Not fade away.

Chris Brown tells you everything you need to know about running and throwing a fade route against press coverage.

It’s one part of Aaron Murray’s game that’s not quite polished yet.  It’s not as easy to master as it looks, though.

… The quarterback’s assignment is simple but the techniques take a lot of time to master. The fade is thrown off a three-step drop (or one step from shotgun) to a spot 18-22 yards downfield, and approximately five-to-six yards from the sideline. Obviously, one of the big mistakes you see is the quarterback who throws this pass out of bounds; it’s amazing how frequent that happens. The difficult comes with properly extending the arm, getting that medium arc down (it’s not a bullet and it isn’t a bomb throw), right to the outside shoulder. One common way to practice this is to put a trash can at 20 yards deep and tell the quarterback to drop the ball in the trash can (which you can’t do unless you have the right arc on the throw), and you can even simulate a free safety hustling to get over there to make sure there isn’t too much arc.

And that’s basically it — now go on the field and practice this a few thousand times…


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22 responses to “Not fade away.

  1. Normaltown Mike

    I’m gonna tell ya how it’s gonna be…


  2. Russell

    David Greene’s fade was a thing of beauty…I’ll never forget the 2004 LSU game…Saban said there was no way you could defend a perfectly thrown fade like that.


    • Go Dawgs!

      So true. You know, over the years, it’s almost like Greene’s gotten a bit underrated by our fans. Ever since we got Stafford’s NFL arm into the program, it seemed like Greene started to get slighted by some fans because he couldn’t make some of the throws that #7 could. Greene didn’t have a cannon or anything, but he was a great college quarterback. His touch passes in general were just brilliant, not just the fade. The way he carried out play fakes made him deadly on play action. And he was never phased by the situation, no matter how big or how crucial things got. I love that guy and miss him.


      • Russell

        No diss on any of our recent Quarterbacks, but behind that mild exterior he was a competitor to the bone.
        Also, here is a little known fact…He and David Pollack grew up together and were very close friends ;^)


      • Macallanlover

        If Stafford had the touch pass Greene had in his arsenal, he would be a sure Hall of Famer in the NFL, even if he has to serve time in Detroit without an offensive line or a running game (last year specifically).


      • Brandon

        Too bad we had him and Shockley at the same time.


  3. Kevin

    Greatest fade I ever saw? Danny Wuerffel.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    Best flop I ever saw was Christian Laettner