Crazy season? How crazy?

If somebody had told you before the start of this season that after seven games Grantham’s charges would be third in the SEC (and 14th nationally) in total defense, what would you have predicted Georgia’s record would be?

Me, too.


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  1. Scorpio Jones, III


  2. Spence

    and that Aaron Murray would be a total baller…

  3. Rick

    3rd in the conference in total defense, 5th in total offense, 2nd in turnover margin, and somehow……………….2-3?

    Two weeks ago folks were saying bad coaching, but that is some bad luck (of the fumbles-at-the-goal-line variety) right there.

    • Big Dawg

      Regression to the absurd, IMO.

        • Rusdawg

          Les Miles is the luckiest Coach in the SEC and Richt is the unluckiest….one made a deal with the devil…….

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            It’s not luck, it’s the refs. If they call the ARK DE for the helmet to helmet personal foul on Murray near the end of the game, UGA has a first down on about the 35 with one minute to play. 3 runs into the middle then a FG and UGA wins that game. Same type of thing with the UGA-MSU game. Helmet to helmet contact knocks Ealey’s helmet off and he fumbles into the endzone. Aside from the foul, under NCAA rules when a runner’s helmet comes off play stops immediately. In fact, the refs blew the whistle. That means there is no fumble recovery by MSU. The Dawgs would have scored on the next play and gone on to win that game, too. There were other calls against UGA in both of those games (mostly no calls), too. That is 2 games the refs cost us whether through incompetence or something worse. The converse is true for LSU. They always get the call when the game is on the line. That is why LSU wins when their stats are not as good as UGA’s.

            • JaxDawg

              stop global whining.

              • DawgBiscuit

                I agree with the Mayor that SEC officiating sucks, and it’s getting harder to believe that bad calls just *happen* to go against the Dawgs more often than not. I saw at least 2 obvious pass interference no-calls yesterday where AJ got hit before the ball got there. It didn’t matter against Vandy, but bad calls can most definitely influence the outcomes of games (see: Oklahoma State, LSU, Arkansas, Mississippi State, etc.)

            • Dooms Day Dawg

              Of course it was the refs! I am sure that this still has something to do with the endzone dance in Jax right? Please find a better excuse.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                How about the truth for a change? You guys won’t believe your own lyin’ eyes will you? Watch the replays. I think the bastards are trying to get Richt fired. We are talking about really small, wormy douchebags here who have pissant jobs during the week but get to f#ck with large groups of people, many of whom could buy and sell the goons doing the officiating, on the weekend. Many already have a grudge because they went to and played football at Tech and consistently got their asses handed to them by UGA teams when they were in college. Now watch the calls. Tell me I am FOS then. I think what happened is that some decided to make a few bad calls to see what would happen. When nothing happened it then became full scale one-sided reffing. Wasn’t LSU 2009 enough for you? This is happening game after game now. Video replays show that even the TV ref is screwing the Dawgs. Either it is biased refereeing or the worst case of group incompetence in history.Until the league starts firing referees it is not going to stop. Pick which one Slive–fire ’em for incompetence or fire ’em for dishonest officiating. Just don’t piss on our leg and say it’s rain.

                • Dooms Day Dawg

                  In your theory, SEC refs are out to get the Dawgs and CMR because they attended a rival school which the Dawgs hammered for years prior to CMR’s arrival in Athens. Why now? Why not during the Donnan or Golf era? I know what you must be joking! Thanks for the laugh!

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    Actually, a theory I have heard is that it started during the Donnan years, 1999 specifically. Jasper Sanks was called for a fumble as he was crossing the goal line in the UGA-Tech game. An SEC crew called it Tech ball. Replays showed Sanks was down. The game went into OT and UGA lost. VD was UGA AD. He raised hell with the SEC Commish and got the ref crew suspended. They were supposed to work the SECCG but couldn’t because of the suspension. Several of them are still working. Some are now TV replay officials. Supposedly that is when the calls started going against UGA. P.S. It’s Goff (as in Goof), not Golf (a tradition rich sport).

