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Shocking double standard in Knoxville!

Well, not really.

Suzanne Glen should have learned how to punt.

That way, she might not be serving an indefinite suspension from the University of Tennessee, a situation that has put a hold on her receiving the master’s degree in social work that she’s earned.

Glen, a 60-year-old from Nashville, was arrested for DUI in Gulf Shores, Ala., but pleaded guilty last year to the reduced charge of reckless driving. UT has suspended her indefinitely, meaning she doesn’t get her degree and has had to forfeit some $13,000 in schooling costs from the spring semester. UT Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek has upheld the suspension.

Tim Rogers, UT’s vice chancellor for student affairs, said drunken driving is the kind of charge that will get a student indefinitely suspended. Other offenses include domestic violence, assault, drug or weapons charges, and cheating or plagiarism. Requiring students to adhere to a code of conduct is wise and responsible.

Yet Glen’s suspension seems out of line when compared, say, to former Vols punter Britton Colquitt, who was disciplined twice by then-coach Philip Fulmer but not suspended from school.

Skip the punter who’s no longer on campus.  How ’bout the guys who got in a fight in a bar who are still suiting up for dear ol’ Rocky Top U?  This would seem to apply to their actions:

… Glen, her attorney and a character witness attended an April 9 hearing before administrative judge Jennifer L. Richter, who is with the Office of Equity and Diversity at UT. Richter affirmed the indefinite suspension last week.

UT officials stated that Glen violated Rule 8 of the standards of conduct. That rule prohibits anyone from engaging in “conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person …” even off campus.

(h/t The Wiz of Odds)



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Brady Hoke is a master of understatement.

Upon being informed that a Brigham Young University athletic department employee was one of the three replay booth staffers who were suspended for botching a crucial replay review in San Diego State’s loss last week at BYU, SDSU head coach Brady Hoke had this to say:

“I wouldn’t think that would be appropriate.”

No, I wouldn’t think so, either.  In fact, even Rogers Redding wouldn’t think so.

Here’s the call the review crew botched, by the way (start at about the 1:45 mark):

(h/t Doc Saturday)


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Not fade away.

Chris Brown tells you everything you need to know about running and throwing a fade route against press coverage.

It’s one part of Aaron Murray’s game that’s not quite polished yet.  It’s not as easy to master as it looks, though.

… The quarterback’s assignment is simple but the techniques take a lot of time to master. The fade is thrown off a three-step drop (or one step from shotgun) to a spot 18-22 yards downfield, and approximately five-to-six yards from the sideline. Obviously, one of the big mistakes you see is the quarterback who throws this pass out of bounds; it’s amazing how frequent that happens. The difficult comes with properly extending the arm, getting that medium arc down (it’s not a bullet and it isn’t a bomb throw), right to the outside shoulder. One common way to practice this is to put a trash can at 20 yards deep and tell the quarterback to drop the ball in the trash can (which you can’t do unless you have the right arc on the throw), and you can even simulate a free safety hustling to get over there to make sure there isn’t too much arc.

And that’s basically it — now go on the field and practice this a few thousand times…


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“There’s really no way to put a price on these things.”

Damn, we spend a lot of money on football.


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Climbing out of a deep hole

You want to know what’s missing from Georgia’s football program right now?  It’s all in two comments, the first from Washaun Ealey

“I feel like I got a lot more to prove,” Ealey said Wednesday. “I’ve got to earn the trust of my teammates, along with my coaches. I know that my team, they really need me this game, because I’m probably the only running back, besides Ken Malcome. Carlton Thomas is coming back this week. But I’ll probably be getting the majority of the reps.”

Ealey was asked if by earning the trust of his teammates and coaches, he meant his fumbling issues.

“Definitely,” Ealey said. “The fumbles, I’m pretty sure I lost the trust of most guys on the team. Hopefully I can go out there and gain their trust back this week.”

… and the second from Trey Thompkins:

… Thompkins, who was sharing the interview room with Georgia football players Tuesday, provided another hint of what is about to unfold.

He gestured toward the football Dogs and said, “They’re going to be coming to our games now” as if to say basketball was going to be the spectacle on campus for a few months, not football.

I love that “They’re going to be coming to our games now” statement – it’s not cocky, but hungry.  It’s Thompkins saying that he thinks his team is going to excel and he can’t wait to get out there and prove it.  And you know what?  You can’t help but buy into his attitude.

We used to hear stuff like that from Richt early on.  When he spoke of “lifting the lid” off of the program back in 2002, you knew his team could do it.  Now we get key players talking about having to earn back trust.


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Mumme Poll, Week Six

First vote is in the books, and here’s how things came out:

Rank Team Votes (Top pick)
1 Oregon 129 (83)
2 Ohio State 125 (23)
3 Auburn 125 (4)
4 Boise State 117 (5)
5 Nebraska 115 (2)
6 Oklahoma 115 (1)
7 TCU 110 (0)
8 Alabama 106 (5)
9 LSU 97 (6)
10 South Carolina 89 (0)
11 Michigan State 74 (0)
12 Utah 33 (0)
13 Stanford 22 (0)
14 Arkansas 13 (0)
15 Nevada 7 (1)
16 Missouri 7 (0)
17 Oklahoma State 5 (0)
18 Iowa 4 (0)
19 Florida State 3 (0)
20 Florida 2 (0)
21 Wisconsin 1 (0)
21 California 1 (0)

For comparison, here’s how this week’s Coaches Poll breaks down:

1 Ohio State (49) 6-0 1455
2 Oregon (6) 6-0 1388
3 Boise State (1) 5-0 1335
4 Nebraska (2) 5-0 1272
5 TCU (1) 6-0 1213
6 Oklahoma 5-0 1193
7 Auburn 6-0 1060
8 Alabama 5-1 1029
9 LSU 6-0 1021
10 Utah 5-0 940
11 Michigan State 6-0 838
12 South Carolina 4-1 835
13 Arkansas 4-1 780
14 Iowa 4-1 710
15 Stanford 5-1 618
16 Wisconsin 5-1 542
17 Florida State 5-1 496
18 Oklahoma State 5-0 478
19 Missouri 5-0 434
20 Arizona 4-1 367
21 Nevada 6-0 329
22 Florida 4-2 242
23 Air Force 5-1 151
24 Michigan 5-1 137
25 West Virginia 4-1 88


  • There wasn’t a tie at #1, so you can disregard the tiebreaker votes in the Mumme Poll.  Ohio State and Auburn tie for second, Nebraska and Oklahoma tie for fifth, Nevada and Missouri are in a tie at fifteen and Wisconsin and California bring up the rear together.
  • South Carolina can’t seem to catch a break anywhere, can it?  Beat Alabama soundly, and still fall a couple of slots short, no matter the poll.
  • Needless to say, I think Oregon is deserving of the top slot, so I like how the MP has played out there better than the CP.
  • There’s a lot less certainty among our voters about which school belongs at the top than with the coaches.
  • But interestingly enough, none of our voters thought TCU deserved a spot at #1 (although check out that Nevada love).
  • Mountain West 2, WAC 2, Big East 0.  Ouch.


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