Shocking double standard in Knoxville!

Well, not really.

Suzanne Glen should have learned how to punt.

That way, she might not be serving an indefinite suspension from the University of Tennessee, a situation that has put a hold on her receiving the master’s degree in social work that she’s earned.

Glen, a 60-year-old from Nashville, was arrested for DUI in Gulf Shores, Ala., but pleaded guilty last year to the reduced charge of reckless driving. UT has suspended her indefinitely, meaning she doesn’t get her degree and has had to forfeit some $13,000 in schooling costs from the spring semester. UT Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek has upheld the suspension.

Tim Rogers, UT’s vice chancellor for student affairs, said drunken driving is the kind of charge that will get a student indefinitely suspended. Other offenses include domestic violence, assault, drug or weapons charges, and cheating or plagiarism. Requiring students to adhere to a code of conduct is wise and responsible.

Yet Glen’s suspension seems out of line when compared, say, to former Vols punter Britton Colquitt, who was disciplined twice by then-coach Philip Fulmer but not suspended from school.

Skip the punter who’s no longer on campus.  How ’bout the guys who got in a fight in a bar who are still suiting up for dear ol’ Rocky Top U?  This would seem to apply to their actions:

… Glen, her attorney and a character witness attended an April 9 hearing before administrative judge Jennifer L. Richter, who is with the Office of Equity and Diversity at UT. Richter affirmed the indefinite suspension last week.

UT officials stated that Glen violated Rule 8 of the standards of conduct. That rule prohibits anyone from engaging in “conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person …” even off campus.

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31 responses to “Shocking double standard in Knoxville!

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Who the heck even knew that a school would suspend *anybody* for getting a DUI? UT doesn’t have a responsibility to teach a 60-year old woman about drinking and driving.

    But yeah, since UT thinks that’s one of the school’s functions, then they absolutely should have suspended every single bar brawler from the school, and by extension, Dooley’s Vols. But if we’re not worried about other alcohol violations, if DUI is the only evil out there, forget the punter, file this tidbit away for the next time a UT football player (inevitably) gets nabbed for DUI.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Why would she have ever thought that just because her plan was to outrun the Gulf Shores PD by getting in line for the dollar breakfast menu, tell her camping buddy about it, pay a fine for reckless driving (the type of drving that occurs in South Baldwin County all the time anyway) and then expect UT not to suspend her, seek a $13k forfeiture from her and nullify her grades?

    “Scoggins said Glen violated rule 8 of UT’s student conduct policy with her July 2009 drunken-driving arrest in Gulf Shores, Ala. Glen, on advice of an attorney, pleaded guilty to reckless driving. That conviction, Scoggins said, showed Glen’s alleged act “threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person,” as stated in rule 8 of the dozens of student conduct violations.

    Glen refused to submit to a breath test when arrested. She testified Friday she was not intoxicated when an officer stopped her Hyundai Sonata about 5:47 a.m. while she was getting an order from a McDonald’s drive-through window.

    Scoggins declined to say how UT became aware of Glen’s arrest and plea bargain. Glen, however, was camping with another female UT student at the time of her arrest and their relationship has since soured.”

    All they did with Bruce Pearl is give him a pay cut.


  3. Sanford222View



  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    UT is coming dangerously close to forfeiting its right to be called a university.


  5. Eric

    The most disgusting part is that they seem to be accusing her of a crime she was never actually found guilty of. There will never be a record that she actually was DUI.


  6. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    Anyone check to see if she was driving Tee Martin’s Tahoe?



    • Dog in Fla

      Would she have been better off in Tee’s Tahoe? Yes because as a Mobile native, Tee and his vehicle get free passes in Gulf Shores. However, Tee’s too busy coaching up his wide receivers at Kentucky to get them ready to have career days against us rather than worrying about loaning out his Tahoe to a not so super-hot 60 year old grad student.

      Would she have been better off in a Prius, the preferred University of Tennessee getaway vehicle? Probably not. In Gulf Shores, they would profile a Prius, even with spinners and rims, in hopes of searching and seizing some old hippie or a hybrid carload of super-hot young coeds.

      Would she have been better off in any vehicle if she was super-hot and/or younger than 60 with or without lingerie? Yes. That’s the way they roll in Gulf Shores and everywhere else on the planet.

      Besides Russ from your partying days with Damon and young former coeds, you should know what it’s like to get pulled over and refuse the Breathalyzer during a lingerie exhibition, which is definitely more exciting than being in the breakfast drive-through line with no lingerie exhibition.

      Of course, with you having no opposable thumbs, you probably couldn’t have done the field sobriety tests and Breathalyzer anyway even if you had a valid license other than your dogtag: “My name is Russ. I have all my shots. If found, return me to Sonny in Savannah”.

      Good luck on your exit interview with Sonny.


  7. truck

    Good thing she didn’t do something serious, like steal a scooter helmet.


  8. 69Dawg

    How can these UT administrators do this with a straight face. You have 10 UT players that by eye witness accounts at the time (that is before the usual arm twisting to not hurt the UT program) beat up one man and sent an off-duty policeman to the ICU. One player is punished, one.

    If she is lucky the indefinite suspension will be the same as it was for the three other players that did not miss a game. Too bad she a UT basketball player, it would have not even been brought up.


  9. Russ

    Unbelievable. How can the UT administrators look at themselves in the mirror?


  10. Russ

    Speaking of bad men, why no mention of Doyel’s piece on the Corch and his decision to let Rainey back on the team? Paul has a good summary of it on his site as well.

    Doyel wonders if the recipient of the “time to die, bitch” text was Corch’s daughter, would Rainey be back on the team.


  11. shane#1

    Why would UT Administrators want to look at themselves in a mirrow? To see how many teeth they have left, maybe? As to the traffic stop, UT may punish on the basis of arrests, not convictions. Unless the student is an athlete. If a student at UGA has two arrest involving alcohol he or she is suspended for two semisters, neither of which may be Summer. This applies to football players too, just ask Hebron, it cost him a year of UGA football. Oh, and a bunk in CMR’s doghouse.


    • Russ

      How does the university know? Are they scanning arrest records or something? Also, when I was there, that would have DQ’d about a quarter of the university. I know students are different now, but they aren’t that different.


  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    UT thinks because Gulf Shores is lovingly referred to in some circles as part of the Redneck Riviera, it is, therefore, part of the UT campus.

    Nobody in Knoxville knew it was actually in Alabama.


  13. the Coondawg

    Any of the Lawyers out there think this is a serious Civil Suit for age discrimination?
    I mean, even if you go back a few years to …what was his name..Haynesworth, who broke a guys face during a basketball game…on tape, and then gets the charges dropped against the will of the victim…Good Grief.