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      To answer your question, “why now?” The footstomping incident in the ’07 WLOCP game. At least that is the rationale I have heard put forward by some. Sometimes it takes a spark to ignite the gunpowder that was there all along. I don’t really know as I am not a mindreader. I do have good eyesight though, which you apparently seem to lack.

            • Its not the refs, its our sucktastic, plain jane offense we run all too often thanks to our mediocre OC Booboo.

    • Boon Dawg

      Your right! It’s like a self fullfilling apology.

  4. baltimore dawg

    points allowed per game is the big improvement that shows, for me anyway, that a re-boot is taking place on defense: we’re not getting steamrolled nearly as much as we used to (lattimore being really the only exception this year).

    were it not for long stretches of offensive anemia earlier we’d have a virtual stranglehold on the sec east this morning.

  5. Paul's Johnson

    One question is how much stock do you put in those numbers? Is it fair to say that yesterday’s game skewed the numbers just a BIT?

    Another question is are you now implying that Georgia WAS coached-up all the time, and that their record is an indication of bad luck, karma, etc. ?

    • Obviously, a shut out would never have influence on defensive statistics.

      We are implying that the North Avenue Welding and Trades School will receive a beating that they won’t soon forget….nothing more.

      • Paul's Johnson

        I’m just tickled at this week’s new meme. When you win, it’s due to superior talent, coaching, facilities, etc. When you lose its due to bad luck, fate, etc. Interested to see what surfaces after your next loss. Have a good week, fellas.

        • Rick

          Win you win or lose, it’s due to all of those things.

          However, luck is a dominant component of the overall outcome when one wins or loses by a close margin. Luck is entirely irrelevant (again, to the overall outcome) when the margin is several scores. UGAs losses were all in the former column, and it’s wins were all in the latter.

          So there is your explanation, let me know if you still see the contradiction.

        • Will Q

          Dude, if you think our fans haven’t blamed our losses on lack of talent and poor coaching, you haven’t been reading the same blogs that I have been for the last 6 weeks.

        • ChicagoDawg

          Nice handle. You have euphemistically labled yourself as your coach’s schlong. Nice, and somehow seems appropriate.

        • NRBQ

          Cough, (Kansas), Cough.

        • X-Dawg

          And GTU gave up 14 points to MTSU? God forbid they played an SEC team. Your arguments bear no fruit – again.

    • HobnailedBoots

      So this last game shouldn’t count toward the statistics because it was a shut-out?

      For a Tech fan, you sure are a retard.

  6. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    Amazing to think what this team would be if the coaching staff had lined up #1’s vs #1’s in the summer and figured out who was ready for SEC-level competition and who was not.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Ahhhhh you’re just bitter.

      By the way, there is a rumor going around about an age discrimination suit against Sonny and Charles.

      Hope there is no truth to that.

      By the way, it appears you prepared 8 well.

      • Russ The Temporary Mascot

        No bitterness here.

        It was a beautiful day and a fun night.

        When they handed Bruce the collar, I just told him the same thing Uga VII told me when he got sick.

        “Once a dawg, always a dawg. How sweet it is!”


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          So, if Bruce has been hanging around the kennel all year, gettin his grow on, is he redshirt freshman?

          Have you or Charles or somebody been getting him ready for the Amen Corner, plus Kentucky?

  7. W Cobb Dawg

    I’d have predicted 7-0 because we had 10 returning starters on O, and the other sec east teams looked to be trending down.

  8. Vious

    If you had told me about the defense….and told me how great AM would be at QB….

    I would expect the record to be much, much better

    Shows what a joke we have coaching at times

    • Dawgwalker07

      Because the coaches are the only ones responsible for our offensive line failing to live up to expectations right?

      I’m not saying they’ve done a great job but they aren’t the only ones at fault here.

