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Crazy season? How crazy?

If somebody had told you before the start of this season that after seven games Grantham’s charges would be third in the SEC (and 14th nationally) in total defense, what would you have predicted Georgia’s record would be?

Me, too.


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Only in America

It should be pointed out that as of today, Florida (2-3 in the SEC) still controls its own destiny in the SEC East.


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Where have all the geniuses gone?

(Photo by Matt Stamey/Staff Photographer - Gainesville Sun)

I’m never going to say that I feel sympathy for Urban Meyer, but watching the expressions on his face yesterday as his Gators lost at home to a team that threw one pass in the second half was something.  Florida is a shell of itself on offense right now – all those people who anointed John Brantley last season as the second best QB in the conference look like total idiots today.

But that was nothing compared to the Steve Spurrier show in Lexington.  The visor display in the second half was entertaining, but the best part of the night by far was seeing the OBC sidle over to his injured star RB and discuss his physical status.  Lattimore wouldn’t take the hint.  Good times.

As far as Spurrier’s bizarre decision making in the game’s last minute which contributed mightily to the loss, Les Miles has to be thinking this morning something like “at least my team wins when the coach does something stupid”.



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Oh, the times, they are a-changin’.

Know what’s weird?  Half of the teams in the SEC rank in the top 22 nationally in passing efficiency.

Know what’s even weirder? #88 Florida isn’t one of them.


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Observations from the 35


Photo via Brant Sanderlin / bsanderlin@ajc.com


Beautiful weather, beautiful dog, beautiful game.  No, it doesn’t mean that every problem’s been solved, or that Georgia can go ahead and book rooms in Atlanta in December, but all you pessimists who believe in keeping it real, remind us what you were saying about the Tennessee and Vanderbilt games after the loss in Boulder.  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Anyway, on to what I saw yesterday.

  • Man, between the dropped passes, the timeouts and the officials studying their navels, that was one long first quarter.  The energy kind of suffered too, until Ealey’s long run.  After that, things took off.
  • Mike Bobo looks a lot smarter with a good offensive line.
  • Mockery aside, he called a solid game.  He continues to mix up the play calls and formations on first down and it paid off handsomely yesterday.
  • A.J.’s touchdown reception was just sick.  I know that’s how Vandy’s safety felt as he watched Green blow by.
  • Drew Butler is back.
  • The day Alec Ogletree gets comfortable in pass coverage, he becomes the starter.  I won’t be a bit surprised if that day comes before the end of the season.
  • Ditto for Kwame Geathers.  He was drawing double teams yesterday, much to the pleasure of Georgia’s linebackers.
  • Speaking of which, another good day out of that bunch.  Dent, Dowtin and Robinson are weekly reminders of what an upgrade Belin’s been from Jancek.
  • Aaron Murray just gets buttah and buttah.  And smarter, too:  that play on Georgia’s last scoring drive in the first half when he threw the ball away rather than force something had to bring a smile to Mark Richt’s face.  It was anti-Coxian.
  • If Blair Walsh had to miss a field goal, that was the perfect time.
  • Loved the way Carlton Thomas just hunkered down behind Ben Jones on Thomas’ first touchdown run.
  • Jones and his mates on the line had quite the day.  The amount of time Murray had to throw on some of those long crossing patterns bordered on the ridiculous.
  • Justin Houston looks totally comfortable at outside linebacker.  Aside from his usual dominance as a pass rusher, he was under control defending the option.
  • I’m going to go out on a limb and say that wasn’t one of the SEC’s premier officiating crews we were blessed with yesterday.
  • Grantham is starting to have some fun with timed blitzes.
  • Brandon Boykin looked a little frustrated with the blocking on kickoff returns.
  • Kris Durham had such a good day, especially early on, that you almost didn’t notice that A.J. didn’t have a catch until midway through the second quarter.
  • Ealey ran smart and he ran hard all game.  That with good line play will usually get you a 100-yard day.
  • I still hate the wheel route.


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