have a long ways to go.

    Do our guys just not get the Cover 2?

  15. HVL Dawg

    All those Hire Kirby Smart dawgs can shut up now.

  16. AthensHomerDawg

    Alabama firing Saban?????

    • AmpedDawg

      I’m pretty confident that poor old Ole Miss and Tennessee are going to get a very, very angry Bama team that will want to absolutely shellac them.

  17. Will Trane

    Bama got their ass whipped by Carolina:

    Carolina had a 2 weeks to prepare
    Bama on the road
    Bama’s all-do Smart gets his defense shellaced for 35 points.
    Bama’s oline is penetrated at will be Carolina
    Bama little corners could not keep up with Carolina wos.
    Bama needs some new coaches…defense, offense, and strength and conditioning
    Fire Saban… he lost to the ball coach. The old ball coach was 2 qrts ahead of Saban.
    Did Bama not look slow and weak against Carolina

    Love seeing those boys in the west get theri butts handed to them. How much did that all world backfield of Richardson and Ingram get today.

    How many points did TG’s Dawgs give up to Carolina. It sure as hell was not 35.

    Ealey can he not hold onto the ball?

    Well Damn…Dawgs play 3 out of 4 on the road, need S&C, etc.

  18. dawgIam

    I lost $0. But if I lived in Vegas I would have lost a mortgage payment! Dawgs looked good today. Not sure if they played that much better – UT is that bad or a combo of Both. Lets hope it carries through the rest of the season.

  19. travis fain

    Georgia to cover and South Carolina to upset. Makes perfect sense, really.

  20. sUGArdaddy

    If you want the pie in the sky after a great day…

    Cocks lose to Arky and Fla.
    Fla. loses to Dawgs and LSU (tonight).
    Dawgs win out.

    First Tiebreak: Head to head…round robin…still even.

    Second Tiebreak: Eastern record. Everybody’s 4-1…still even.

    Third Tiebreak: BCS ranking. We’d be on a 7 game winning streak w/ wins over Fla, Aub., & Tech. Fla. & Cocks would have November losses and be 9-3 at best, w/ the possibility of losing another non-conference game to end the season. Who do you think would be the highest ranked team?

    Hey, a Dawg can dream can’t he?

    • carolinadawg

      There’s actually 4 more tiebreakers to account before before getting to the BCS ranking:


      1. (Once the tie has been reduced to two teams, go to the two-team tie-breaker format.)
      2. Combined head-to-head record among the tied teams.
      3. Record of the tied teams within the division.
      4. Head-to-head competition vs. the team within the division with the best overall (divisional and non-divisional) Conference record and proceeding through the division. Multiple ties within the division will be broken from first to last.
      5. Overall record vs. non-division teams.
      6. Combined record vs. all common non-divisional teams.
      7. Record vs. common non-divisional team with the best overall Conference (divisional and non-divisional) record and proceeding through other common non-divisional teams based on their order of finish within their division.
      8. The tied team with the highest ranking in the Bowl Championship Series Standings following the last weekend of regular-season games shall be the divisional representative in the SEC Championship Game, unless the second of the tied teams is ranked within five-or-fewer places of the highest ranked tied team. In this case, the head-to-head results of the top two ranked tied teams shall determine the representative in the SEC Championship Game.

      • sUGArdaddy

        Yeah, I know, but it would still get to the BCS.

        4. We’d all have only loss to each other in the East.

        5. We’d all be 1-2 in vs. the West

        6. We do not all have a common western oppoent

        7. See above.

        8. Bingo.

        Though I know I’m crazy…just beat Vandy.

  21. HobnailedBoots

    Anybody that bet against the spread was ill-informed or stupid. Yeah, Georgia had played badly, but to base your bets off of just Tennessee’s close loss against LSU was to ignore their glaring deficiencies on the lines and in general. I’m not sure I would have put down a lot of money on Georgia covering, but no way in hell would I have bet on THAT Tennessee squad to keep it within 11. That was a sucker bet from the get-go.

    • Dooms Day Dawg

      HobnailedBoots…What exactly have you seen from the Dawgs this season that made you believe they could cover 11 against ANYONE? Was it their performance against Miss State? Or was it their play against the Hogs? Maybe it was the way they left everything on the field against SC? Oh, it must have been the heart they showed in Boulder! It is easy to stand on your soapbox tonight and scream to the world that the Dawgs are worthy of such a large number after running a wretched UT team. The 2010 version of the Dawgs is not that far removed from that UT squad. How ’bout you pull your head out of your butt and realize what this team is.

      • The 2010 version of the Dawgs is not that far removed from that UT squad.

        They won by 27. What’s your definition of far removed?

        • Dooms Day Dawg

          As we witnessed in the first 4 games, this team is lifeless without AJ. 2010 UGA Football = 2006 GT (both had great WR, but nothing else). They are one injury away from being UT. The awful O-line play has rendered the running game useless this season. Defensively, the Dawgs have more talent than the Vols, however they are still experiencing growing pains with the new scheme. I hate to say it, but the Dawgs are closer to the Vols than they are to the Cocks or Gaytors this year.

      • Macallanlover

        Typical loony-tune dawg. Bettors can’t get so emotional as to get delusional like “the sky is falling” crowd among UGA fans. This doesn’t mean we are a great team, not even close sadly, but there is a significant difference in the talent of UGA and UT.

        Sure, 1-4 coming in, but 3-4 plays away from 4-1. Some years you get those bounces (see LSU this season, and TN in 2007), and other years you get the improbable results that UGA has suffered this year.

        Our problems can be explained in just 2 areas, OL is still awful, and our DBs bite on every play fake and pump by the QB. Better play in these two areas and the mood would have been dramatically better in the Dawg Nation. Like coach says, we have to keep working to improve. Never understood why so many quit on the team, there was never a blowout, or lack of competitiveness.

    • Macallanlover

      I thought the line was pretty close, figured we would win by 10-17, so I didn’t bet it. The turnover effect drove the margin up, but this was not a bad line. There were much safer plays out there so why take one that looks close to your own analysis?

  22. Les Miles' Natty

    Ain’t it funny how much the play calling improved?

    First time in recent memory there has been no passionate, yet totally illogical, call for the head coach’s head.

    You may make your own luck, but ain’t it interesting how everybody feels better when the ball don’t bounce against us.

    • carolinadawg

      Since I’m pretty sure your post is aimed at me, I’ll reluctantly respond (see dictum regarding lying down with pigs…).

      Yes the play calling was better…not sure why thats funny. Better play calling in the previous 5 games might have enabled us to win more games. There’s nothing funny about losing, at least to me.

      And I have never called for Richt to be fired. However, I still think we need a new offensive coordinator, OL coach and RB coach. If Richt wants to keep Bobo as QB coach, fine. He seems to be qualified for that, at the most.

      • Les Miles' Natty

        My God, he’s only a freshman and what an ego.

        Same plays, better result.

        You obviously have extensive experience lying down with swine….musta been rough on your family.

        • carolinadawg

          Not the same plays at all. We finally threw a slant pass to wr, finally got the tight ends involved, didn’t run Thomas up the gut, etc., etc. Try watching the game.

          And go f yourself, punk.

  23. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    I met Smokey before the game yesterday.

    When he finished jumping around, I looked him in his crazy bloodshot eyes, and barked only one word: