SEC Power Poll, Week 6

From an entertainment standpoint, last Saturday was about as good as the SEC gets.  Of course, that means this week’s power poll gets a shakeup.

  1. LSU. Yeah, there’s a part of me that can’t believe I’m typing this, but I don’t think there’s another team in the country that’s got six straight wins over BCS conference competition.  The schedule is what gives these Tigers the slight nod over…
  2. Auburn. these Tigers.  And it’s not like these guys haven’t had their share of close calls this season, either.
  3. South Carolina. The Old Ball Coach proved he still has it Saturday.  Now the question is what will the ‘Cocks have in the tank come November.
  4. Alabama. Hard to believe that Georgia played South Carolina closer than the Tide did.  Still, they’re in control of their destiny in the West.
  5. Arkansas. The Hogs’ offense has settled into a pattern of fading in the second half.  So far that’s only cost them one game.
  6. Florida. WWTD?
  7. Mississippi State. The first half of the season has gone about as well as they could have hoped for, and they’ve only got to find two more wins to become bowl eligible.
  8. Georgia. It’s not that Georgia’s that good; it’s that every team below seven is that mediocre.
  9. Mississippi. Of all the weeks to play Alabama, this probably isn’t the one you’d choose, even coming off a bye.
  10. Kentucky. Randall Cobb is a special player.  The rest of this team is anything but.
  11. Vanderbilt. If nothing else, good enough to kick a MAC team’s ass.  That might be enough to beat Tennessee.
  12. Tennessee. So, Barbara Dooley wore a half-orange, half-red ensemble to Saturday’s game.  Black would have been more appropriate.


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4 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 6

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Cannot argue with your reasoning based on the schedule, but what’s the old saying about having 2 quarterbacks?

    Just cannot see LSU’s luck holding up in their matchups with Auburn and Alabama.

    Auburn has, arguably, the best QB in the league, so that would give them the nod over LSU.

    It’s so funny how the national punditry was crowing about the SEC being down just last week. It was Bama and the 11 Dwarfs. Now, there are 3 top 10 teams, and not one of them is Bama.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    So, it’s pretty much a lock that LSU loses to McNeese State this week, right?


  3. 69Dawg

    The predictions for the BCS poll are that Boise will be number 1 because the computers are in love with them because of the OST Arizona game. SEC with 2 undefeated teams but neither of them in the top 5. SEC is going to get screwed this year.


  4. Chuck

    I have not heard this much about Cocks since the movie Deep Throat came out in the 70s. If these sports talks shows do not knock it off there are going to be complaints.