      • Macallanlover

        Of course, all good things are the result of great players, all problems are due to the coaches. I know you have been here before but obviously you aren’t hip yet to the UGA fan thought process on blogs, message boards, or sports talk radio.

        Forget that the same coach has enjoyed rock star status before for the way he ran the program, or was the same one who was a damn fool earlier this year. Guess he got “learned” by the genius fans who have all the answers within 20 minutes of any failing with their remarkable hindsight abilities. Thank God they have come to rescue us. Shame their methods of curing us might “kill the patient” as they weaken our brand for those deciding if they want to join us in some coming February signing date. Can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want to be a part of such a supportive group, or play for a coaching staff that will coach them down and ruin their future opportunities.

        • Dawgwalker07

          “I know you have been here before but obviously you aren’t hip yet to the UGA fan thought process on blogs, message boards, or sports talk radio.”

          Yeah I’ve noticed the general tenor of the fan board. I just don’t agree with it at all, and I like to be the guy who speaks reason as much as I can stomach responding.

          Bulldog Joe likes to talk a lot, but Joe sure seems a bit emotional and probably not competent enough to make a rational decision that affects more than just who’s calling plays during the games.

          • Macallanlover

            I know you do, just kidding with you. All about maintaining perspective and not overreacting. So many games turn on 1-2 plays that go one way or the other. I think 3-4 plays are the difference in where we are and 5-1. Out players were in position to make those plays, all the blame and name calling against coaches are just irrational. Are they responsible ultimately? You bet, but they know that and don’t need Joe Blow screaming the solution they “think” is required (based on knowing very little) thousands of times a day for months.

  9. Derek

    It would be interesting to see where those defensive numbers would be had we had AJ the first four games (and the entire 5th). What we’ve seen from the offense and the defense the last two weeks and vs. Colo. with AJ, is about what I thought we’d see this year, but AJ needed some cash. Not that I’m mad at the kid, but its a little disheartening that we were in a position to take back control of the East this year, and the TMZ rumor ends up screwing us up.

    However, the next two weeks will tells us whether we are (or would have been) contenders or pretenders.

    BTW: I know I would sure love to be 6-4 and playing a No. 1 Auburn team in a few weeks.

  10. Xon

    No matter what anyone’s purple-eye thinks it sees, Georgia fans have been ridiculously hard on our coaches, and continue to be even in this thread.

    Of course we can question this or that, but you get halfway into the season and you look at the landscape, and where are we really? We’re about like everyone else in the East. Very human. But, based on the potential we have showed, we’re second-to-none (Carolina in top gear is right there with us). “But that’s just it, our coaches are squandering all that talent.” Wah wah wah. And Urban Meyer is “squandering” all his talent.

    Football is, like, hard and stuff. The other teams are also full of good players and coaches, and they are actually, like, trying to beat you and stuff. Some times they have a better day than your guys.

    If our goal is to get to the level where nobody else in the SEC can even sniff us, we’re just that dominant, for ten years in a row, then I’m on board. Sure, sounds like a blast. But if we’re willing to live with more realistic expectations of what it means to play in the best, richest (in talent and $$) conference in the land, where EVERYBODY is constantly catching up or doing what they have to to catch up sooner rather than later, then I think we’re still in pretty good shape at Georgia.

    And we may go 6-6 or 5-7. It still would prove very little.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Personally, I don’t think we have proven anything except that we can beat the hell out of two bad teams.

      If everybody plays with their hair on fire for the rest of the season, then we will have proven something.

      Kentucky ain’t Tennessee or Vandy.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        Correction, we’ve proven we can kick ass against 3 lousy teams.

      • Dawgwalker07

        I think there are reasons to be optimistic. Not necessarily expectant of anything great, but definitely optimistic. Just to be devil’s advocate, the 2007 squad couldn’t beat the hell out of two bad teams (Vandy and Troy), and they were definitely a little better than this 2010 team.