A.J. ❤ Aaron.

From your lips to God’s ears, big guy.

“Aaron has come into his own,” wide receiver A.J. Green said this week. “It is going to be special the way we end the season, especially with Aaron getting better each game.”


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4 responses to “A.J. ❤ Aaron.

  1. dan

    Don’t tell me, show me.


  2. Daniel

    I was reading the AJC article about Murray and it mentioned his struggles in the G-Day game. It got me to thinking that everyones(fans) perception of what kind of player he was going to be came from that. I understand that. What I question is did the G-day game influence the coaches into not opening the playbook for him sooner? If so, that could be a problem of talent evaluation.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Question for Russ TTM:

    How did 8 do in the spring field trials?


  4. Sternkid

    To be read as ‘I’m not coming back next year, so the rest of this year is going to be special for me playing with Murray.’