Mumme Poll, Week Six

First vote is in the books, and here’s how things came out:

Rank Team Votes (Top pick)
1 Oregon 129 (83)
2 Ohio State 125 (23)
3 Auburn 125 (4)
4 Boise State 117 (5)
5 Nebraska 115 (2)
6 Oklahoma 115 (1)
7 TCU 110 (0)
8 Alabama 106 (5)
9 LSU 97 (6)
10 South Carolina 89 (0)
11 Michigan State 74 (0)
12 Utah 33 (0)
13 Stanford 22 (0)
14 Arkansas 13 (0)
15 Nevada 7 (1)
16 Missouri 7 (0)
17 Oklahoma State 5 (0)
18 Iowa 4 (0)
19 Florida State 3 (0)
20 Florida 2 (0)
21 Wisconsin 1 (0)
21 California 1 (0)

For comparison, here’s how this week’s Coaches Poll breaks down:

1 Ohio State (49) 6-0 1455
2 Oregon (6) 6-0 1388
3 Boise State (1) 5-0 1335
4 Nebraska (2) 5-0 1272
5 TCU (1) 6-0 1213
6 Oklahoma 5-0 1193
7 Auburn 6-0 1060
8 Alabama 5-1 1029
9 LSU 6-0 1021
10 Utah 5-0 940
11 Michigan State 6-0 838
12 South Carolina 4-1 835
13 Arkansas 4-1 780
14 Iowa 4-1 710
15 Stanford 5-1 618
16 Wisconsin 5-1 542
17 Florida State 5-1 496
18 Oklahoma State 5-0 478
19 Missouri 5-0 434
20 Arizona 4-1 367
21 Nevada 6-0 329
22 Florida 4-2 242
23 Air Force 5-1 151
24 Michigan 5-1 137
25 West Virginia 4-1 88


  • There wasn’t a tie at #1, so you can disregard the tiebreaker votes in the Mumme Poll.  Ohio State and Auburn tie for second, Nebraska and Oklahoma tie for fifth, Nevada and Missouri are in a tie at fifteen and Wisconsin and California bring up the rear together.
  • South Carolina can’t seem to catch a break anywhere, can it?  Beat Alabama soundly, and still fall a couple of slots short, no matter the poll.
  • Needless to say, I think Oregon is deserving of the top slot, so I like how the MP has played out there better than the CP.
  • There’s a lot less certainty among our voters about which school belongs at the top than with the coaches.
  • But interestingly enough, none of our voters thought TCU deserved a spot at #1 (although check out that Nevada love).
  • Mountain West 2, WAC 2, Big East 0.  Ouch.


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8 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week Six

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    After a couple of days to absorb, I think people see the Scu win for what it was.

    They have a scrub QB who played the game of his life, and will likely never play that well again, against a Bama team that was drained from 3 straight weeks of tough football.

    Guess we will learn a little more this week, but Nebraska looks like the best team in the country to me. It will be curious to see what happens if Muschamp is able to keep Martinez in the pocket, but defense never goes in a slump, and Nebraska’s defense is absurdly good. Never would have pegged Pellini as head coaching material, but he has really turned it around out there in a hurry.


    • AmpedDawg

      I’m pretty high on Nebraska. I’ve watched them a few times and they’ve looked good on offense but sick on D. I couldn’t put them at #1 since they haven’t played anyone with a pulse, but if they beat Texas this weekend (especially if they beat them badly), they’ll roll into my #1 spot.


  2. Watchman

    Do I correctly read the results as including five first place votes for Bama? Ugh.

    As a Bama fan I look at that as just delusional. I didn’t rank Bama at all (but then I didn’t rank anybody with a loss this week). I understand the argument for them being at the bottom of the top ten, but the best team in the country doesn’t get dominated like that.


    • Macallanlover

      Yeah, Bama may well end up #1 by the end of the season depending on how things play out, but that loss in Columbia didn’t look flukish to me. SC played almost the perfect game and dominated. I would probably bet the Tide in a re-match in the Dome, but for right now Alabama doesn’t deserve consideration for #1.

      I am trying to figure out how at least 14 people didn’t put Nebraska and Oklahoma in their Top 10. OU has demolished FSU and Texas so far, what the hell does it take to impress those voters? I get the anti-Boise sentiment from some, but the Children of the Corn and Boomer look pretty convincing so far.


  3. Nevada love is really Boise State love.


  4. Macallanlover

    I had Auburn in my Top 10, but if asked to assign a numerical value, they definitely don’t look like one of the best 3 teams. How many close games can they survive? The defense is patchy, and the offense is definitely a one-trick pony (well, make that a stallion.) I see them having 2-3 regular season losses but you have to give them credit for finding a way to win close games. I know a team that could use a lesson in that area.


  5. Gen. Stoopnagle

    How many ballots total?


  6. Who in the hell voted Nevada #1???

    That’s asinine.