You knew there had to be a reason.

Georgia fans recognize when it’s déjà vu all over again – Florida loses a big SEC game, and here come the medics:

Florida quarterback John Brantley was dealing with injuries to his ribs and throwing thumb but also pain in his throwing shoulder leading into the loss to LSU, a source close to the quarterback said Sunday.

Brantley and coach Urban Meyer downplayed the extent of Brantley’s injuries after the game, but the source said Brantley was in considerable pain and limited all week.

… Because Brantley was overcompensating for the rib injury early in the week, the source said the quarterback began having a shoulder issue on Wednesday and was unable to throw on Thursday and Friday.

It’s probably worth pointing out that LSU didn’t play with a complete quarterback, either.



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24 responses to “You knew there had to be a reason.

  1. S.E. Dawg

    Meyer on the hot seat? Don’t let the Media get tow hold on that.


  2. “It’s probably worth pointing out that LSU didn’t play with a complete quarterback, either.”

    +1, Sir.


    • joe

      They also played with a coach that suffers with a brain cramp, normally late in the 4th.


      • Ben

        If you read the explanation here ( it would seem that Les Miles is the only coach in America with a vast knowledge of the NCAA rulebook.

        As someone over at EDSBS noted, he’s operating at a level higher than the rest of us can comprehend.


  3. Bulldog Bry

    Somehow, some way, this has to be used against Corch on the recruiting trail.


    • The Original Cynical in Athens

      Yep, because the old, “he lied to Jevan Snead about Tebow playing linebacker” has worked so, so well.


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        And of course he was honest and pure about the time outs at the end of the 2008 game, and honest about playing down to Tennessee’s level in 2009, and honest about retiring, and so on.


  4. Irishdawg

    Why was Brantley playing if he was so banged up? My wife has a credible theory that Meyer pumps his QBs up to be these ubermenschen like he did with Tebow. It’s tiresome and transparent.


  5. RedCrake

    If that’s the case, I’m not sure why he was in the game. I know Brantley is the next Tebow, but Trey Burton is also the next Tebow.


  6. Dooley's Wig

    (hand clutches chest) “Elizabeth, I’m comin’ to join ya!”


  7. Normaltown Mike



  8. That halftime interview with Meyer was bizarre theater. The reporter had pretty specific information about the extent of Brantley’s injuries (she specifically mentioned the thumb and ribs) and Meyer denied all of it. “Aw, he’s just a little banged up.”

    It would have been less strange had her info been more vague and subjective, i.e., “Is Brantley playing hurt?” But, as it was, Meyer more or less lied on national television.


  9. 69Dawg

    Urban is a rub some dirt on it, it will be all right kind of coach, that happens to invent illnesses for himself. Hey if I can coach through my head case illness you should be able to play QB with hurt ribs and a broken thumb after all Timmy would have.


  10. Reptillicide

    I called this earlier in the week. Vegas pulled the game off its boards because they had info that Brantley was hurt, and Meyer and the rest of the staff vehemently denied it. Why are we surprised when Meyer and co. lie?


  11. Benjamin

    great to see UGA fans so concerned about some one elses QB and coach but whats new, right?


    • I don’t know how they do it where you’re from, friend, but it’s pretty normal for us to be interested in the health of quarterbacks we have yet to face in a season. We call it “armchair scouting.” It provides bloggers like the good Senator subject matter for his blog posts. It also keeps us interested in upcoming games on our schedule while we go about our daily lives during the week.
      You might like to try it but I wouldn’t want you to think that I seem too “concerned about” your life or fan experience since things like that seem to make you uncomfortable.
      Hope you play well against MTSU and so long.


  12. Dog in Fla

    “According to the source, Brantley has hairline fractures in four ribs and wore a reinforced protective vest in the game. Meyer described Brantley’s injury as ‘damage’ to his ribs.”

    Why would Lane not be surprised by this?

    “After we’re not excited about a performance, we’ll tell you that we were sick” or injured, or both.


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    Well, if Brantley wasn’t hurting before the game, he sure as hell was after. LSU’s D line looked pretty tough and got good penetration.


    • Dog in Fla

      True. He got punished in both the Alabama and LSU games. If Brantley played with hairline fractures in four ribs and a thumb plus a bad shoulder, he deserves to be The SEC Toughest Player of the Season so far.